Barack Obama Muslim Brotherhood Aggregating your Facebook Posts Comments Likes?

By: Maggie Thornton
Maggie’s Notebook

It was brought to my attention yesterday that an official Muslim Brotherhood Facebook page, and an official Barack Obama campaign Facebook page are aggregating posts from other Facebook posters. We don’t know how this is happening technically without Facebook cooperating – at least I and some friends do not know. The glaring controversy is that the aggregations are all negative posts about Obama and about the Muslim Brotherhood. We have the U.S. regime and the Muslim Brotherhood members worldwide watching us, documenting us, and we cannot delete the posts from their Facebook pages. If you are someone who knows how this works, please enlighten me either in a comment or by email. The video below demonstrates the process.

Of the posts you see on the Muslim Brotherhood Friend Activity page, few if any chose to be a friend. On the Barack Obama Friend Activity page it may be the same since the articles are all negative, but perhaps some have friended just to know what BO is doing. See UPDATES below.

Grumpy Opinions has been digging in and has more information. The goal is to expose what is going on. The goal is to determine what we can do about this, either through protests or changing our Facebook privacy settings, if the option exists.

Questions: Is it dangerous? Why are they exposing our information to their own followers? Have you noticed this with any other sites, or is it just these two?

Bloggers, if you blog something about this and want to pass the info on in some way, I will link to you if you link this article. How many Facebook posters do not know they are quoted and featured on these two pages? Let’s make this go viral.

UPDATE 3:16 pm CDT: A commenter at Free Republic, wxgesr, says his company was asked to bid on software to accomplish what we are seeing. Read it here. The comment is timed at 15:15:23.

UPDATE 6:50 pm CDT: BeeSting at America Stands with Israel (see linked below) notified me at 4:14 pm today by email that the Muslim Brotherhood took down their symbol, the green circle seen above, from their page after I posted. Sure enough they did and my post is right there on top along with those who commented and “liked” it.

Linked by BeeSting at American Stand with Israel – THANK YOU!

Demo Video: Obama2012 and Muslim Brotherhood Aggregating Negative Posts About Them

12 thoughts on “Barack Obama Muslim Brotherhood Aggregating your Facebook Posts Comments Likes?

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  2. Thanks for posting this to spread the word about the evils of the MB, FB and of course the first muslim illegal alien potus!

    This was posted n several CJ sites, including mine.

    Thank you for Nosiyroom. You do an outstanding job!

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  4. It’s a trick. Someone has basically figured out how to filter your news feed to only show posts with certain keywords, and attach it to a “friend activity” page. When I go to these pages… I only see posts from my friends, that would show up on my news feed normally. It just filters out everything else except for posts relating to Obama.

    I guess it’s possible they’re using it as a tool to collect information… but I don’t see how it could be used maliciously. If they really could comb the entirety of Facebook and collect every post about Obama… it would be a massive amount of data.

  5. It’s not some Muslim or government plot you stupid luddites. With famous people, products, companies, etc. the “Friend Activity” page means YOUR friend’s activity. It’s showing you who of your friends have been talking about something so you can find common interest you idiots. Not everything is a conspiracy and I’m ashamed to see local politicians spreading this ignorance and stupidity.

  6. Not everything is a conspiracy but if you are not suspicious of anything connected to the Muslim Brotherhood you have a dangerous gullibility. They do want us to convert, be enslaved or killed. If they weren’t backed by big oil money they would just be a crackpot cult in the desert. As it is, every infidel’s life will be profoundly changed by them if not already. If we are being alerted to this danger by a quirk of FB fine.

  7. Go to their website, click on the date of the post you want to delete. In the upper righthand corner of the post this is a drop-down arrow, it will give you the option to delete the post.

  8. Gwen’s right & this does work but I don’t have the time to delete everything I’ve posted about this clown.

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