Congressional Budget Office: Obama Put U.S. on ‘Deathbed’

By: Jeffrey Klein

A national debt level of $16.2 trillion, which is now greater than our annual GDP, is finally catching up with President Obama’s socialist agenda, the Democrat’s failure to pass a budget since 2007, and total blockage of serious entitlement, job creation and tax reforms in the Democrat-controlled Senate–before the U.S. bleeds to death.

The [non-partisan] Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Director Doug Elmendorf, leveled some very dire projections at lawmakers on Wednesday, during a meeting before the House Budget Committee on Capitol Hill.

He stated that economic growth will slow by next year [2013], and that unemployment will rise before the end of 2012, according to Jim Angle’s FOXNews article yesterday.

“The pace of the recovery has been slow since the recession ended two and a half years ago,” Elmendorf said. “And we project that it will continue to be slow for the next two years.”

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), the Chairman of the committee, called the forecasts “ominous, grim and alarming,” and … “will mark the fourth straight year of trillion-dollar deficits.”

“Trillions more dollars will be added to debt in the years ahead, putting a chilling effect on job creation today and committing the next generation to a diminished future,” he said.

Note: Democrats controlled Congress since January 2007–then added the White House in January 2009. For the next two years they had total control over the government and spending; and since January 2011, they still controlled the Senate and Obama’s veto.

Nonetheless, in typical Democrat fashion, Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), deflected Ryan’s reckoning, continuing in the attempt to absolve themselves from responsibility, as he repeated their worn out narrative … “deficits and growth would have been worse without President Obama’s stimulus plan. The Recovery Act did serve its purpose.”

The CBO believes that economic growth will be only 2 percent this year, and an anemic 1.1 percent next year, resulting in a projected election year unemployment rate increase from the present 8.5 percent to 8.9 percent or more by year end.

This information compelled Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA), to address the CBO director, by saying … “Let me ask you, are there more people working today, or fewer people working today, than at the — on inauguration day of 2009?”

“I believe the answer to that,” said Elmendorf, “is there are fewer people, congressman.”

The CBO estimates that unemployment will rise even higher in 2013, to 9.2 percent.

Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J), railed against Republicans, who he said only focus on cost cutting … “Because there are people here that want to destroy the government, that it has no responsibility and it can’t live up to the obligations.”

That is true; the United States cannot meet the future entitlement obligations as they are now designed–no matter how high income tax rates would be raised.

The primary factor driving the explosive expansion for entitlement spending is the retirement of ‘Baby Boomers,” who are do so at a rate of about 10,000 per day–which directly affects the two largest entitlement programs–Social Security and Medicare.

Elmendorf explained that “the fundamental fiscal challenge during this decade and beyond remains the aging of the population and rising costs for health care. The number of people aged 65 or older will increase by one-third in the coming decade, substantially raising the costs of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.”

In addition, he said, the new federal health care overhaul [“Obamacare”], will significantly increase the number of non-elderly people receiving assistance, through federal health care programs, such as Medicaid.

President Barack Obama and the Democrats must truly be experts in “audacity,” for them to publicly continue to skewer hospitals, healthcare professionals and insurance companies for the exponential increases in healthcare costs–while “Obamacare” mandated every company to provide birth-control and abortions to their employees.

Especially the many that are owned and operated by the Catholic Church.

As 27 percent of voters are Catholic, and with the church about to spend tens of millions of dollars railing against it all over the world–perhaps Obama’s folly will actually turn out to be a true “blessing in disguise,” come November.

Copyright (c) 2012 by Jeffrey Klein


Do You Remember January 3, 2007 – Five Years On?

1389 Blog

Do You Remember January 3, 2007 – Five Years On?

This message has been making the rounds of the Internet. While the original author is unknown, the timeline and the facts are accurate and easily verified.
Please email, tweet, post on Facebook or on your own blog!

