Currency Wars – A Book Review

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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James Rickards has written a book that each and every American should buy, read and take to heart. Mr. Rickards is an investment banker and a military adviser and he pulls no punches in his book Currency Wars – The Making Of The Next Global Crisis.

It’s about time someone brought home the urgency of the financial situation here in the US. Someone with enough gravitas that can get people in the know to listen and it should chill them to the bone. According to Rickards we are well into the third currency war and the outcome this time could be catastrophic to say the least.

The book is presented in three parts and is a thoroughly riveting read. The first part details Rickards’ participation in an exercise at the Warfare Analysis Laboratory near Washington D.C. The second part is an analysis of the first two currency wars. The third and final section of the book explains why the world is now fighting Currency War III which began in 2010.

The first currency war entailed the horrendous 1921-1936 reintroduction and then subsequent collapse of the gold standard. This contributed hugely to the birth of the Great Depression and played a significant role in the inception of World War II. The second currency war found its birthright at the conclusion of the postwar and Bretton Woods’ linking of the dollar to gold. This was followed by Carter’s disastrous economic upheaval in the 1970s.

With the Fed’s continuous printing of money and manipulation of the markets, not only is hyperinflation an almost foregone conclusion, but the trigger of revolutions worldwide ala the ‘Arab Spring’ model are simply economic byproducts spurred on by the Fed’s quantitative easing shenanigans.

Rickards is right in that more banks should have been allowed to fail in 2008. Bailouts should never have occurred. He is also right to warn America of the growing financial and military threats of China, Russia and Iran. If our dollar can be weakened enough, one of those big boys will certainly strike at us not only financially, but militarily.

Rickards also promotes a return to the gold standard and I wholeheartedly agree with that as well. In fact, as economies fail and governments fall, the gold standard will almost certainly be reinstituted whether the Progressives want it or not. The greatest Depression the planet has ever known will work as a playing field leveler. The only question is, can we stand on our feet quickly enough to prevent dictatorships from usurping power across the globe? Will we be strong enough in America to enforce the Constitution as we know it?

If Rickards is right, and I think he may well be, all currencies will fall and it will be as devastating as a military invasion here in the US. Gold, silver, food, lead and other staples will become barter items. Think it can’t happen? That’s exactly what is happening in Greece currently.

This book is easily one of the best I have read. If you want the truth and you want to read a book that you can’t put down, purchase Currency Wars. I guarantee this will make you sit up and think. The author is gifted and brilliant and he can write, which is a rare talent indeed. I enjoyed the book so much, I made my husband read it. Buckle up kiddies – reality is about to knock Americans on their collective arse.

Here are a few points from the book:

  • Behind closed doors at the Pentagon’s first-ever financial war game. Under the watchful eyes of high ranking military and intelligence officials, teams representing the U.S., Russia, China, Swiss banks and private hedge funds square off in a global battle in which the only weapons are currencies, stocks, bonds and derivatives. Participants include Wall Street professionals along with those from think tanks, the armed forces and top universities.
  • A review of the prosperity that marked the classical gold standard before the Great War of 1914 to 1918 and the subsequent and much maligned gold exchange standard of the 1920’s.
  • The story of how the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, starting with the Panic of 1907.
  • The antecedents and progressions of Currency War I (1921-1936), Currency War II (1967-1987) and Currency War III which began in 2010 as a consequence of responses to the 2007 recession and financial crisis.
  • How globalization increased the scale and interconnectedness of finance in unprecedented ways and the impact it had on the waging of currency wars. No longer were the only players actual states, but soon terrorists, criminal gangs and other bad actors joined the fray using sovereign wealth funds, special forces, intelligence assets, cyber attacks, sabotage and other covert action.
  • The misuse of different macroeconomic tools and theories which began in the late 1940s when economists began to promise that through specific fiscal and monetary policy, market fluctuations would be smoothed and the arc of growth extended beyond what had been possible in the past.
  • A discussion of the “Four Horsemen of the Dollar Apocalypse” – that is, four possible outcomes for the dollar – in order of disruptive potential from smallest to greatest: multiple reserve currencies, special drawing rights, gold and chaos.
  • Cogent policy recommendations to avoid the most catastrophic possible outcomes and ultimately save the dollar.

Soros (Communist) Propaganda

From: Patriots For America

Description of video on youtube:

They can’t win without cheating,

They can play the race card all day long but they will have to cheat,

Here they show you “fake stats” to justify the fraud that will come from the the e voting machines putting him ahead, the machines are set for him.

If they can get them set confidently, he will suspend elections, he has a executive order to do so.

Then the voting begins for the Newstates constitution, using e machines of course:


it’s the ONLY way Obama will stay in, he has to pull a Hugo Chavez on us.




The War on Police

By: Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media

Rather than being victims of police brutality, a new video shows that Occupiers at UC Davis knew they were going to be pepper sprayed and didn’t mind it. Indeed, the new video evidence indicates that the entire confrontation with the police was staged for the benefit of the media, which took the bait and ran with it, making police out to be cruel and heartless villains. The new video evidence demonstrates that the police had not only warned the protesters in advance about what was going to happen but one demonstrator says to the police, “You’re shooting us?” and, after getting an affirmative answer, replies, “That’s fine.” Another tells her comrades, “Keep your eyes closed.” Several are seen covering their faces.

