“Midnight Cowboy” Star Rides Into Jerusalem

By: Fern Sidman

Jon Voight

“We are facing a new holocaust, and people of all faiths must demand that the truth be heard,” declared Oscar winning American actor Jon Voight on Monday evening, August 22nd, in Jerusalem. Voight, 72, joined FOX news personality Glenn Beck as the featured speaker at the central train station in Jerusalem in an event commemorating the Holocaust. As a lead up to Beck’s “Restoring Courage” rally on August 24th, Monday evening’s event, which was carried on Beck’s new television network, featured a powerful film about Holocaust survivor Rudy Wolf’s visit to his childhood home in Germany. Other speakers at the event noted the significance of holding a Holocaust themed evening at the former Jerusalem train station after world armies did not bomb the tracks to Auschwitz in World War II.

Assuming a flinty posture on the exacerbation of terrorism aimed at Israel Mr. Voight intoned, “The Palestinian radicals have only one prayer on their lips: To remove every Jew from Israel.” He received a standing ovation when he said, “We will not bend to terrorism in any way, shape, or form for the sake of peace.”

“How have we come to a time when blowing up babies and cutting their throats are acceptable means to a political goal?” Voight queried his audience, referring to the barbaric murders of five members of the Fogel family in the settlement of Itamar in March of this year. “I feel complete contempt for anyone not intelligent enough to see that the media propaganda portraying the Palestinians as victims endangers the state of Israel,” he continued to rousing applause.

“If you stare evil in the eye, it’s a coward,” Beck told his audience of Christians and Jews. “If you confront your biggest fear, it goes away. It’s not enough to remember the Holocaust, because it has happened time and time again. This will be the generation that stops it in its tracks and says ‘never again, we mean it.’”

Rising to prominence on the silver screen in the late 1960s with his memorable performance as Joe Buck, a would-be gigolo from Texas in the hit film Midnight Cowboy in which he co-starred with Dustin Hoffman, Voight became a Hollywood icon during the 1970s and 80s. He received critical acclaim for his portrayals of a businessman mixed up with murder in Deliverance (1972), a paraplegic Vietnam veteran in Coming Home 1 (1978), for which he won an Academy Award for Best Actor, and a penniless ex-boxing champion in The Chamo (1979).

Born in Yonkers, New York, Voight was raised Catholic and attended Archbishop Stepinac High School in White Plains where he first took an interest in acting, playing the comedic role of Count Pepi Le Loup in the school’s annual musical, “The Song of Norway.” Following his graduation in 1956, he enrolled at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, where he majored in art and graduated with a BA degree in 1960. After graduation, Voight moved to New York City, where he pursued an acting career.

In December of 1971, Voight married actress Marcheline Bertrand and had two children together; a son, James Haven born in 1973, and a daughter, Angelina Jolie born in 1975 who went on to achieve stardom in Hollywood as a respected actress.

Voight has been a consistent supporter of Jewish causes throughout his career and has made annual appearances on the Chabad-Lubavitch telethon that is broadcast from Los Angeles.


Glenn Beck’s Speech and Events From Restore Courage Event In Israel

From: Knowledge Creates Power


Photo by Lange Studio

The second night of the “Restoring Courage” events in Israel took place the Old Train Station in Jerusalem.

“An amazing land, an amazing people,“ Glenn Beck said as he began the program he entitled ”Courage to Remember.” The program focused on the Holocaust and the lessons that need to be newly learned today.

Photo by Lange Studio

Rabbi Moshe Rothchild opened with a prayer tying the evening‘s location to the evening’s theme:

Video: Courage to Remember Prayer

“Tonight as we gather beside these old train tracks in Jerusalem, we remember another set of tracks.

The tracks that led our brothers and sisters to the infamous places of Auschwitz, Birkenau, Buchenwald, Majdanek, Treblinka and Sobibor…and all the places of death and darkness.

We pray that our gathering her tonight should bring forth healing and light.”

This clip includes the initial remarks by Beck and Rabbi Rothchild:

Beck then introduced actor Jon Voight, who’s talk veered from comical accounts of his attempts at dancing to Jewish tunes, to deeply serious stories of his work in Israel with victims wounded by suicide bombers. “What I witnessed would tear my heart out,” he said. “I feel completely outraged for anyone who would make any excuse for this kind of barbarism. And I feel complete contempt for anyone who is not intelligent enough to see that this propaganda in the media, painting the Palestinians as poor victims, is capable of destroying the Jewish nation in Israel.”

Photo by Lange Studio

The main part of the program featured a screening of a very personal documentary, “Kleiner Rudy,” which tells the family story of filmmaker Michelle Stein Teer. She chronicles her grandfather’s return, at age 85, to the German town of Norden where he lost his own father and thirty members of his family the Holocaust.

