Tea Party Express Launch TODAY!

The Tea Party Express national tour kicks off today with rallies in California & Nevada, and we’re working hard to make this the best tour ever! Please join us in celebrating the launch of our fifth national bus tour and with conservative rallies in Napa, CA and Reno, NV.

The tour is expected to draw tens of thousands of participants as it visits 30 cities nationwide in a tour we call “Reclaiming America.” We have some incredible guest speakers and entertainers you don’t want to miss – so take a look at the full schedule and find the rally nearest you!

Here are details on the rallies today!

Napa, CA “Super Rally”:

WHEN: Saturday August 27th from 10am – 2pm
WHERE: Napa Valley Expo in Napa, CA
WHAT: Conservative speakers, singers, & entertainment. Food & drink vendors and wine tasting will be available on site. Attendees are encouraged to arrive early and bring a blanket or lawn-chair and sunscreen.

Reno, NV Rally:

WHEN: Saturday August 27th from 5pm – 6:30pm
WHERE: Victorian Square Amphitheater, 900 Victorian Ave, Sparks, NV
WHAT: Conservative speakers, singers, & entertainment. Speakers include Republican nominee for Senate Sharron Angle and former State Senator Maurice Washington.

Then on Sunday, the tour stops in Elko, NV and Salt Lake City, UT! Please check the full “Reclaiming America” tour schedule to find more details on how you can be a part of this fantastic effort! The full schedule is available online right here!

Those on the left have been calling for the END of the tea party movement. It’s critical that we prove them WRONG! That’s why we’re going to make this national tour the biggest & best ever, but we need your help. If you can, please support this effort by making a contribution – HERE. You can contribute as little as $5 up to the maximum allowed $5,000 contribution.

If you prefer, you can also mail a contribution to our national headquarters at this address:

Tea Party Express
8795 Folsom Boulevard, Suite 103
Sacramento, CA 95826-3720


Jimmy Labriola and fun in Napa Valley

By: Andrea Shea King
The Radio Patriot

Mary and Lloyd Marcus flying high.

Today was a long one for entertainer and author Lloyd Marcus, his wife Mary and me. We all started with a 5 a.m. ET wake up — they from their Florida home, me from mine. We rendezvoused at the Orlando Airport where we boarded a nearly four hour flight to Denver. After brief catnaps and vain attempts at finishing a couple of inflight magazine crossword puzzles, we finally arrived in Denver where we connected on another outbound two-hour flight to Oakland CA, crossing time zones, gaining three hours in the process. But our internal clocks were still operating on east coast time.

Andrea Shea King and Jimmy Labriola at Oakland CA airport.

We finally landed, coming in over the beautiful San Francisco bay, and the first person we met while waiting for the hotel shuttle bus was our old Tea Party Express teammate and friend, comedian Jimmy Labriola, who toured with us on TPX III in March 2010. Since then, Jimmy had been headlining aboard cruise ships, providing laughs for shipboard passengers for twelve weeks and was definitely ready for some dry land. “How many times can you see icebergs and go “aaaahhh”, he said of his back-to-back cruises in Alaska.

Next thing you know, Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee’s flight had arrived and she joined us at the shuttle bus pickup.

Jimmy Labriola, Debbie Lee, Mary Marcus

We were soon joined by Howard Kaloogian and his wife Martha, and after a quick bus ride to the hotel, we changed and headed to the Napa Fairgrounds for a Napa Tea Party and Tea Party Express VIP Dinner and concert under the stars at the Plaza Stage of the Napa Valley Exposition, emceed by author and speaker Kevin Jackson of the NAACPC.

Here’s an item about Jimmy Labriola joining us. His publicist has been busy!

NASHVILLE, Aug. 26, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ – Jim Labriola of “Home Improvement” fame will once again join the Tea Party Express on its fifth national bus tour. The comedian will be a featured performer at 30 Tea Party rallies across the country.

