“Julian Assange: Whistleblower or Spy for Moscow?”

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks fame, claims to hate secrecy and corruption wherever it may be found.

However his WikiLeaks revelations have mainly worked against the interests of Washington and in favor of Moscow.

Is this deliberate?

My new report “Julian Assange: Whistleblower or Spy for Moscow?” attempts to shed light on this question.

Yevgeny Bazhanov, vice chancellor of research and international relations at the Foreign Ministry’s Diplomatic Academy in Moscow. He has written openly and favorably about Assange in Moscow Times:Now, in the 21st century, we have WikiLeaks founded by anarchist and anti-imperialist Julian Assange who is driven by a hatred for capitalism and the United States. In the modern age of the Internet, Kalashnikovs and dynamite are no longer necessary to try to overthrow the enemy. Modern technology and outstanding hacking skills allow anarchists to help weaken the United States, the citadel of capitalism…

Undoubtedly, WikiLeaks delivered a heavy blow to the United States.

First, it showed the world that U.S. diplomats might smile to your face while they sharpen their knives behind your back. Second, WikiLeaks exposed the vulnerability of the world’s most powerful country. Seasoned spies used to hunt for years for a single page of classified information, but WikiLeaks and its alleged main leaker, U.S. Private Bradley Manning, in one fell swoop scored more than 500,000 classified and secret U.S. military and diplomatic documents. Third, the leaks will surely discourage the world from dealing candidly with the United States.

For the full 34 page report, go here.


Obama’s ‘Compromised’ Attack on the First Amendment

By: Frank Hyland
Gulag Bound

Compromise? Think so? Think again.

Frank Hyland

Photo attributed to Reuters

In issuing its latest controversial decree from on high – this one on contraception – the Obamanation has clearly, publicly, and intentionally crossed a line.  When it tells Roman Catholic institutions that they must provide contraceptives, what they are really telling Roman Catholics is that they must change their beliefs that the church has held for centuries.  Alternatively, the church can continue to believe that contraception is wrong, but provide the products and processes anyway, remaking itself into the same kind of two-faced entity exemplified by the Obamanation.

Understand, please, that the issue here is not contraception; nor is it the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church.  It is critical to see through the hyperbolic fog surrounding this and get to the essence:  the Obamanation feels comfortable in decreeing to We The People what we can and must believe regardless of the issue of the day.  Whether you are a practicing, devout Roman Catholic or an Atheist, whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, the Executive Branch of your U.S. Federal Government has entered onto a slope that is slippery beyond what you can imagine.  Why?  Because the legal system in this country is based in large part on the principle of “precedent.”  That is, if the Obamanation assault on what you believe or don’t believe is not put out of its misery in its infancy, it will be used to extend the number and nature of White House decrees with increasing frequency.

What’s next?  Have plenty of paper and pens available when you begin your list because this tack the administration is taking is so fundamental that it can and will be applied across the board in the future.  Prefer incandescent light bulbs?  Legal immigration?  Jobs rather than handouts?  The historically standard marriage?  School systems that teach?  Right to Work laws?  Menu choices that you make? Taxation policy?  A Constitution that is observed?  The list goes on endlessly.  Just fill in the blank and save yourself lots of paper and ink.

There will be disagreement with my assertion, no doubt.  Some will scoff at the idea that the policy on contraception can and will be extended to other, seemingly unrelated issues if it is not stifled.  Remember though, this is the same alleged president who criticized the U.S. Supreme Court in front of the entire country during a State of the Union speech and has now begun the same kind of Super PAC he criticized in that speech, the same alleged president who promised “Shovel-Ready” jobs.  Numerous other examples abound in the relatively brief history of this administration.

Finally, at least for this column, the White House statement on its claim to have “conceded” to the firestorm of objections is another glaring falsehood.  The statement claims that it will not force the church to provide contraceptive services to church employees.  Instead, it will force the church’s insurance companies to pay for such procedures and supplies.  To begin with, even if it is implemented, such a measure would be done in the name of the church, thereby nullifying this “concession-in-name-only.”