Photo by Liz Stephans

Photo by Lange Studio

Beck gave an impassioned introduction to the documentary:

After the screening Beck led a panel discussion including Michelle Stein Teer, Rabbi David Greenblatt of United With Israel, David Brog of Christians United for Israel, and auther Mike Evans who‘s emotional life story was a highlight of the first evening’s program in Caesarea.

Photo by Liz Stephans

Here’s a section of the panel discussion:

The evening concluded with poignant musical moments and a tribute by the Blaze.

Video: GBTV: Glenn Beck Speaks at First ‘Restoring Courage’ Event in Caesarea

Video: Glenn Beck at Israel Event

Video: Pastor John Hagee, Caesarea Glenn Beck Restoring Courage

Beck Launches Week of Restoring Courage Courage’ Events From Israel

Watch Video Highlights From Night One of ‘Restoring Courage’ (Including Beck’s Full Speech)

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Christine O’Donnell on Special Edition of the ASK Show today at 4pm ET

By: Andrea Shea King
The Radio Patriot

I met Christine O’Donnell last fall when I was traveling with the Tea Party Express. We had a scheduled rally in Wilmington, DE, and Christine was our highlighted speaker for the event.

It was a bright, cold day in late October (Halloween day), and as I hung out with radio host Tammy Bruce, 9-11 film maker Jeff Bruzzo, Tea Party Papers author Bill Miller, singer/songwriter and author Lloyd Marcus, US Navy SEAL Ben Smith and many others who were there behind the bus that formed the backdrop for the stage (that bus made for great visuals), we awaited her arrival. (Tammy literally took the coat off her back so I could wear it against the chill. Thank you Tammy.)

Security was very tight. O’Donnell had been subjected to threats throughout her US Senate campaign , so she was being escorted by a protection agency hired to keep her safe.

Finally a couple of SUVs with darkly tinted windows pulled in. It was only after the vehicles had been repositioned facing toward the street (a standard security procedure that we saw when Sarah Palin joined us in Boston) that Christine emerged, smiling and chipper.

She was escorted to the stage where she spoke for a while about her candidacy and the need to change the way business was being conducted in Washington. The crowd loved her. And then just as soon as she was done, the security team whisked her back into the black van, and away she went.

I remember thinking “is this worth it?” Her personal safety was on the line for daring to take on the establishment and speak the truth. Is this America?

Christine subsequently went on to beat long-term incumbent RINO Mike Castle in the Republican primary, but lost her bid to become a US Senator from Delaware in large measure because the GOP Rovian machine refused to support her in the final stretch.

Today at 4 p.m., I will interview Christine about her campaign and her new book TROUBLEMAKER: Let’s Do What It Takes To Make America Great Again – a political memoir written by a young woman who was pillaged by the media from September 2010 into November 2010.

Join us for what promises to be an interesting chat with a very gutsy — and charming — young woman who’s not afraid to speak the truth, wherever it takes her. Link to listen at 4 pm ET:


Later tonight at 9 pm ET on our regularly scheduled program –

Norman Berdichevsky, author of The Left is Seldom Right, says the political left has a vested interest in the continued use of the term “Right vs Left”, how those terms came into being, and the danger inherent in their usage.


Weeknights @ 9 pm EST

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Dictator-in-Chief Obama and US Congress Collaborating to Destroy USA?

By: Sher Zieve
Gulag Bound

Two beaming cats, cheeks full of canary: Obama & Chavez at Trinidad Summit, 2009, source unknown, possibly AP

The facts are now so obvious and blatant that even dyed in the wool Obama sycophants should be able to see and hear the truth.  What took the people of this country generations of their blood, toil and sweat to accomplish and build has been destroyed in less than 4 years.

The United States of America has been gutted of its financial resources, its people have had their rights to makes their own decisions about their lives (think ObamaCare, the First, Second and Fourth Amendments for starters) rescinded so that Obama and his cabal will decide for them, US citizens have had their jobs removed and so thoroughly decimated that they must now rely on the fewer and fewer still working and Obama’s good will (an oxymoron if I ever heard one) to survive.

And now Obama has decided–as he promised to do but, the leftist elite and enough mentally deficient American voters chose to elect him anyway–to shut down coal (even the refurbished “clean coal” plants) production operations by using his EPA regulation hammer to drive them out of business.  Remember that Obama couldn’t get his Cap & Trade through Congress so, he issued a dictatorial fiat.  This is completely illegal and unconstitutional but…no one is stopping him.

We are now living in a dictatorial Police State that is completely lawless–save the laws Obama and his DOJ are making up on the spot as they so choose.  And Congress and the leftist courts are doing nothing–whatsoever–to stop it.

