Moral Fracture Lines In The National Foundation

Guest Post
By: Phil Bertran

This is an attempt to raise awareness and make both subjects imminently relatable and understandable though they should be unpalatable and unconscionable to those exhibiting eternal vigilance.

If we’re honest with ourselves, can we not admit that have we have already been subjugated by our politicians and other elected officeholders and have been living under the meHEE’a (Mexi’a) for some 15-20 years or more?

Every legal citizen in this country has an inherent contract with the country. Its politicians are to be held responsible for their broken contract by their malfeasance and or corruption when they eventually perjure themselves having previously sworn an oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution and secure the borders from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Allowing the United Nations (Immigration Department – currently run by Muslims for the delivery and deployment of Muslims) to select and place which group of refugees are immigrated to which country, makes our politicians derelict in both regards, does it not?

Elitist talking heads continue offering the false premise that immigration just doesn’t matter – it’s way down on their list… shut up and vote for the one that can beat Obama.

There are millions of under-employed citizen-Americans that wish to inject a bit of plainspoken economics into the debate… it’s analogous to the recession/depression question: if your wages have been undercut by illegal aliens – you are in a depression.

Consider the continued wealth redistribution of allowing illegal aliens to undercut wages and the subsequent sending of billions of dollars out of the country. Are these legislators either not smart enough to comprehend this or are they simply complicit?

Is there any real honest attempt to get the newcomers to assimilate? Are they being encouraged or rewarded for NOT assimilating?

Should we not be wary of your kindergarten and first graders’ teachers and the seditious superintendants mandating the instruction of Spanish language ‘skills?’ What about Arabic? Would that create more teaching jobs? Would it make these future voters more “understanding” of amnesty legislation?

Is there somehow a bit of “racism” between Catholic illegal aliens and Islamic illegal aliens or illegal aliens in general?

Let’s compare the family reunification part of the current amnesty/asylum/forever visas and see how different that might be from tolerance for four wives producing 4-8 kids per wife – work that out for ten years and then forty years.

Also consider that for the first time in centuries of Mexican history the enormous increase in the number of beheadings of victims of thugs.

Easily more than one trillion of America’s wealth has been redistributed over the last ten years to reward illegal aliens with free education and healthcare ($126,000,000,000 in 2010). Several hundred million also went to help rebuild mosques last year, not including all the other rebuilding efforts (much of which is repeatedly blown up and rebuilt,) (plus the, what, 50-200 billion of cash that’s been stolen from the war effort with no accountability?).

Try this for subjugation:

– An east coast judge mandating 6 votes for every Hispanic vote.
– The tolerance for killing American soldiers by Muslims.
– The tolerance for killing American citizens by illegal aliens (avg. of 27 people every day).

– Latinos lower American flag at US Post Office and raise the Mexican flag… others trample said flag.
– Latino high school students threaten lives of “white” citizens for wearing US flag apparel at a May 5th event.

What could possibly be constitutional about this country’s subjugation to BOTH: the maHEE’a and Shari’a?

It is time to stop BOTH usurpations of American exceptionalism dead in their tracks,

Questions anyone? Because you’ll be vilified with slander that you’re a racist if you ask them.

But is this what 1.3 million of our troops died for?

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