Indoctrination – A Book Review

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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Kyle Olson’s new book, Indoctrination: How ‘Useful Idiots’ Are Using Our Schools to Subvert American Exceptionalism is truly an amazing read. The book details how Progressives have systematically indoctrinated our children in the public and private schools of America. They have taken our most prized possessions and brainwashed them into thinking the way Progressives do. In a word – it is flat out evil. They are attempting to turn our children into small Marxists who will forward an extreme Leftist agenda.

Kyle Olson has been an education reformer for a very long time. He goes into detail on the Left’s removing religion and God from our schools and from influencing our children. He also covers how history has been twisted in the classroom, making Americans the aggressors. Instead of teaching the Constitution and about our founding fathers and how America is the most wonderful nation to ever exist on the planet, they are teaching the children that we are greedy, monstrous capitalists and that we hate the poor. Lies, lies and more damn lies. Olson masterfully exposes the dishonesty and manipulation that the Left is using in our schools. It is simply criminal. Communism is not only alive in our leaders and in our government, it is being forcefully spread throughout our school systems.

The book covers the Left’s economic Marxism as well as the use of Progressivism/Marxism in a social context. The Leftist agenda becomes clear: union organizing, global warming propaganda, pledging allegiance to the Earth, creating “global citizens” and the preaching of Marxism to the young. Class warfare is used as a weapon to divide and conquer, while demonizing our traditional values and the way we live as a Christian nation. The term ‘diversity’ is twisted and used completely out of context.

He shows how our innocent children are being indoctrinated at every level throughout their education. From preschool to college. No longer are they taught right from wrong, but a gray middle ground where anything goes. They are taught to shun God and embrace radicalism. And because the schools are run by our government, we are forced to pay for this indoctrination. Few can afford the luxury of finding a school for their children that does not specialize in spitting out miniature Karl Marx’s.

Indoctrination tells the story of:

  • A preschool teacher who tells her students about the recent union protests in Madison, Wisconsin, and uses the words strike, collective bargaining and negotiate as part of a vocabulary lesson.
  • The Maryland Board of Education that requires every graduate to “make decisions” demonstrating they are “environmentally literate.”
  • The thousands of schools that show students “The Story of Stuff” – a video created by a Green Peace activist that urges the end of America’s “current” economic model, while making the case for socialism.
  • Lesson plans published by the United Nations that teach students to find “the means for constructing a more sensible and just world community,” as well as introducing “the law of the sea” concept – whereby the U.N. regulates the oceans and national sovereignty goes out the window.
  • Social justice activists who use math lessons to push propaganda about war spending, incarceration rates and AIDS spending.

Indoctrination not only exposes what is being taught, but who is writing and promoting this agenda. This book makes the case that student achievement is abysmal in many of the nation’s public schools, and time should not be wasted on politics. In some school districts, students are literally graduating without the ability to read – but they leave school knowing all about the evils of free enterprise and U.S. corporations. The book also provides a series of action steps and ideas that parents, taxpayers and elected officials can use to stem this growing problem in our schools.

It is long past time to clean out our school systems. Kyle OlsonEvery parent should read this book as should every patriot who cares about America’s future. If you give the Progressive’s the children, you cede to them the future. Our survival as a free, independent nation depends on our children and the values they are taught.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kyle Olson founded the Education Action Group, a Michigan-based non-profit organization that is dedicated to addressing the problems in our public education system. Kyle is a regular contributor to BigGovernment.com, TownHall.com and a frequent guest on talk radio, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, Fox Business Network, and NPR. His and EAG’s work has also been cited by the Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck.