Attack of the Hippies or How to Fail While Occupying America

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Sigh… You know, if you are going to protest and take on big business, you should at least shower. Zombie has done another terrific post on ‘The Days of Lame’ on the West Coast. I swear it looks like a repeat of the 60s without the really bitchin’ music.

On the East Coast (and probably ramping up for the West Coast and all parts in between), the protests are more serious with quite a few arrests and lots of photo ops. Complete with staged, lying, not quite house-losing (as in not at all) students on their knees in front of lots of cameras.

The best progressive fail you’ve ever seen

But never fear bat fans, the hippies and rejects may be lame, but they are determined. And violence will indeed be part of the formula. They are recruiting the young and have all the power and money in the world behind them. This is a battle they refuse to lose – they really believe that now is their time. So, while the hippies may be failing currently in some places to occupy America, they are regrouping and drawing out one killer battle plan. Top down, bottom up, inside out…

Make sure you go look at Zombie’s photo essay, it’s hysterical. 8)

The Ongoing Occupation of America

2 thoughts on “Attack of the Hippies or How to Fail While Occupying America

  1. its sad that his parents lost there home ! either one of two things happend. they didnt pay there bills, or they where taken advantage of by our governments finicial pollicies! the police whent out of ther way to try not to arrest this man for inciting, public unrest.! and clearly gave him options to avoid arrest !! its admirable . that he,s standing up for his parents !! blame the administration creating the problem !! obama !! without big buisness ,the people investing in america!! which are publicaly owend !! there are no jobs and obama has done everything in his power to drive them away!! get a clue son !!! you need to hit the books and find out whats really happening !!

  2. That’s just it. His parents did not lose their home. It’s not even in foreclosure. They owe about 70k on a 500k home and are selling it to move further out of the city to get away from too many ‘conservatives.’

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