Democratic Socialists of America Goes National For Occupy Wall Street

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
Hat Tip: Gulag Bound

Adding one more to an extensive list of Marxist supporters of Occupy Wall Street, Democratic Socialists of America joined the leftist fray with a page dedicated to the movement today. And why not? They share the goals of chaos and top down, bottom up, inside out that the radical left jointly embraces. They are targeting the young, filling them to the brim with propaganda and then sending them out to their local Occupy Wall Street rallies. An army of useful idiots descends not only on Wall Street, but America as a whole. These are your children, your friends, your neighbors… and they are being sucked into a death trap baited with honeyed phrases of hope and redistributive wealth that in actuality are as poisonous as the apple that struck down Snow White. But this time, there is no prince, just the grim reaper lying in wait to collect as violence, death, hunger and war bloom in America’s streets. Viva la revolucion!

Evidently, the Socialists are here to save the day. Yesterday, I heard about a transaction tax the Democrats are pushing. Guess what the top idea of DSA is? Bingo. Welcome to Conyers HR 870: The Humphrey- Hawkins 21st Century Full Employment and Training Act. Mark my words, this will not create jobs, it will just redistribute more wealth through more taxation and cause more chaos and pain. Which is exactly what DSA and their cohorts want.

DSA is incredibly well-organized and well-funded. And these smooth-talking, slick devils have their game down pat.

Listen to one of DSA’s biggest supporters, Frances Fox Piven of the Cloward and Piven Strategy for destroying America:

Chris Maisano: What have you thought of the protests so far?

Frances Fox Piven: I think they’ve been pretty terrific. And I really am hopeful that it’s the beginning of a new period of social protest in this country. I think a lot about the protest is absolutely on target, it’s so smart. It was so smart to pick Wall Street because Wall Street looms so large not only in the reality of inequality and recession policy, but it looms so large in the minds of people now because everybody knows that they’re stealing the country blind. So they picked the right place, they had somehow — I don’t know how self-consciously, maybe self-consciously — absorbed a kind of lesson from Tahrir Square of staying there, because usually we have demonstrations and marches and parades and things, and they’re over in a nanosecond. And all that the authorities have to do is wait, because they’re gonna be over.

So what they tried to do is take this classical form of the mass rally — they didn’t do it alone, obviously it happened in Egypt too — and connected it with the disruptive potential of mass action because they said “we’re staying.” And “we’re staying” is more troublesome. Not only that, “we’re staying” makes it possible for them to organize and mobilize throughout the course of the action, which is what they do. So that part of it was pretty, pretty smart.

They are smart in being very inclusive. I mean, they’re very happy to include everybody, and they’ve actively reached out to the unions. When has a youthful protest done that in living memory? A very long time since that’s happened. But they knew from the beginning — probably they were helped to learn that from Wisconsin. And they’re so happily counter-cultural, you can’t even get angry at them if you’re a stiff old person! Then you read their statements, I’m sure you do. Well, I do too. And I think they’re very thoughtful for statements issued by a general assembly sitting on the cold cement – they’re very good statements, and they really are statements that include the 99%. So it’s great.

Smart indeed, as the whole idea was cooked up by Marxists like Piven who poured lots of money into coming up with phrasing such as the 99% vs. the 1%. That didn’t just appear out of no where. If was lovingly crafted and staged as all the protests are. It’s an old revolutionary tactic to make things look like they have no organization when they are just the opposite. It’s been used time and again throughout history and now it is being used against America. And none of these dingbats seem to be able to figure out that they are being used. That they are fodder for Marxists who don’t give a damn about them and will cheerfully eliminate them once they have served their purpose. Oh, a purging they will come…

There is no way the Marxists will let this opportunity to ‘remake’ America slide. They hate our form of government, they hate our Constitution and they hate capitalism. Winter may slow them down a bit, but this is Obama’s army of radicals. They won’t stop until they are forced to. DSA is just one face of the an evil hydra leading us into another civil war. Get ready because something wicked indeed this way comes by next spring and summer. Occupy Wall Street and the Marxists behind the curtain have taken the movement national – coming soon to your city or town.