Kicking off in Napa Valley, Calif. on Saturday, the tour will travel from coast to coast carving through early primary states. The Tea Party Express will host a rally at each stop featuring guest appearances by supporters of the movement. This year’s high profile line-up includes entertainers like Jim Labriola and actor/singer Pat Boone as well as political figures Sharron Angle, Nevada Republican nominee for Senate, and Howard Kaloogian, chair of Our Country Deserves Better PAC, among others.

Labriola comments, “My previous experience with the Tea Party Express was amazing as I saw Americans turn out in droves to rally around their dreams for a better country. I’m proud to be a part of this great event and for the opportunity to bring laughter to the audience.”

The tour will culminate with a nationally televised “Tea Party Presidential Debate” in Tampa, Fla. on Sept. 12.

For a complete list of tour stops and additional information on the Tea Party Express, visit: www.teapartyexpress.org.

About Jim Labriola:

A favorite on the comedy club scene, guest star on multiple network sitcoms, and with motion picture appearances including Disney’s “The Santa Clause,” Labriola boasts a prolific career. In 1999, he dedicated his life to Christ and now travels nationally performing for churches as well as charity events, while speaking at business meetings and motivational seminars. Labriola’s first CD project in more than 6 years, Heart Improvement released March 22, 2011 and features comedy bits about everyday life experiences, including heart attacks, what it was like going to church before he became a believer, and growing up in an Italian family. For more information on Jim Labriola, visit www.hahajim.com and www.facebook.com/jimlabriola.


How the Mortgage Meltdown was Built-up in One Midwest City

By: Jack Cashill
Gulag Bound

Reckless Endangerment – Kansas City Style

In a new bestseller, “Reckless Endangerment,” by The New York Times’Pulitzer Prize-winning business reporter Gretchen Morgenson and Joshua Rosner, Kansas City gets a surprising amount of attention—none of it good, but much of it juicy. What makes for the juice in this account of 2008’s “economic Armageddon” is Morgenson’s willingness to name names. Juicier still is her exposure of those seeming do-gooders who prompted the disaster.

My own experience in this debacle traces back to the late 1990s, when Mayor Emanuel Cleaver and his do-gooder buddy, Rabbi Michale Zedek, produced a much-praised report on minorities in Kansas City.

One point that the pair made was that banks were discriminating against minorities in the granting of home loans. They were in good company. Data produced by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston—specifically that black residents were granted home loans at a rate of 61 percent compared to a white rate of 77 percent—inspired a race-baiting hallelujah chorus in the media.

At the time, I challenged this thesis in Ingram’s. I argued that if minorities were indeed being held to a higher standard than whites, their default rates should be lower. Instead, they were higher.

An exhaustive FHA study on home loans issued in the prosperous years 1992 to 1999 supports my thesis. In fact, black homeowners were defaulting on their loans more than twice as frequently as their white counterparts, and Hispanics were defaulting three times more frequently—the latter in a worrisome 13-percent range.

Cleaver and Zedek did not welcome criticism. At a large breakfast meeting, they rolled out the report findings and solicited questions. One nervous fellow timidly asked a good one: How could a single report endorse both race equality and race preferences?

Zedek turned on the poor guy as if he were Atticus Finch and on that evil peckerwood, Bob Ewell. Zedek was not uniquely indignant. Good-deed-doers and their media buddies everywhere were painting critics as racist friends of the plutocracy.

Much to her credit, Morgenson does not shy from pointing this out. She traces the crisis of 2008 to this conjunction of bullying do-gooders, especially those at Fannie Mae, and a Wall Street that was willing to package and sell as prime cut the tainted subprime crap these self-righteous mad cows were churning out.

James A. Johnson (photo source unknown)

Needing Main Street’s help to keep Congress off its back, Fannie Mae honcho Jim Johnson launched Fannie Mae Partnership Offices across the country. One such office was in Kansas City. In 1996, during Cleaver’s eight-year run as mayor of Kansas City, Sen. Kit Bond stood right behind Johnson at City Hall as he promised $650 million in financing for the Kansas City office.