Another problem for that portion of the US electorate who failed to think it through–a problem that now onerously impacts us all–prior to casting their ballots in November 2008 is that nearly 45% of all energy produced in the USA is from coal power.  The US Energy Information Administration in its “Electric Power Monthly report” (released 16 August 2011) writes:  “Year-to-date, coal-fired plants contributed 43.6 percent of the power generated in the United States.”

This means–if Congress does not get off its collective derriere and stop the madman and his entourage–there will be not only severe power outages nationwide but, estimated millions may have no power at all for basics such as heating and air-conditioning.  Those who do have power will (as Obama smilingly said before he was elected but, only a few seem to have actually watched and listened) see “their rates necessarily skyrocket.”

Video: “Barack Obama Admits: Energy Prices Will Skyrocket Under Cap And Trade

But, just as the Republicans gave the Obama tyrant almost everything he wanted in the highly-faked ’stop the spending’ deal, Obama and his Marxist Dems received immediate spending hikes (which is amazing as they have already blown up the US Treasury) of $2.2 Trillion while the first year spending cuts amount to only about $21 Billion…barely a drop in the proverbial bucket.

Muslim Brotherhood emblem

The US Congress is certainly not blameless and is now composed almost entirely of Marxist-Leninist Democrats and RINO Marxist wannabees.. or followers.  Congress’ John Boehner, Mitch McConnell et al are not only going-along-to-get-along but, are now overtly supporting the tyrant.  Not only did they push to give Obama virtually everything he demanded but, they appear to be supporting the Obama and NWO contingent in their plans to overthrow virtually all Middle Eastern–even semi-secular (albeit brutal)– governments within a close proximity to Israel and replace them with Muslim Brotherhood rulers.  It is already happening in Egypt, has begun in Libya and has all of the now known earmarks of starting in Syria.  Heck, Obama is installing Muslim Brotherhood members as quickly as possible into the US government.  Shari’a is only a short step away, folks.  YouTube has already started censoring and removing all videos that do not support Islamic worldwide domination.

Note:  Remember that the Muslim Brotherhood is the foundation organization that spawned al-Qaeda, Hamas and most other Islamic terrorist groups.

If our country hasn’t been totally destroyed before then, we must–I repeat must–rid ourselves of the perfidy that now infests virtually every aspect of our government.  Those who refuse to support and protect the US Constitution must be summarily ousted from their warm Congressional chairs and replaced with Constitutionalists who will.  For example, have replacements for Rep. John Boehner and Sen. Mitch McConnell been identified?  If not, isn’t it time to begin…now?

By the way, has Obama said yet that his name is really Legion?  Just wondering…

Mark 5:7-10

7And cried with a loud voice, and said, What have I to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of the most high God? I adjure thee by God, that thou torment me not.

8For he said unto him, Come out of the man, thou unclean spirit.

9And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many.

Obama Hits Struggling Americans With Energy Rate Hikes:
in prisonplanet.com

Electric Power Monthly:

GOP, Obama Reach $2 Trillion Debt Deal to Avert Default:
at theperpetualview.wordpress.com

Welcome to ShariaTube:
at answeringmuslims.com

Muslim Brotherhood in the White House: Obama Appointees Grow and Prosper in America’s Political Correctness:
at maggiesnotebook.com

Sher Zieve is an author and political commentator. Zieve’s op-ed columns are widely carried by multiple internet journals and sites, and she also writes hard news.

Her columns have also appeared in The Oregon Herald, Dallas Times, Sacramento Sun, in international news publications, and on multiple university websites. Sher is also a guest on multiple national radio shows.

Sher can be reached at [email protected].

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Progressive Hypocrisy

By: Henry Lamb
Gulag Bound

To listen to this article, click here

When George Bush invaded Iraq, anti-war zealots hit the streets raising forty-leven kinds of hell: “Bush lied; people died,” rang across the land. Bush acted on intelligence gathered and agreed to by the U.N., Great Britain, and virtually all U.S. allies. Bush obtained approval from Congress to take whatever action he deemed necessary. He tried, in vain, to get U.N. approval. He set a time and date. He invaded. And, the Progressive anti-war zealots went crazy.

When Barack Obama invaded Libya, the anti-war zealots were non-existent. Obama had no intelligence suggesting that Libya was a threat to the U.S. He did not bother to even ask for approval from Congress as is required by the War Powers Act. He told no one; he just unleashed millions of dollars of bombs and missiles on a tiny country that could not possibly do us harm. The anti-war Progressives looked the other way, and said nothing.

Obama said he was acting in response to the U.N., that the action would be a matter of days, not weeks. That was six months ago, and the U.S. is still involved. Obama lied; people died, and the Progressive anti-war zealots said nothing.