And right on the heels of OWS, look for Van Jones who will be singing a siren’s song that many will fall for. He will try and falsely appear as another Reagan, when in reality what he brings is Communism and revolution. Don’t fall for his words or his promises – among all of them, Van Jones is perhaps the most dangerous of the lot. Whatever you do, stay as far away from Van Jones and these movements as you can get. They will not end well.


George Soros Trader Involved in Bankrupt Firm Tied to Obama

By: Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media

A major figure in liberal Democrat Jon Corzine’s bankrupt firm, MF Global, used to work for hedge fund operator and Democratic Party financial patron George Soros. MF Global Holdings Ltd., now under FBI investigation, had hired Munir Javeri as Global Head of Trading.

“He is no longer with the company,” a spokesman for the firm informed Accuracy in Media. The spokesman added that he had no contact information for Munir Javeri and couldn’t say when he left the firm. He had been Vice-President of Soros Fund Management from 2003-2004 and was given an “inducement award” in the form of stock options after being hired by MF Global.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are reportedly now missing from the firm’s customer accounts. The firm is said to have experienced major losses because of questionable investments in European bonds.

MF Global was not a hedge fund, although it accepted money from hedge funds such as Cadian Capital Management LLC.

The bankruptcy of MF Global is being described as the eighth-largest corporate bankruptcy in U.S. history. Steve Schaefer of Forbes says it is “the largest bankruptcy (by assets) of a public company this year, and by a huge margin.”

Meantime, Corzine, MF Global chairman and CEO, has been aggressively raising funds for Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. “Obama has had a lot to say about Occupy Wall Street but probably won’t say anything about Jon Corzine,” the Republican National Committee said in a statement.

News reports suggest that Corzine, a former head of Goldman Sachs, simply misjudged the European crisis and that his firm went bankrupt as a result. But Soros, by contrast, has been forecasting the disintegration of Europe for months and suggesting that the only solution is a European treasury that could provide a common source of funds to rescue bankrupt economies.

Liberal Democrats in the U.S. today formally proposed a financial transactions tax to provide more federal revenue. On Thursday, National Nurses United, joined by the AFL-CIO and assorted “community activists,” are holding a demonstration in Washington, D.C. to press for a global version of the financial transactions tax.

Corzine, in addition to being a senator from New Jersey, served as governor, only to be defeated for re-election in 2009 by Republican Chris Christie.

Although Corzine is getting plenty of publicity for the demise of his financial firm, the role of the former Soros money manager has gotten short shrift. The New York Times simply mentioned that Corzine had “replaced old-line traders and brokers with more aggressive hires from Goldman Sachs, UBS and Soros Fund Management.”

The Soros connection raises questions, in view of the hedge fund operator’s controversial sources of cash, avoidance of Securities and Exchange Commission regulations, and announced political designs upon the U.S. and the world. Soros is number seven on the Forbes list of wealthiest Americans and his fortune now totals $22 billion, up almost $8 billion from last year.

At the time of Javeri’s hiring by MF Global, news organizations trumpeted the development with such headlines as, “Jon Corzine Has Hired An Ex-Soros Trader To Make MF Global Surge.” The media coverage reflected the media awe for Soros and his hedge fund managers.

“In this newly created role,” MF Global said in a press release about the hiring of the former Soros money man, “Mr. Javeri will work with the firm’s various product lines to manage and enhance the firm’s trading capabilities across asset classes and geographic regions. Additionally, he will oversee the firm’s Principal Strategies Group, a newly initiated proprietary trading operation. The group engages in opportunistic trading across a variety of asset classes. Mr. Javeri has extensive trading and asset management experience. Most recently, he was a partner and portfolio manager at Gandhara Advisors, a multi-billion dollar equity hedge fund. Prior to that, he was a global macro investor at Soros Fund Management.”

Despite the hype, MF Global is now in ruins.

To make matters worse, MF Global had close financial ties to the Federal Reserve. The firm was designated a primary dealer by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which means that it participated directly in Treasury auctions and provided analysis and market intelligence to trading desks at the New York Federal Reserve.

At his news conference today, however, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke insisted the Fed was not the supervisor of MF Global and had never given the firm a “seal of approval.”

But a “seal of approval” for Corzine had come from Obama.

The New York Times reports that President Obama’s first major re-election fund-raiser in New York was held at Corzine’s Manhattan home, with tickets going for $35,800 each.

