S&P: Republicans Almost Entirely To Blame For Downgrade

Hogwash and political propaganda. Obama and his minions are ENTIRELY responsible for this. Oh, the evil Republicans would not sit still for higher taxes – that logic is insane. We NEED spending cuts. We NEED a cap on spending. WE NEED A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT TO BALANCE THE DAMN BUDGET. I am sick to death of the lies and manipulation. S&P and Moody’s are every bit as dirty as Obama and the Democrats and they share the responsibility of this downgrade because of their financial manipulation of the economy. They ALL belong behind bars. It’s not a question of $2 Trillion too much stated by S&P, it’s a question of Trillions not enough realistically stated as part of our debt by all of them. Try $600 Trillion in derivatives on for size – criminals all.

One thought on “S&P: Republicans Almost Entirely To Blame For Downgrade

  1. I’ve been saying ever since the debt deal that it was a set-up to discredit the Tea Party and place blame on the Republicans. the Administration could only hide the true economic numbers so long. As soon as the Republicans agreed to a deal, they opened themselves up to being blamed for whatever happened economically. I think that destroying the economy is intentional; part of the Cloward/Piven strategy and now Obama and the Democrats have someone to point the finger at and say…it wasn’t us! They did it!

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