Obama Giving GOP Big Target Above His Head in Sand

By: Jeffrey Klein, Political Buzz Examiner

The coordinated political assessment process used by the mainstream media never ceases to amaze, in its ever growing lack of professional integrity. In fact, the reporting has such a blatant Liberal [Democrat] bias, no one can tell the difference between the Journalists (if any remain), and the commentators, editorial writers and even “in-house political activists,” which now populate the payroll in most print, network and most cable news organizations.

Andrea Mitchell started a new round of this type of “commentporting” during a segment on the Iowa Caucuses for NBC Nightly News recently, wherein she said that “the rap” on Iowa was that “it doesn’t represent the rest of the country–too white, too evangelical, too rural,” according to video captured in a Real Clear Politics article.

NBC quickly felt obliged to “clarify” Ms. Mitchell’s statement, because it was being criticized as her “editorializing,” according to a Mediaite article from yesterday. Erika Masonhall, spokeswomen for NBC News said Mitchell was simply parroting what “others” had already said about Iowa.

Then, Bernie Goldberg, formerly with CBS News, but now a frequent guest on FOX’s Bill O’Reilly [Factor] Show, who last night said that…even though poorly worded, the [content] of Mitchell’s remarks were factually true.

But, then he quickly added, what if [she] made a remark about the upcoming South Carolina Primary, saying “it was too black,” and that it didn’t represent the population of the U.S. either?

Mitchell came under intense criticism after a June 5, 2008 appearance on MSNBC–during Barack Obama’s initial run for president–for referring to the voters of the southwest Virginia region as rednecks. She then apologized on June 9th–after giving her words enough time to sink in with the NBC viewers … “No excuses, I’m really sorry. As they say, when I make a mistake, it’s a beaut.”

Now, the morning after the Iowa Caucuses have closed and Gov. Mitt Romney took top prize by a mere 8 votes ahead of Rep. Rick Santorum, the Democrat spin machine is at full throttle–led by Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D), Chairwoman of the Democrat National Committee.

During a FOX and Friends interview this morning with Gretchen Carlson, Schultz said that the “fractious” field of GOP primary candidates was a sign of weakness in their contest to unseat President Obama–implying that there was not a single candidate yet, who stood tall enough above the rest, who could take down her hero.

As further evidence of conspiratory Liberal media bias, her exact comments became the narrative during the cacophony carried out this morning, by “talking [media] heads” all across America, who although physically separated by location were parroting Schultz by declaring …”GOP Primaries in chaos,” and “President Obama was the real winner in the Iowa caucus last night,” as though she had distributed the text of her morning interviews to them all–the night before.

It is clear that the Obama mainstream media army is falling into position for the push ahead, willing to risk every credential they have ever earned, to create a smoke screen around the factual record of his failed presidency, in an effort to aid his re-election hopes.

However, in reality, this is kind of like President Obama sticking his head in the sand, hoping that it will all “blow over,” unnoticed by the American voters and FOXNews.

What truly occurred in Iowa was not chaos, but an eager line up of fine Republican contestants, all of whom knew they could defeat the seriously wounded Obama–because anyone could hit the large, visible “target” he is providing…above his head in the sand.

Copyright (c) 2012 by Jeffrey Klein

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