Fraud Exposed: ‘Occupied Wall Street Journal’ (Full-Color, Free Newspaper) Written by an Anarchist, Anti-Capitalism Group Funded by George Soros, the Tides Foundation, Code Pink and Michael Moore, Protestors Being Paid and…

By: Marion Algier – contributions by Jean Stoner
Knowledge Creates Power

We are being played America. Occupy Wall Street is anything but a grassroots movement like the Tea Party or even a ground swell movement for change like those of the 1960’s. In fact it is an orchestrated movement by the Progressive radicals (Alinskyites like Soros, Moore, Ayers, Dorn, the Kerrys and their minions) still in the fight since ‘60s who are now part of the power elite (an alliance of globalists, Marxists, and anarchists who have joined hands with every group that wants to destroy all or part of America… radical Muslims, big union management, and every so-called disenfranchised group including the Communist Party USA, radical Muslims and sickos who want to have sex with animals (see below)… and everything in-between) whose goal is the fundamental transformation of America and destruction of Capitalism and the U.S. Constitution. This movement is the beginning of Revolution in America (see video directly below). Then once they destroy America and the American way of life they start to fight each other. If we don’t wake up and stand up now we will soon find the events of the Arab Spring and Greece in our streets and by then it will be too late to stop the decline.

If you add this chaos to our fragile teetering economy and internal destruction all caused by the same alliance which includes those in the White House we are standing on edge of destruction and there is no more time to think and ponder. The time is now to stand up and act. If you haven’t read The Coming Insurrection buy or borrow a copy today but read it now. It is no longer coming… It is here!

Video: ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Organizer: We Are Anarchists and ‘This is the Beginning of Revolution’ in America

See VideoExposed: Written by an Anarchist, Anti-Capitalism Group ‘Occupied Wall Street Journal’ (Full-Color, Free Newspaper) Is Funded by George Soros, the Tides Foundation, Code Pink and Michael Moore

The smoking gun in all of this is SEIU’s Stephen Lerner (on video) presenting his plan to incite Occupy Wall Street Months Ago. There is nothing spontaneous about this!! See Lerner Video(s) Here.

Did a Chicago Protester Admit He’s Being Paid to Occupy Chicago?See Video

In Geraldo Rivera’s interview for Fox an Occupy organizer admitted they were paying protesters as much as $600 to protest and associated groups are now providing them food and supplies.

Busted? British Paper Reveals Some Wall St. Protesters Are Quite Privileged

It’s a popular question when reading stories about the Occupy Wall St. protesters: Who are they? Well, now the British paper The Daily Mail is helping answer that question. The answer? Some of them seem to be quite privileged.

“A closer look at some of the impassioned protesters is starting to suggest that while many of them have genuine grievances,” the Daily Mail writes, “all may not be completely as advertised. “

Here’s what it means.

Pelosi Supports Occupy Wall Street and Then Tries to Float Lie Again About Tea Party Spitting Incident, Goes Unchallenged by ABC’s Christiane Amanpour.

Wall Street Insider: Obama 2012 Re-Election “Not An Option” (Image link to Karl Marx Chart)


Author’s Note: This is our second interview with a longtime Wall Street Insider – an individual who, under agreed-to anonymity in order to protect their own and their client’s interests, wishes to share their views on the presidency of Barack Obama, and the past, present, and future of the American socio-economic system. Read rest of interview HERE.

You Too Can Have “Sex With Animals”…. All You Need To Do Is Support This Movement

Remember, this is who President Obama and Nancy Pelosi praise as their voice. Their voice. Remember that as you watch this video. FIRST CLICK HERE. Then Watch Video. ‘Increasingly Debauched’: Are Sex, Drugs and Poor Sanitation Eclipsing Occupy Wall Street?

This is the clip from Nightly news with the kids – Occupy Wall street protests grow louder.

Shirley Orlando, after visiting the Occupy Wall Street rally wrote:

“This movement and occupation of streets of business, all across America is NOT anything related to the Tea Party, who wants to work within our Constitution to restore America, but rather, this movement is HELL BENT on REVOLUTION. The Administration has no intention of speaking out against them as they are on his team, organized by Stephen Lerner and direct Obama cronies and associates. Local governments are too timid to rid the streets of them. They have no permits to riot in the middle of the streets, but are being permitted to not only basically riot, but relieve themselves, trash the place and destroy property.

They are deadly, however, and should not be laughed off. Backed by every Marxist/Socialist/Communist organizations in America, with the blessing of big unions, Revolution of your government and your way of life is their goal. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking otherwise. They need to be stopped, before they cannot be stopped! Remember Hitler’s quote: “The only way our movement could have been stopped is if our opponents had consistently and forcefully driven us off the streets from the very beginning”

The movement is morphing ever closer to violent revolution and solidarity with their sister groups all over the world. There have been over a 1000 arrests; they have stormed the Hart Senate Office Building (notice the old lady left-over arrested in video) as well as the Museum of Science and Technology in Washington DC; and young girls attacked NYC Cops in the subway trying to arrest them. Something we need to remember: Progressives: Face of American Communism SEIU Organizer Stephen Lerner has already said that They Plan to Terrorize Families of Wall Street Executives. Protestors from the Arab Spring have embraced this so-called movement because they were backed by the same people and slowly they are moving toward united Worldwide revolution.

These early stages of protest are The Occupier’s Siren Song. We are in The Autumn of Living Dangerously but if we don’t stop them now they will take us to the Winder of the Destruction of the American Republic.

Is this really the change you voted for… and if not at least hoped for after Obama’s election?

By: Marion Algier – contributions by Jean Stoner

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