We Are the 99% of Useful Idiots

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

The protesters for the ‘Occupy’ movement, for the most part, are useful idiots. They don’t seem to realize that when the Marxist elitists are done with them, they will be eliminated. Loose ends and all that. But hey! They are getting all the drugs, food and sex they can handle. Good hippie times – for now. As for those on the right who have strayed into their webs, well, you are making a deadly mistake.

Zombie has done a post pitting the Occupiers against Fleet Week. Hmmm… Let me think… Which is more popular I wonder? No contest – military rules, hippies drool. Well, literally.

You will love the photo essay. Great pics and great insight. I’ll take Fleet Week any day over the Occupiers. I believe them when they say they are the 99% – they are the 99% of the losers that mooch off the rest of us. Useful idiots unite!

Head over to Pajamas Media and read Zombie’s post. Excellent work as usual. Then go thank someone in the military and avoid the Occupy movement like the plague it is.

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