Glenn Beck’s Staff Threatened by Soros Operatives

By: Cliff Kincaid
America’s Survival, Inc.

We have just posted an explosive new development. Click on this link and spread the word. We have talked to a private investigator with dynamite inside information about what happened to Glenn Beck’s show on the Fox News Channel.

We understand why this is sensitive information for Beck and his personnel. We do not intend to put anyone in a difficult position. But this story goes far beyond Beck and what happened to his program. This is a matter of a pro-Marxist billionaire interfering with the First Amendment rights of the one major media company in the U.S. that has given conservatives a voice. In the case of Beck, he was the one major media personality to subject Soros to the scrutiny he deserves. We are talking about the public’s right to know. It was bad enough that Soros-funded groups put pressure on Beck’s advertisers and his employer, News Corporation, parent of the Fox News Channel. Now we find out that threats were made and that Beck feared for the safety of his employees. We launched to pick up where Beck left off. Now we are taking up the cause of seeing that he returns to Fox News.

Glenn Beck Staff Threatened by Soros Operatives

We understand why Beck would want to stay where he is, on Internet TV in the form of GBTV. He should not go back to Fox News unless they guarantee his safety and the security of his staff. But this can be done. This is a battle worth fighting. It will highlight what is happening during an election year when Soros is attempting to get his way and make sure his puppet, Barack Hussein Obama, gets another four years in the white House. The stakes are high.

This campaign will highlight how even the Fox News Channel has capitulated to the money power of George Soros.

Go to this article and read until the very end, where you will find contact information for News Corporation personnel, so that protests can be lodged over the treatment of Beck and his people and the cancellation of the Beck program. The only way to fix what has happened is to bring Glenn Beck’s show back on the Fox News Channel. This is the only way for the Fox News channel to remedy the problem.

Let me tell you something about the program, “The Five,” which replaced Beck’s. It features Democratic Party hack Bob Beckel, the extortion target in a prostitution scandal. Read the whole story in one of my old AIM columns here. Beckel was exposed in the media for hiring a prostitute and then getting blackmailed to keep it quiet.

For the documents in the case, please click here at the Smoking Gun website.

Bob Beckel is on the show that replaced Beck’s.

Can you believe that a sleaze like Beckel would replace Glenn Beck? Even the left-wing Politico has expressed alarm at some of the insults that Beckel spews on the air. But he says, “I’m a liberal and I can get away with this stuff.”

Let’s tell Fox News “enough is enough” and that we want them to “BRING BACK BECK.”

For America’s Survival,

Cliff Kincaid, President

4 thoughts on “Glenn Beck’s Staff Threatened by Soros Operatives

  1. Old news. Beck discussed this on radio and on his Foxnews shows in the fall of 2010. Perhaps Cliff needs to call Beck and find out why he left Foxnews.

    Anyone who listened to Beck on the radio and who watched Beck’s last few shows on Fox heard him say that “Soros, Media Matters etc would be begging for the day that he only had a 5pm show.”
    I hope you all are watching GBTV so that you know why.

  2. I don’t think Fox News will put Glenn back on when they don’t even care enough about their audience to air the investigation about the milk that causes cancer because they were threatened with a lawsuit from Monsanto the manufacture of the drug they put in the cows and milk.
    Afar as Beckel, having him on daily acting like a Liberal fool only gives the proof we need of how irrational and idiotic these Progressive Liberals truly are. I have yet to see any common sense come out of that man’s mouth. 

  3. If FOX had kept Beck, I personally would have muted that hour. For one, only once (may be mistaken) did I hear Beck give credit to Trevor Loudon and that was when he was handed Van Jones on a silver platter. Beck has lost all credibility as did Oprah…this is just another one of his antics to get his few followers in UT to stay on board. Cliff and Trevor are the forerunners in investigative journalism, we don’t need Beck and his two sidekicks.

    BTW…where was the media when Hannity (who was the first to expose Obama, Soros, Ayers, etc. on Hannity’s America, when he and his staff were threatened? Leave FOX alone and continue to give us the great quality of journalism that we look forward to.

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