The partnerships offered more than photo ops and uncritical media coverage. Writes Morgenson, “They also supplied jobs for relatives and former staffers of elected officials.”

The larger purpose of a Partnership Office, however, was to enlist the support of local players in a paradoxical bit of sedition: keeping Fannie Mae, a creature of the federal government, free from government regulation.

In this regards, Morgenson singles out Kansas City. She cites three people in particular: neighborhood activist Colleen Hernandez, Payless Cashways former CEO David Stanley, and Commerce Mortgage’s then president, Richard Moore.

In that era, both Hernandez and Stanley had made Ingram’s Power Elite. Moore, however, could not have had much influence, especially at Commerce Bank. Commerce, along with UMB, plugged its ears to the siren song of subprime lending.

Morgenson lands particularly hard on Hernandez. A “colleen” by birth and background, she married former KC councilman Bobby Hernandez, and the name proved a useful lubricant in her penetration of the race-conscious Fannie Mae apparatus.

At the time Fannie Mae came courting, Hernandez was executive director of the KC Neighborhood Alliance. Fannie Mae appointed her to its National Advisory Council and later gave her a plum position on the board of the Fannie Mae Foundation, which dispensed millions to “favored groups” each year.

In helping Fannie Mae pressure the lending industry into granting loans to subprime borrowers, those who were doing so no doubt felt they were doing the Lord’s work. Helping protect Fannie from congressional oversight must have seemed part of the larger mission.

A Bipartisan Lifeline

That Fannie had become what Morgenson calls “a high-flying growth enterprise with a vast web of political patronage run for the benefit of its top executives” seemed to trouble none of the good-deed-doers involved.

In 2003, the Office of Federal Housing Oversight and its Republican allies began to lean hard on Fannie. As Morgenson tells it, one of Fannie’s best friends in Congress came to the rescue: “Republican Senator Kit Bond requested that the inspector general of HUD investigate the regulator who was investigating Fannie.”

The Fannie-friendly Massachusetts congressman, Barney Frank, led the counter-offensive, ridiculing those who challenged the “safety and soundness” of his beloved enterprise. When the oversight office issued a blistering report, Frank and Bond rallied in bi-partisan fury.

By this time, the less-grounded lending agencies like Countrywide and Kansas City’s NovaStar, which gets its own chapter, had caught on to the game. They became strategic partners with Fannie and embraced the vision of a “loan for every customer.” Good-deed-doing, they realized, was good for business—at least as long as Wall Street was willing to sell the bad debts their good deeds were producing.

In 2008, as collapse loomed, the friends of Fannie seemed oblivious to the fact that the road to this particular hell was paved with their good intentions. With Barack Obama leading the charge—closely advised by Fannie’s Jim Johnson, the architect of the disaster and the book’s major villain—they blamed Wall Street, which deserved it, and George Bush, who did not.

They still seem oblivious. Hernandez found herself a gig as chief executive of something called the Homeownership Preservation Foundation. In 2010, it issued a news release regarding a national public-service advertising campaign “to raise awareness of the Making Home Affordable Program.” Enough said?

And last year, Barney Frank, fresh off a flattering 60-minute profile, came to KC. The Kansas City Business Journal managed to report the trip with a straight face.

“U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, recognized two local banks Wednesday afternoon for being the strongest in the continental United States. Frank, D-Mass., was invited to the event by U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., to recognize the strength and stability of Kansas City-based UMB Bank and Commerce Bank.”

The bankers managed to smile for the photo-op. Ask them, if you get a chance, how they really felt.

Jack Cashill is the author of numerous books which reveal important facts about the powerful and their sometimes clandestine power moves. Deconstructing Obama is his latest, released this February.

