By: Fern Sidman

Autumn in New York City will never be the same. The traditional atmosphere that marks this time of the year such as cooler temperatures, changing leaves and post-season play for major league baseball, have been abruptly usurped by the menacing tone of geo-political realities. As most of us are already aware, the United Nations General Assembly will be convening for its annual session. In addition to hosting a veritable rogues gallery of assorted miscreants such as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and playing chief sponsor to yet another round of infamous Israel bashing as manifested in the Durban III conference, this year the international spotlight is on the unilateral Palestinian bid for statehood.

Anyone with a modicum of political awareness is cognizant of the fact that the history of this “august body” is riddled with visceral bellicosity towards the target of its obsession, namely Israel, and has done little to conceal the fact that they have posited themselves as a sounding board for Palestinian apologists the world over. Clearly, the ultimate objective of the Palestinian Authority is not to secure an independent, sovereign state in the “West Bank,” East Jerusalem and Gaza, but to use the universal sympathy that they’ve garnered with their finely tuned propaganda machine to “liberate” all of “Palestine,” thus ridding the world of the bogeyman of the Middle East (Israel) and the Jews who call it home.

Even as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has offered to hold direct talks with PA president Mahmoud Abbas at the UN General Assembly, the Palestinian leader remains adamant; eschewing any chance of obtaining a genuine peace by thwarting intense diplomatic efforts to avert a crisis over the move for statehood. The political implications of Abbas’ strategy would open the door for Palestinians to join UN agencies and become party to international treaties, such as the International Criminal Court, where they could take legal action to challenge what they term the “Israeli occupation” of their land.

The scenario could be played out as follows: If as expected, the US vetoes this bid in the Security Council, or the PLO decides to back down on its plan for full membership in the UN, it can still submit a resolution to the General Assembly. A vote could be held within 48 hours of submission but would probably be delayed until after the general debate in late September or early October. This would give more time to negotiate a text that would have maximum support, from European countries in particular. Approval would require a simple majority of those present. There is no veto.

The time is long overdue to neutralize the totalitarian antics and the devolution of venalities that has come to define the United Nations. The time is long overdue for the voices of dissent to be raised against the plethora of “Big Lies” that have been incessantly spewed forth by the “eternally victimized” Palestinians. The US must lead the way by tightly closing the purse strings on funding of the UN; by declaring in the strongest of terms to the 126 nations who are poised to legitimize a terrorist state that they too will be considered enemies of the US and to stop pandering to Islamic demagogues in the name of political correctness.