Despite misleading stories about the “peaceful protest” at UC Davis, the campus police had been ordered by Chancellor Linda Katehi to remove the protesters using pepper spray, determined to be the best way to do so without causing long-lasting physical injuries, because they had erected an illegal tent city on campus and were blocking a sidewalk. The police could have used batons, like they did during an earlier confrontation at UC Berkeley, but that was ruled out by the UC Davis campus police chief. The video shows the police holding and shaking the pepper spray canisters during a time period of several minutes. They gave the protesters more than enough time to disperse.

On his NBC Nightly News broadcast, NBC’s Brian Williams had called the lawbreakers “kids” and implied that parents should be outraged over their treatment. There is no evidence, however, that these “kids” being sprayed on the sidewalk were all students. Chancellor Katehi said in a statement that non-students had been active on campus and part of the protests. Indeed, these non-students were undoubtedly the organizers of the affair.

As Brian Williams should know, since he claims to be so concerned about parents and their “kids” on campus, safety is a top priority because of the ability of outsiders to enter the grounds and threaten or assault students. Crime on campus is a major issue for parents and young people looking for a safe educational environment. Under these circumstances, it would have been utter dereliction of duty for any college or university president to condone what the Occupiers were doing at UC Davis. That is why Katehi ordered the tent city dismantled and the protesters evicted.

Despite the numerous stories about alleged police brutality, which have led to putting the campus police chief and two officers on leave, there is no evidence the police did anything wrong. The operations plan used by UC Davis included the use of pepper spray. The police followed acceptable procedures.

The public should be quickly educated by the media about what is really going on here. The so-called Occupy movement, underway for several months now, is based on seizing public and private property. Since the public has demanded that the protesters be evicted from these spaces, and many mayors are ordering the police to do so, the leaders have decided to move on to college campuses. UC Berkeley and UC Davis were some of the first targets.

The effort to discredit the police is an old Marxist tactic, designed to lay the groundwork for larger mob actions. Congressional investigations were held in the 1960s into how communists foment riots and disturbances. The aim is to demonize and then paralyze the police. Since members of the Democratic Socialists of America have discussed plans to take over city halls and state capitals in the next several months, we can see that the stakes are rising as the Occupy movement gets more violent and confrontational over time. This is the time to support the police, not undermine their ability to preserve law and order.

Ominously, writer and analyst Tina Trent notes that some people at the Occupy Oakland encampment erected signs in honor of cop-killer Lovelle Mixon. One website in defense of the occupiers is called “Targeting the cops” and calls officers “pigs” and “gestapo.”

Part of this effort involves making sure the media follow the story line that the police are at fault. In a new publicity stunt, the Occupiers and their media allies have been attacking Megyn Kelly of Fox News for discussing the incident at UC Davis and supposedly calling pepper spray a “food product” and playing down its effects. A much-publicized petition was launched to get Kelly to “eat or drink a full dose of pepper spray on national television.”

It doesn’t take a visit to the campus library to determine that pepper spray is a non-lethal agent derived from peppers, as the name implies. What Kelly actually said was that it was a “derivative of actual pepper and a food product essentially.” She went on to say that the nature of the substance was “beside the point” because of its potential impact and that it was “abrasive and intrusive” to those getting exposed to it. So there was no effort to play down the nature of what happened. She pointed out that some of those exposed to the spray went to the hospital, although any injuries they may have suffered are a matter of dispute. The effects of pepper spray are usually temporary and can be washed away with water.

The point of the pepper spray was to get the demonstrators, who had erected an illegal tent city on campus, to leave. They were interfering with the rights of students on campus to get an education and be safe while doing so.

What the leftists really find offensive about Megyn Kelly’s comments is the fact that she defended the police, who used the pepper spray for the purpose of making it easier to remove the protesters. She noted that, from a legal standpoint, the cops can argue that they acted appropriately and did not use excessive force. Pepper spray was used to avoid a more physical confrontation with the people locked arm-in-arm on the sidewalk. Pepper spray is considered a more humanitarian way of dealing with lawbreakers. Batons could have been used as well.

Kelly is being singled out because she defended the police, not because she noted the organic roots of pepper spray. In this regard, it is fascinating that so many modern-day “progressives” are on the side of the lawbreakers and not the police, many of whom are members of a public sector union. The police should take note of this.

Kelly, who has her own program on Fox News, can defend and speak for herself. But one of the UC Davis police offers placed on leave for his entirely appropriate role in the incident now finds himself under attack, including by the online hacker group called Anonymous. This group, which is under FBI investigation for illegal cyber-attacks on various private and governmental Internet sites, posted a video publicizing the officer’s home address, e-mail address and home and cellphone numbers. The video has since been removed by YouTube “as a violation of YouTube’s policy prohibiting hate speech.”

This should serve as a reminder that the police are the ones being victimized.

According to press reports, the officer under attack in this case is a former Marine sergeant who defended his country and was defending the UC Davis campus from outside agitators. Our media like to pretend they sympathize with those who defend our country, but those defending college campuses from unruly mobs are being sacrificed for a story line that justifies lawlessness and the takeover of institutions of higher learning. It is time for the facts to be told.

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism, and can be contacted at [email protected].