And how could the administration possibly think that the insurance companies would provide such services and not charge the church?

The answer is:  Think again.  The Obamanation believes that everyone – the church in this case – will just love to believe one thing and act in a contrary manner because that is the way that this White House operates.


Is Speaker Boehner Making a Deal with the Obama Administration on Fast & Furious?

By: Sher Zieve
Gulag Bound

There is a story quickly spreading on the Internet advising that Speaker of the House John Boehner is making or has already made a deal with the Obama Administration to end Chairman Darrell Issa’s investigation of the DOJ’s Fast & Furious debacle.  This investigation began when it was learned that the US Attorney General Eric Holder had ostensibly supported and been behind the supplying of US guns–including large numbers of assault weapons–to the Mexican drug cartel; the Sinaloa cartel in particular.

After multiple ATF whistleblowers came out about it, it was also learned that US gun shops had been forced by the ATF and DOJ to sell guns to the cartels, under the orders of those US governmental organizations.  The Obama administration did not track them and one of these guns was identified as having been used by a drug cartel member in the murder of US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.  Others have been responsible for at least hundreds of Mexican citizen deaths.  Therefore, I called Speaker Boehner’s office.

After speaking with a Boehner Aide who advised me “there’s no truth to that [story]” I was referred to Speaker Boehner’s Press Secretary Michael Steel who stated:  “Such speculation is absurd and untrue. The Speaker appreciates the hard work that Chairman Issa and many others have done to expose this scandal. President Obama’s Department of Justice needs to be accountable.”  Thank you Mr. Steel.  In saner and less corrupt times, this statement would settle the matter.  However…

The problem I have is that, in the past, Speaker Boehner said that he would not authorize another stimulus package…but, he did.  Then, he said that he would not authorize the raising of the US debt limit unless and until major spending cuts were made.  I believe he told Rush Limbaugh just that on Rush’s Radio show.  But, then Boehner turned around and did authorize raising the debt and there was only the pretense of any cuts, with no real ones being made.

The real issue We-the-People have is that there does not seem to be anyone in politics today 13 February 2012 who appears to have any ethics–let alone moral fiber–whatsoever.  Most of them now rather routinely and cavalierly tell us one thing, when they appear to need to do so, and then do just the opposite.  This behavior used to be the bastion of the Democrat Left and Obama has created a “new normal” with his usage of it.  However, it has increasingly (over the last several years) become a normal work product for Republicans, also.  So, please don’t consider it to be “absurd” when we ask.  We are asking because, politicians have let us down and stretched the truth to the breaking point too many times in the past.  We want to believe what you say but, can only do so if you have the courage and honor to stand up for telling and promoting the truth.  And, nowadays, there is more than the usual lack of truth in Washington D.C. as well as an extraordinary dearth of cojones.

Only time will tell if Boehner is to regain said honor.  But, we potential slaves may not have that kind of time left to us.

“A double minded man is unstable in all his ways”–James 1:8.

Family Of Agent Killed By ‘Fast And Furious’ Rifle Demands Accountability:
at npr.org

Boehner Releases GOP Plan To Raise The Debt Limit
at articles.businessinsider.com

Sher Zieve is an author and political commentator. Zieve’s op-ed columns are widely carried by multiple internet journals and sites, and she also writes hard news.

Her columns have also appeared in The Oregon Herald, Dallas Times, Sacramento Sun, in international news publications, and on multiple university websites. Sher is also a guest on multiple national radio shows.

Sher can be reached at [email protected].

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The Audacity of a “Bystander” President’s Budget

By: Jeffrey Klein

When President Obama announced that the submission of his budget would be delayed by 10 days, in order to work out some final details–many, rightfully expected the true reason was to run it through the “smoke and mirrors” machine again–and they were substantially correct.

This is supported by the fact that Obama chose to introduce his budget to America in an address to students at Northern Virginia Community College, who know little if anything about the current state of affairs in Washington, D.C., but are still a rich source of voters for him–because they repeat phrases well, are driven by hormones and do not ask any prying questions.

