By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Well, ICE surely screwed the pooch on the case of Jakadrien Lorece Turner. Jakadrien ran away from home in 2010 at the age of 14. She’s from Houston, TX where she lived with her mom and her step-father. Her grandmother and mother say that they were a very close family and they cannot figure out why she ran away. Her grades had been slipping and some of her privileges were taken away, so there may be a reason to be found there.

In 2011, Jakadrien was arrested for shoplifting in Houston, TX and at that time claimed to be someone she was not – Tika Lanay Cortez, a Colombian woman born in 1990. As I understand it, she claimed to be this woman who is a 22 year old illegal alien from Colombia. This is where you just can’t wrap your head around all this… ICE says they performed bio-metric tests on the girl matching her iris’, fingerprints and DNA to the illegal alien. Really? Seriously? I understand the girl kept insisting on the identity, but when the bio-metric info. didn’t match, did you just decide to lie to get this case off your desk or in fact, did you never perform the tests? Because it’s one of the two.

Obviously, you didn’t get any id off the girl, or if you did, you did not do your due diligence and verify the validity of it. She looks like a little girl, not a 22 year old. So what happened? She was deported to Colombia with the assistance of ICE, the State Department and the NSA. The NSA got her documents drawn up (obviously fake), so she could live and work there as a maid and at a call center, among other things.

According to the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the girl was enrolled in the country’s “Welcome Home” program after she arrived there. She was given shelter, psychological assistance and a job at a call center, a statement from the agency said. When the Colombian government discovered she was a U.S. citizen, it put her under the care of a welfare program, the statement said.


The Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Jakadrien was issued travel documents at the request of the U.S. National Security Agency and with information submitted by U.S. officials. Colombian officials are investigating what kind of verification was conducted by its Houston consulate to issue the temporary passport.

There was just one Fed here that was incompetent and screwed up, there was a whole chain of them. This girl would have disappeared if her grandmother had not become obsessed and demanded the Dallas Police Department find her. Which they did in conjunction with the Colombian government after looking for her for some time. She may be coming home soon after being down there for a year. She’s pregnant – that should be looked into, seriously. Even if it was consensual, she’s a minor. And the government is making noises of charging the child with claiming a false identity. Kids do stupid things, but evidently, ICE is even dumber and can’t do their job. They are great in letting illegal immigrants run rampant in our country breaking our laws etc., but they are Johnny On The Spot when it comes to deporting American citizens (especially minors).

I read some of the girl’s Facebook postings. Jakadrien seems to live in a fantasy land and may need psychological help. Recently, she has begged to come home. This whole time she has been working menial jobs and has not been in school. She is staying with God-knows-who and has been through the wringer. While ICE is deporting American citizens and displaying massive incompetence, I hope the girl’s family is retaining a great attorney who sues the government for all they are worth. This is one suit I could get behind in a heartbeat.