He is also an independent writer and Emmy winning producer, and has written for Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Weekly Standard, American Thinker, also regularly for WorldNetDaily. Jack may be contacted at Cashill.com.

Article originally published in IngramsOnline, August 2011.

Graphics and video added by Gulag Bound

Video, September 26, 2008, “Shocking Video Unearthed Democrats in their own words Covering up the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac,” by Naked Emperor News


Obama’s Diversity Executive Order: Dialectical Consensus? More Than a Jobs Plan

Gulag Bound
By: Maggie M. Thornton

Maggie’s Notebook

I recently posted on Obama’s Diversity Executive Order and said Diversity = Social Justice. I mused that perhaps the EO, calling for more diversity in federal hiring, was actually Obama’s jobs plan. Perhaps there is more to it than that, as a commenter pointed out at Gulag Bound, where my article was cross-posted.

Marx - Dialectic

The commenter picked-up on the word ‘diversity’ and ‘council.’ The EO calls for yet another presidential ‘council,’ which in Russian means ‘soviet.’ Gulag Bound is a site that focuses on Marxism and Communism and sounds the warning bell each and every day. The commenter took them to task for my article, and for not recognizing a bigger picture. To be clear, the writers at Gulag Bound miss nothing. Below the comment you’ll find a list of Gulag Bound’s previous articles on the very subject the commenter mentions. The article at Gulag Bound and the comment are here.

Comment from “b”

Come on Guys, don’t you claim to understand Marxism?

A diverse group of people dialoguing to consensus over social issues in a facilitated meeting is a soviet council form of government!!!!!

Institute for Authority Research: A Diverse Group of People, Dialoging to Consensus, Over Social Issues, in a Facilitated Meeting is a Soviet

The Hegelian-Dialectic Consensus process cannot work without the element of diversity. The process must have diversity.

ATTENTION, ATTENTION: The process must have D-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y!!!!!!!!

Diversity is key to the Consnesus process: The process which facilitates abandoning principle or thesis or position for the sake of relationship. It is critical to facilitating paradigm shift or moving the people in the direction that social engineers want them to go. Historically a watchman or guard would defend position even if it cost him his life. The Consensus process is akin to breaching defended borders by tricking the watchman into giving up position.

Does anyone get this?

It also conveniently serves to shut down free speech or organize opposition creating a secret police type of atmosphere.

Obama has created an overtly treasonous Executive Order and a whole nation stands clueless.


The Mind Changing Dialectic Process: Training the masses to think collectively and serve a Greater Whole

End ‘b’s” comment.

The idea of the ‘council’ or ‘super committee’ or Gang of 12, or Gang of 6 or whatever, is just as you see expressed above. We know that nothing good comes of these Congressional and Administrative groups. Important issues get clouded, downgraded, dulled, nulled and eventually lost in consensus. We end up with nothing principled.

Additional insight into Dialectic Process and the Hegalian Dialectic Process:

What is communism?

The Dialectic:
Fomenting the Revolution

The concept of the dialectic has been around for a long time. It is simply that of opposite positions: Thesis (position) vs. Antithesis (opposite position). In traditional logic, if my thesis was true, then all other positions were by definition untrue. For example, if my thesis is 2+2=4, then all other answers (antithesis) are false.

George W.F. Hegel, the nineteenth century German philosopher, turned that concept upside down by equalizing Thesis and Antithesis. All things are now relative. There is no such thing as absolute truth to be found anywhere. Instead, “truth” is found in Synthesis, a compromise of Thesis and Antithesis. This is the heart and soul of the consensus process.

This is diametrically opposed to the Judeo-Christian world-view prevalent in the Western world for the better part of two millennia that held that God existed, that He existed outside of the material creation and that man had a moral obligation to Him and His laws. God was transcendent and thus truth was absolute and transcendent, outside of our ability to manipulate it.

