The Aromas of Christmas

By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

Christmas time is when I’m prone to catching colds, this year being no different. My work takes me out in the elements and this past week we’ve had our share of damp and soggy air. Not complaining, after this year of drought we needed the rain. Monday, the symptoms started to appear, so we took steps to minimize the impact; lots of vitamin C, extra Zinc and Lucy’s magic box of essential oils. I don’t claim to know the names of these mysterious fluids, only that she applies some to the soles of my feet and around the base of my neck and instantly my breathing becomes more efficient. Remind me to avoid trips to Salem; last I heard they burned witches for this sort of thing.

“Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble…”

Lucy has a fancy diffuser machine for these same oils, a futuristic oblong thing which casts a pale blue light while operating. Small amounts of mist escape from the opening spreading a most enjoyable fragrance throughout the house. The properties of oils which make up the mist are supposed to kill viruses and germs. The best part of having the diffuser going may be how it makes the air smell like crushed Cedar or Juniper tree needles; pretty neat, since our Christmas tree comes in a box for easy storage and contains no aroma of its own.

This evening, Lucy will be in the kitchen with our granddaughter helping bake the last batch of gingerbread cookies, a family recipe that at one time was kept under lock and key. Some folks dream of waking up to a brand new car in the driveway, a huge red ribbon wrapped around it on Christmas morning; at least that’s what television commercials would have us believe. There’s nothing wrong with getting a new car, bicycle or even a genuine Red Rider BB Gun, but a tin filled with home made gingerbread cookies from this recipe is on top of my list. I could handle some dark chocolate, maybe some maple syrup candy to melt in my mouth and then, as I breathe out, carefully let the vapors circulate in the olfactory caverns for a second chance to enjoy the subtleties created by that confectionary delight. These varied aromas make Christmas a special time and me with a cold, go figure.

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