Egypt – State of the Nation

By: Ashraf Ramelah
Voice of the Copts

  • Pipelines blown up, no gas sales toIsrael
  • Reserves down from 18 to 5 million
  • European lenders requesting stability
  • Tourism, almost non-existent
  • American NGO’s on trial
  • Illegal Muslim Brotherhood under a new name elected to Parliament

New Clashes between Military and Freedom-Fighters

Five straight days of uprisings in Cairo by protesters occurred in response to the massacre at Port Said Stadium last week. Once again, Tantawi inhumanity leads to three protesters’ brutal murders by military armored vehicles crushing bodies.

Egyptians face Evil and possible Civil War

The Army, charged with protecting the country and its people, is sparking a civil war in order to grant itself permanent power.

Potential Spark for Martial Law

Fans of the Egyptian soccer team from Cairo created an anti-Tantawi protest inside the stadium — all seats were empty of high ranking military officials with no VIP’s in attendance – when pro-Mubarak thugs attacked the protesters in a bloody fight, leaving 75 dead and hundreds wounded. This is likely part of an orchestrated plan by the military aimed at instituting martial law and keeping the military in a position to rule the country.


From the moment of the Egyptian uprising one year ago leading to Mubarak’s removal, the military, in an abuse of power and position, stepped up to rule the country. The powerful military council, headed by Mr. Tantawi, sought to protect its own interests in connection with the deposed Mubarak regime (a regime which in effect began with the military coup of 1952) and remains indistinguishable from it.

Many Egyptian Copts and liberal Muslims distrusted the promises and stated intentions of the military as head of Egypt. Soon after Mubarak’s forced removal, the military failed to protect the citizenry or follow their aspirations for change.

Tantawi Tactics

When Tantawi took power, his tactics demonstrated that his primary goal was to protect elements of the old regime and to solidify the power of the military council, including his own position. For this reason, he instigated acts of violence against innocent people and institutions – charging camels into protesters and burning the scientific Institute of Cairo.

Tantawi and his military tanks mowed down Copts protesting peacefully inTahrir Squareand has done nothing to halt the continued raiding, looting and killing of Copts – destroying homes, churches, and businesses.

Parliamentary Elections — a Fraud

In the recent parliamentary elections, the military gave their blessing to the electoral fraud allowing Salafi and the Muslim Brotherhood to win a fake election that now grants these illegal factions the political power to create a state within the state.

Egypt’s constitution states that no political party can be religious which automatically rules out Salafi and Muslim Brotherhood parties; however, they are now in power.

Tantawi keeps former Mubarak Regime alive

Finally, in what seems to be a brutal act of revenge, Tantawi unleashed his henchmen against soccer fans in the Port Saidstadium as payback for protests against military aggression.

Voice of the Copts strongly condemns this latest attack and the false information issued by Tantawi’s military regime in response to it.

Tantawi and all other members of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces must be judged by the international community and come before the International Criminal Court.

Heading toward Civil War in Egypt

Out of the confusion of Egypt’s current events comes a clear signal that Egypt is heading toward civil war (induced by its own military) that could soon potentially cost millions of innocent lives.

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