Strutting the SlutWalk

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

I must confess, I know next to nothing about the ‘SlutWalk’ fad. But then, I’m not a feminist. So, after dealing with politicians all week (the original sluts of old), I decided to look into this movement when Zombie sent me her latest pièce de résistance. And baby, there are just some things you wish you could un-see even if the photography is incredible. Sigh.

San Francisco held its maiden (sorry, can’t help myself) SlutWalk on Saturday, Aug. 6th. And no one does ‘slut’ the way city by the Bay does, trust me. SlutWalk gives feminists a forum to vent and look sexy (where sexy is in the eye of the beholder, shudder), while railing at the males of their declared species – filthy brutes who obviously want to ravage anything in a skirt. Frankly, I feel sorry for the men that are subjected to this.

Evidently this whole craze started in Canada when some feminist took offense to something a cop said somewhere to the effect of: “Women should avoid dressing like sluts.” And so they should. Voila! The SlutWalk movement was born. I’m against rape and the abuse of women as well. But when it becomes a clarion for the strange, I start wondering if someone doesn’t have too much time on their hands.

As you go through the photo montage, you’ll see humor. You’ll see anger. You’ll see perversion a la Frisco. Mix in hatred for cops and honey, you’ve got the collective Leftist strut. Right through Dolores Park.

I won’t show you some of the more ‘interesting’ shots. You’ll have to visit Pajamas Media for that sideshow. I’m still not really sure what the message is – are women sluts? Are they NOT sluts? What about men? Aliens? Politicians (oh, definitely). And there are plenty of real sluts in attendance – the oldest profession was out in force.

Everything went at this gathering: Maoists, Socialists, abortionists, anti-Christians, freaks, Leftists, progressives, collectivists, labor unions, prostitutes, children, victims, gays, male sluts and partiers.

Go to Pajamas Media and read and view the whole expose by Zombie. One things for certain. They love to watch her strut the SlutWalk.

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