Marxists, Cindy Sheehan with Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, conserapedia.com

Where is Cindy Sheehan? Why is she not camping out in front of Obama’s Chicago home, as she camped out in front of Bush’s Texas home?

Could it be that Progressives are hypocrites?

In March, 2006, both Senators Barack Obama and Harry Reid condemned George Bush’s request to raise the debt ceiling, claiming that the request was a “failure of leadership.” Both voted against raising the debt ceiling. But in 2011, both condemned the Republicans for objecting to raising the debt ceiling, claiming that failure to raise the ceiling was “irresponsible.”

Classic hypocrisy!

Pelosi & Comrades, Obamacare Gavel March, AP, Charles Dharapak photo

Obama promised a transparent government. Even CNN said he lied, and he continues to do his dirty work behind closed doors. Nancy Pelosi promised that the health care bill would be posted on the internet for 72 hours before the vote. Then she said “We have to pass the bill before you can find out what’s in it…” Obama promised that no lobbyists would be allowed in his administration, but then proceeded to allow lobbyists to fill his administration.

Gross hypocrisy!

Obama said that President Bush and the Republicans drove the economy into the ditch. He failed to mention the economic disaster caused by the terrorist attacks on 9/11, or the two wars, or Hurricane Katrina — all of which were unexpected and took a heavy toll on the treasury. After nearly three years under his control and stewardship, the economy is in much worse shape than ever, and he is quick to blame an earthquake in Japan, high gas prices, and instability in the Middle East.

Sickening — just sickening, hypocrisy.

Here is a chart from factcheck.org that provides a few indicators of just how Obama’s economic policies have worsened the economy. Note that the price of gasoline increased from $1.838 on January 10, 2009, to $3.111 on January 20, 2011. The price has continued to rise, reaching $4.00 per gallon in some parts of the country. Despite this dramatic price increase, and the instability in the Middle East, Obama and his Progressive administration refuse to allow development of domestic oil, and continue to promote a carbon tax. Obama’s EPA is even trying to implement stricter emission-control regulations by rule, to further restrict the availability of gasoline.


Obama and his media machine talk endlessly about creating jobs, but in reality, he refuses to unleash more than 750,000 new jobs that would be created by opening domestic oil reserves. Instead, he has increased federal employment by more than 230,000 jobs, while the public sector lost 7.5 million jobs. Moreover, he has doubled the number of federal jobs that pay in excess of $150.000 per year, while income in the public sector has decreased since he took office.

Progressives are hypocrites. Their only concern is to prevail, regardless of what it takes. The end always justifies any means that may be required. The Progressive Obama administration has clearly demonstrated its belief in this principle. It has lied, deceived, distorted, manipulated, pointed fingers, and still, the economy worsens, America’s standing in the world continues to fall, and all the Obama administration is concerned about is getting re-elected in 2012.

What kind of unmitigated gall is required to declare that his three-day campaign tour through the Midwest is not a campaign tour, but a perfectly legal tax-funded tour to meet and talk to the people? And when that’s complete, he will bypass the tax-paid vacation retreat at Camp David, and go instead to a mansion on Cape Cod where he can commiserate with all the people who can’t find a job, and who can’t make next month’s mortgage payment.

Progressives are hypocrites who must be removed from the federal government.

Henry Lamb is the author of “The Rise of Global Governance,” Chairman of Sovereignty International , and founder of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) and Freedom21, Inc.


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Obama to Rally Detroit Unions on Labor Day

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

President Obama will be hobknobbing with socialist labor leaders Richard Trumka and Bob King, in Detroit on Labor Day.

From The Detroit News

President Barack Obama will visit Detroit on Labor Day for the annual celebration of workers, the White House said today.

Obama will be joined by national AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka, United Auto Workers President Bob King, Teamsters President James P. Hoffa and Service Employees International President Mary Kay Henry, officials said.

Because of security concerns, Obama isn’t expected to march in the annual Detroit Labor Day parade, but will address union members afterward…

White House spokesman Josh Earnest confirmed the president’s planned trip…

Hoffa said unions are eager to support Obama, who is to announce a new jobs effort after Labor Day.

“We’re frustrated – like he is frustrated,” Hoffa said, complaining that Republicans in Congress have blocked much of Obama’s agenda.

Hoffa called for more infrastructure spending to get people back to work, and said union members would work to get the “crazies” — identified by Hoffa as some Republicans — voted out of Congress.

The Labor Day rally in Detroit will help Obama “rally his base,” Hoffa said.

Labor unions made Detroit a blighted city.

Obama is rapidly turning the US into a blighted country.

How appropriate that Obama should stand shoulder to shoulder with his fellow lords of destruction.