But, just to be safe, he came baring gifts tailor-made to his audience, in the form of a brand new $8 billion government program labeled, “Community College to Career Fund,” to help forge new partnerships between community colleges and businesses, with the stated goal of training two million workers for good-paying jobs in high-growth, high-demand industries such as health care, transportation and advanced manufacturing, according to FOXNews article today.

As to the voracity of the promises above, do the famous historical Obama promises “shovel ready jobs, unemployment won’t exceed 8 % and, and jobs are my number one priority,” ring a bell?

Regardless, just like his equally appalling FY 2011 budget, not even the still Democrat-controlled Senate will pass his 2013 budget–because it raises spending, creates the fourth nearly trillion dollar deficit in a row, and raises taxes on job creators.

However, most [cowardly] lacking are any substantive entitlement program reforms—which, at 40 percent of our budget, are the largest financial problems we face…threatening a us with a European style debt crisis.

Students should not feel singled out as victims of false Obama promises, as he is placing the entire country in jeopardy with his farcical budget; and the statement they released this morning—is itself, the epitome of audacity.

“We must transform our budget from one focused on speculating, spending and borrowing to one constructed on the solid foundation of educating, innovating and building.”


Could this be referring to Obama’s “clean energy/jobs programs” like Solyndra Solar, where they spent approximately $446,000 creating each of the 1,200 jobs, but then went bankrupt after just 18 months–with no recovery in sight for our $535 million in Energy Department loan guarantees?

At last count, there were approximately $17 billion worth of these investments, with about 10 percent of them already bankrupt, or on the verge—with no hope of recovery, or [lasting] green job creation.

However, not wanting to risk any impediments to reelection, millionaire investors in the project, like George Kaiser–a big Obama campaign bundler, had their $75 million investment in the company given a superior creditor position to that of the U.S. (against the law) through a last minute refinance.


Could this be referring to Obama growing the size of the U.S. government by 24 percent since his inauguration–creating more dependent Democrat voters who belong to the public unions?

How about the $800 billion stimulus package, which passed without a single Republican vote, which had no affect on the unemployment rate, that rose from 8% to a peak of over 10%, then level off at 9%–because it was used primarily to back-stop failing states and municipalities, to save public [Democrat] union jobs, pension funds and healthcare?


This must refer to the fact that during Obama’s first three years in office, he created more national debt than every single President, in every single term, before him, since George Washington–it stood at approximately $9.6 trillion, and whose limit was recently raised to $16.2 trillion?


Then why did President Obama refuse to approve the $7 billion Keystone Pipeline Extension project under review since 2008, which would have immediately created 20,000 high-paying, “shovel ready” jobs?

Because he didn’t want to lose the campaign contributions and enthusiastic support of his environmental extremist voting base in an election year, by approving a fracking shale oil project, totally funded by profit-making private industry.

No worries, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been in China, calling President Obama’s bluff, by securing billions of dollars in Chinese investment equity on oil, uranium and natural gas resource development, to supply China’s growing need–taking that volume of oil off the open market and away from U.S. refining and consumption.

Obviously, President Barack Obama would prefer to spend $8 billion in taxpayer money for a future impact, government-controlled, [liberal] education-influenced student development program, versus an immediate impact, from a $7 billion private sector “big oil” project that creates jobs right now—without any government money or control.

This kind of conflict between word and deed may be what recently compelled New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to label President Barack Obama a “bystander president,”—because the Obama administration frames failures and mistakes as though they were absent from Washington, D.C. as it all took place.

Copyright (c) 2012 by Jeffrey Klein



By: Dave Logan

This week in Andrea Shea King’s WND column, Surfin’ Safari, Andrea leads off with how your government can’t help itself when it comes to influencing and eventually controlling the Internet.

No matter how much we tell the government to keep its grimy, little bureaucratic hands off the Internet, they continue their attempts to influence it through proposed government programs and taxation.

This story and much more in this week’s Surfin’ Safari, by Andrea Shea King.