Adding some detail, the news website northnewjersey.com reported that the private 60-person event reportedly raised $2 million for Obama and that Corzine and MF Global associates Bradley Abelow and Joseph Patt then gave separate contributions of $35,800 each to Obama Victory Fund 2012. Corzine “was one of the president’s most elite bundlers, supporters who tap friends and business associates to bring in checks,” The New York Times reported. The article said that he personally had helped Obama raise more than $500,000 this year.

It added that “When White House officials sought to broker a meeting between disgruntled Wall Street executives and Mr. Obama’s new chief of staff this year, they turned to Mr. Corzine, who organized a sit-down at the Four Seasons. Mr. Corzine was on the list. There had even been talk of his being named the next Treasury secretary.”

In addition to the $38,500 to the Obama Victory Fund 2012, Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show Corzine made personal contributions of $5,000 to Obama for America on May 19 and $25,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on September 28 of this year.

For his part, Soros gave $75,000 this year to the House Majority PAC, a so-called “Super PAC” designed to help win back the House majority for Democrats in 2012. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the former House Speaker and now Democratic Minority Leader, supports the financial transactions tax, as does Soros.

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism, and can be contacted at [email protected].


Foiled Biological Attack in Georgia Allegedly Based on Online Novel

Read more at The Blaze…

  • Four Georgia men above the age of 60 arrested for alleged plot to use biological agents against citizens, Feds
  • Apparently part of fringe militia group and based attack on online book “Absolved”
  • Book focuses on deadly federal gun raid on the wrong target and the resistance that builds from that
  • Author has called for violence in the past but responds: “I am as much to blame for the Georgia Geriatric Terrorist Gang as Tom Clancy is for Nine Eleven”

Greece, et. al. Blowing Up; Federal Reserve Scheming, Skimming, and Debauching Up QE3

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

Some are aware that the socialist collapse of Greece and other European nations causes massive loan transactions among Europe’s deeply corrupt central banking complex, largely through the EFSF.

Further, some are aware that the “Federal Reserve” is actually a concoction of these corrupt central bankers and that their voracious beast is “fed” indeed by the confiscasted and drained wealth of America and Americans, via massive usury, gross market manipulation, and a virtually unlimited potential for electronically “printing” money – including, for themselves. 

And for how Europe gets Americans to pay for its havoc as well as America’s manufactured crises, see TARP.

In light of this, what are some to think about these two occurances? Merely unrelated coincidences? I think not.

At MailOnline.com

The gloves are off! Greek PM prepares for showdown with Merkel and Sarkozy tonight as Europe teeters on the brink of financial disaster

Greek cabinet vote unanimously to hold referendum


In Bloomberg.com

Fed Lays Ground for Large-Scale Asset Buys

 Federal Reserve officials are probably engineering a third round of large-scale asset purchases, while they are unlikely to announce a decision today, according to economists in a Bloomberg News survey.

Sixty-nine percent of those surveyed say Chairman Ben S. Bernanke will embark on a third round of quantitative easing, or QE3, with a plurality of 36 percent predicting the move in the first quarter of next year, according to the poll of 42 economists from Oct. 26-31.

“We are becoming increasingly persuaded that QE3 is coming, this time focused on purchases of mortgage-backed securities,” said Dana Saporta, U.S. economist at Credit Suisse in New York. “The best guess is at this meeting they’ll try to build some consensus around the idea and lay the groundwork for eventual purchases.”

In the present spiral debt breeds debt, and debt is flowing around Western Civilization like the all consuming Blob in the old Steve McQueen movie. Those directing the Blob are highly educated about their work. Their work is destroying said Western Civilization, while the central bankers make more from the interest and debauchery — and while the Soros-lauded Chinese are raking in the world’s wealth and in turn are collaborating with BRIC partners Russa, Brazil, and India, in central banking.

Repeat: Central bankers are experts at what they do and what they are doing in conjunction with Marxist/socialist politicians on the make is destroying the economic supports of the Western World. At the same time, their “philanthropic” foundations are feeding the global insurrection movement, from the Mideast to Europe and now with “Occupy Wall Street” in the United States (even though they have consented to be counted among its foils).

Silly conspiracy theories anyway.

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Video uploaded to YouTube 11/11/2010, “Quantitative Easing Explained