So, what else is new? Kevin Jackson smacks ‘em down.

By: Andrea Shea King
The Radio Patriot

I remember the first tea party I attended. It was in February 2009, and I was asked to speak at the Orlando Tea Party event held in the Amphitheater at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando, FL. My friend, singer/songwriter and author Lloyd Marcus — a Black American — was also invited to speak and had suggested to event organizers that I might also be invited to share some remarks.

After the event had concluded, we milled about with some of the folks who came to participate and vent about their frustrations with Washington, including and especially Obama. What struck me was the Black grandmother and her granddaughter who told us how they were being ostracized from their family members, fellow church congregants, and friends because they did not vote for Obama nor did they support his policies. In fact, granddaughter was the president of her high school’s Young Republicans Club! But her mother — the generation between these two women — called them “Uncle Toms” and would not listen to anything they had to say on the matter.

Their community was furious with them for “going to the other side” and standing with “whitey”. It was tantamount to betrayal of their “kind” and every slave or put-down person of color who had gone before them.

So I learned early on that the Black community, with some thinking and right-minded exceptions, voted for Obama because of his skin color. Now that’s not racist, is it?

Never mind that the skinny man from Kenya or Indonesia — or who knows where he’s from — shared nothing of their heritage, background, history or concerns. Never mind that this man seemingly came out of nowhere with a WHITE mother whose race he had forsaken in order to assume the identity of the “put down” black man who rose to great heights despite his pigmentation.

So it’s not surprising that it is business as usual for the Democrats who make it a cottage industry to label as a racist anyone who is critical of Obama and his policies. And demand that the world — or at least “whitey” owe them something, and it is now “their time”, because after all, “whitey’s” kept them down on the plantation for all these centuries. Right?

I could go on and on about the absolute idiocy of this kind of thinking — after all, didn’t it take “whitey’s” votes to get the skinny half-white foreigner installed in the White House? These people are racist. And they disgust me because they will be the cause of our ruination, along with the racist policies enacted by this Obama regime. Have you taken a look at Eric Holder’s Department of Justice? Have you seen the “New” Black Panthers’ recent video teaching children how to maim and kill others with baseball bats, machetes, guns and knives? Can someone tell me how this is different from the Jihadists who teach their young to hate Jews and unbelievers, strap baby sized suicide belts on them and then take pictures of them ostensibly to hang on their walls?

The Washington Times reported that racist congressman Rep. Andre Carson, Indiana Democrat and the Congressional Black Caucus whip, said that members of the Tea Party and Republicans were racists and wanted to see black people hang from trees.


“The silence of President Obama, other members of the caucus and other Democrats in failing to criticize the statements essentially condones them and is shameful.

Are black conservative Tea Party members or black Republican members of Congress racist for their criticism of Mr. Obama’s policies – policies that have drastically worsened our economy? And because Mr. Obama had a white mother, would any black, Latino or Asian person also be labeled a racist for criticizing him? The Democrats’ racist agenda has gone on too long and has been undertaken solely for political reasons.”

Kevin Jackson – who “gets” what these race baiters are doing (and who will be joining us on the Tea Party Express Tour later next week), was on Fox News with Megyn Kelly, responding to the Congressional Black Caucus’ derogatory comments about the tea party movement. He, along with Florida Rep. Allen West, have gone on the record saying that what certain members of the Black community are doing is RACIST. And destructive to the reality that we are ALL Americans.

These Black community leaders are playing a dangerous game. But maybe that’s exactly what race baiters like Carson, Holder, Obama, Jackson, Sharpton, Maxine Waters, et al want. Push, push, push, until something nasty happens and it’s the 1960s race riots all over again. Useful idiots? Fellow travelers? Box of hammers?

They should fry in the fires of hell for what they’re doing to America, and to the very people they claim to be “looking out for”. Fry in hell.

Forbes writes:

Democrat politicians paint the Tea Party as an extreme fringe of American politics. Vice President Joe Biden famously described Tea Party Republicans as “terrorists.” According to Democrat Sen. Jay Rockefeller, the Tea Party are “extremists” who have “hijacked” the Republican Party. Other Democrats are less restrained, telling us: The Tea Party is like the Nazis or KKK, is a serious threat to our national security, and Tea Party members should “go straight to hell.” Some even whisper the Tea Party “wants to lynch blacks.”

Establishment figures condescendingly describe the Tea Party as “an amorphous collection of individuals” which includes “affluent suburban libertarians, rural fundamentalists, ambitious pundits, unreconstructed racists, and fiscally conservative housewives.” They shudder to consider: What would happen to our foreign policy if those hicks got in charge!

What have we become? How have we let this happen? Who are we as a nation anymore?

I met a man in Cheyenne WY while we were doing our rally there in the town square. An elderly gentleman but still sharp as a tack, he said something that has stayed with me: “We don’t have much time. We have to stop this now — We have to fight back hard and do it fast — we’re dangerously close to losing it all. I’m afraid of what will happen if we don’t.”


Ready to Fire Obama’s “Favorite Republican?”

Yesterday the Tea Party Express rolled into Indiana for one purpose – to call out Republican Senator Dick Lugar for being a part of the problem! For too long now, this big-government, spending-addicted politician has played the political game at the cost of principle. Although he claims to be a Republican, Senator Lugar seems to care more about spending money this country does not have than working to rein in federal spending.

You can see the full schedule of the Reclaiming America tour HERE.

Incredibly, Lugar endorsed Barack Obama in 2008, saying he agreed with his defeatist approach to foreign policy. I guess that’s why Obama called Lugar “his favorite Republican,” and even featured Lugar in his campaign ads. Lugar defends Obama to this day – refusing to challenge the Constitutionality of Obamacare, even though the people of Indiana demand it be repealed.

It’s time to give this seat to a real conservative. We at the Tea Party Express have a reputation for kicking big-government liberals like Lugar out of office – Republican and Democrat alike. With a 17/100 conservative action score, it’s time for Lugar to go. Indiana deserves a better Senator, and the country can’t afford any more of his betrayal.

No real change will happen in Washington until we change the players. Please help us turn the heat up on Lugar and boot him out of office! Just click HERE to contribute!

You can contribute as little as $5 all the way up to the maximum allowed $5,000. And since we’re in a new election cycle, those of you who had previously “maxed out” are once again able to contribute as much as you’d like – all the way up to that $5,000 maximum.

Will you help us send Dick Lugar into retirement? We need 100 patriots such as yourself to make a generous contribution of $100, $250, $500 or more.

As always, if you prefer, you may also make a contribution via mail, by sending a check to:

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