This all changed with Hegel and modern man was born. Man could now challenge any authority and position, even God. Since there is no such thing as absolute truth, “my truth” is just as good as “your truth,” so don’t tell me what to think or how to behave. As Nietzsche, the “God is Dead” philosopher, would later say, “There is absolutely no absolute.” Read more at News With Views.

Here are a few previous article by Gulag Bound discussing dialectic consensus:


Video Suggests a New Declaration of Independence

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

Were the grievances of the American Colonies against King George III severer than American Citizens’ now, with our own government?

This video, uploaded just today, cites a list of present day grievances, including the dictatorial Obama/DHS policy of an unconstitutional power of arrest, incarceration, and even assassination of United States Citizens deemed “suspects” of terrorism.

The proponents of this video ask, would Thomas Jefferson be imprisoned or assassinated by the Obama administration?

8/26 video: “Declaration of Non-Consent and Independence

Ostensibly, this is an opus of those within the somewhat revisionistic libertarian movement, not fully ceding to the tenets of the Declaration of Independence, even as they quote from it.

It neglects the violation of “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” by our pseudo-federal government in its condoning the killing of innocent Citizens in the womb who must be allowed their Creator Endowed Right to Life; also the confiscation of our money by tax, to support the finances of organizations which perform these murders; also the promotion of the unnatural and ungodly oxymoron of “homosexual marriage,” in violation of the United States’ Defense of Marriage Act, which is intended to protect the fundamental relationship of any society’s valid social contract.

Further it fails to cite our pseudo-federal government’s adoption of numerous programs which usurp the Sovereignty of the United States of America, its States, and its People, by allegiance instead to the United Nations, something which violates the fundamental claim of the Declaration of Independence and is not provided within our Constitution.

And, one may or may not agree with every single claim of this video, but as a whole, it should be solemnly pondered as we all go through another election cycle.


Young Communist Leads Chile’s Student Revolutionaries

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Student riots and protests are rocking Chile, one of the very few remaining non-Marxist led countries remaining in Latin America.

Who is leading these  actions?

According to the Communist Party USA‘s Peoples World:

Camila Vallejo Dowling

Camila Vallejo Dowling, 23, a geography student at the University of Chile and president of the Student Federation of the same university (FECH), has become the most popular and inspiring leader of the current and massive student movement that have brought to its knees, for the last 3 months, Sebastián Piñera’s right wing government.

Even opinion polls carried out by media supporters of the current government can’t ignore the truth; Camilla is the most popular activist/politician in Chile with nearly 70% approval. Clearly she is not the only leader that fights for the cause of education in Chile, as it is really a whole generation of eloquent, savvy and dedicated youth, but Camila has become the most visible face of this, thus far, peaceful rebellion.

Camila Vallejo, a card carrying member of the Young Communist League of Chile (J.J.C.C), daughter of Communist Party members who fought against the repressive regime of Augusto Pinochet, has attracted international media attention for her youth, her beauty and eloquence, but more importantly for the clarity and accessibility of her policy proposals and the strong resistance to the counter proposals driven by the government that have failed to illicit support from the public…

On August 21, 2011, students mobilized nearly a million people in Santiago and the government is by most accounts simply desperate, with no clear solution to a set of demands that strike at the heart of the social inequality and unequal distribution that is affecting even the middle class in Chile and that has persisted in Chile uninterrupted since the fall of Pinochet’s dictatorship and the return to a controlled democracy, all this in spite of record economic growth.

What started as a general call for better education has turned into a PR nightmare for a government convinced that with the previous miners rescue it had persuaded the general population that the country was heading in the right direction. The reality has proven radically different with an ongoing hunger strike and a call by the largest worker’s group in Chile for a massive general strike for this upcoming week. Nobody knows the outcome of the protests but everyone knows that Chile has changed forever.

Chile has narrowly escaped communist takeover on several occasions.

Will it dodge yet another bullet? Let us all hope so.