This is just a history lesson. I am sending it to all regardless of party. It is history and nothing can change it. All Americans should pass this on to everyone in their database. Both parties need to cut expenses, both parties have some blame, but this is truly what happened and Americans need to wake up and take our country back in 2012!!


The day the Democrats took over was not January 22nd 2009, it was January 3rd 2007, the day the Democrats took over the House of Representatives and the Senate, the start of the 110th Congress. The Democratic Party gained a majority in both chambers for the first time since the end of the 103rd Congress in 1995.

For those who are listening to the liberals propagating the fallacy that everything is “Bush’s Fault,” think about this:

January 3rd, 2007, the day the Democrats took over the Senate and the Congress:

  • The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77
  • The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5%
  • The Unemployment rate was 4.6%
  • George Bush’s Economic policies SET A RECORD of 52 STRAIGHT MONTHS of JOB CREATION!

Remember that day…

January 3rd, 2007 was the day that Barney Frank took over the House Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking Committee.

The economic meltdown that happened 15 months later was in what part of the economy?


THANK YOU DEMOCRATS (especially Barney) for taking us from 13,000 DOW, 3.5% GDP and 4.6% Unemployment…to this CRISIS by (among MANY other things) dumping 5-6 TRILLION Dollars of toxic loans on the economy from YOUR Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac FIASCOES!

(BTW: Bush asked Congress 17 times to stop Fannie & Freddie – starting in 2001 because it was financially risky for the US economy). Barney blocked it and called it a “Chicken Little Philosophy” (and the sky did fall!)

And who took the THIRD highest pay-off from Fannie Mae AND Freddie Mac? OBAMA

And who fought against reform of Fannie and Freddie?
OBAMA and the Democrat Congress, especially BARNEY!!!!

So when someone tries to blame Bush…

Bush may have been in the car but the Democrats were in charge of the gas pedal and steering wheel they were driving the economy into the ditch.

Budgets do not come from the White House. They come from Congress and the party that controlled Congress since January 2007 is the Democratic Party.

Furthermore, the Democrats controlled the budget process for 2008 & 2009 as well as 2010 & 2011.

In that first year, they had to contend with George Bush, which caused them to compromise on spending, when Bush somewhat belatedly got tough on spending increases. Bush should have vetoed every bill that came in front of his desk!

For 2009 though, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid bypassed George Bush entirely, passing continuing resolutions to keep government running until Barack Obama could take office. At that time, they passed a massive omnibus spending bill to complete the 2009 budget.

And where was Barack Obama during this time? He was a member of that very Congress that passed all of these massive spending bills, and he signed the omnibus bill as President to complete 2009. Let’s remember what the deficits looked like during that period:

If the Democrats inherited any deficit, it was the 2007 deficit, the last of the Republican budgets. That deficit was the lowest in five years, and the fourth straight decline in deficit spending. After that, Democrats in Congress took control of spending, and that includes Barack Obama, who voted for the budgets.

If Obama inherited anything, he inherited it from himself.

In a nutshell, what Obama is saying is, “I inherited a deficit that I voted for,
And then I voted to expand that deficit four-fold since January 20th, 2009.”

There is no way this will be widely publicized unless each of us passes it on.

“The problems we face today exist because the people who WORK for a living are outnumbered by those who VOTE for a living.”


Communist Leader, on Moving the US to Socialism

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Tedium alert, but you should endure watching this to see how the opposition thinks.

In this 33-minute video, Communist Party USA Chair Sam Webb presents “Foundations of Marxist methodology: How to make change and win millions to socialism in the American political, social and economic framework.”

Recorded during a 2011 seminar in Los Angeles on Marxism, this “video is an excellent tool for CPUSA and YCL members, friends and collectives to discuss and deepen understanding of Marxist methodology.”

Pretty mundane presentation style, but Sam Webb makes it very clear that the party continues to see Barack Obama and the Democrats as allies on the road to socialism.