A Great Man With A Great Message

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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I enjoy reading a well written book from a man of honor and character such as Governor of Indiana Mitch Daniels’ new book Keeping the Republic. He is a constitutional conservative as I am and he knows how to balance a checkbook. Which is more than you can say for most in Washington these days.

Daniels took Indiana’s $700 million deficit and turned it into a billion dollar surplus. He balanced Indiana’s budget even during incredibly difficult economic times. And he converted Indiana’s once unattractive business climate into one of the strongest and most inviting states for private sector growth. He is adamant about cutting taxes (my kind of guy) and he believes in spending less than you bring in.

Mitch Daniels believes as I do that our country’s monumental debt is a threat to security as a country. He is also not a fan of the public school system which seems to only spew out more and more individuals who cannot do for themselves much less for their country.

But, Daniels believes that Americans can save their country by pulling together and working to rebuild our country. Which I believe would work if we could just massively shrink the government, do away with the IRS and let capitalism spur innovation and prosperity again. Hand the power back to the states and the people and handcuff DC.

Daniels is the epitome of Americana and it shows in his book and his lifestyle. He rides a Harley and he graduated from Princeton. Very much like the state of Indiana, Daniels is the real deal and does not hold back.

His book is witty and humorous, but it also delves into what he believes plagues America and how to fix it. He uses logical analysis and cold hard facts to show what shape we are in and just how dire it is. He also explains what he believes will become of us if we don’t face these threats and handle them like adults.

Mitch Daniels does not come across as a politician. He comes across as a deeply concerned patriot and he is just like you and me. Buy his book. Read it. It will become a favorite and find a very special place in your library just as it has in mine. This man could be president one day.

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