The Soros Files: How George Soros Undermines America’s Security and Funds the Criminals Lobby

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

A national conference sponsored by America’s Survival, Inc.(ASI)
October 27, 2011, National Press Club – First Amendment Lounge 10 am 4 pm
Open to the press and the public. Light lunch and refreshments provided.

To register in advance please contact Phil Kent (404) 226-3549 or [email protected]

America’s Survival, Inc., one of the leading research and analysis organizations devoted to national security issues, is holding another of its information-packed conferences in Washington, D.C. This conference will honor two former FBI informants, Larry Grathwohl and Brandon Darby, and feature speeches by national crime victim advocate Tina Trent and world-famous blogger Trevor Loudon, who broke the story of Obama official Van Jones’s communist background. ASI President Cliff Kincaid, a veteran journalist and director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism, is also announcing at this conference:

  • Creation of a new data base of information about billionaire hedge fund operator George Soros’s funding of the “progressive” left in the U.S., including such organizations as the ACLU and the Center for American Progress. Soros is regarded as the “puppet master” of the radical left, a major influence on the policies of the Obama Administration, and was identified as a figure who spent tens of millions of dollars trying to defeat George W. Bush in 2004. ASI is compiling a master list of the organizations getting most of the Soros money and analyzing what they are doing with it to carry out the Soros vision of “an open society,” or what Obama describes as the “transformation” of America. Tina Trent and Trevor Loudon are coordinating this project for ASI.
  • The identities of the “Soros Brain Trust” the most important and significant radical left and socialist individuals who guide the thinking of George Soros and the spending of his billions of dollars to influence society and the political process. ASI President Cliff Kincaid will present detailed dossiers on these key operatives in the Soros network.
  • The release of the new book, Barack Obama and the Enemies Within, by Trevor Loudon, the world-famous blogger from New Zealand who critically analyzes the international network of Marxists and other extremists who continue to influence world events in a manner that undermines and subverts the interests of the United States and its Western allies.

The former FBI informants being honored by ASI are:

  • Larry Grathwohl joined the Army in 1964, wanting to go to jump school and be assigned to the 101’st Airborne Division. He got his wish and was assigned to the 2/502 Infantry and was sent to Vietnam in July of 1965. After completing his tour he was assigned to Ft. Knox, Kentucky, and became a Drill Instructor. Upon receiving an Honorable discharge, and while attending the University of Cincinnati, he was recruited by the Cincinnati Police to infiltrate the Weathermen. He would later be working for the FBI and become the only person to go underground with what became known as the Weather Underground. After his cover was blown, he testified before several Federal Grand Juries, the U.S. Senate and at the Mark Felt/Ed Miller FBI trail. He wrote the 1976 book, Bringing Down America (with Frank Reagan), detailing his experiences.
  • Brandon Darby was once a prominent radical who worked with former Black Panther Party members, Palestinian and various other radical groups. However, he rejected the increasing radicalism of his associates and would go on to become an FBI informant in a group that was planning violence at the Republican convention in 2008. He worked with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, helped stop violence against U.S. and Israeli citizens, and provided evidence used to convict two radical left-wingers of domestic terrorism. For this, he has become a major target of the radical left.

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