A View of History in General

Hello my fellow NoisyRoom friends… how are you? I am right now at work typing this article up, off the cuff tonight.

As I’m in the middle of reading Larry Schweikart’s, What Would The Founders Say?, it hit me… How many times has American history repeated itself because we have short memories or that the people in power get lazy and forget it? Or… that history is covered up or simply not convenient to teach because of an agenda?

The most recent exsample of this was when the 10th anniversary of September 11th, 2001 and the New York City attacks came around. The internet was nearly overloaded with both requests by high school and college aged kids asking about Sept 11th, bin Laden, the Taliband and other historical points. They didn’t know what all the fuss was about and this is from just 10 years ago!

I have reprinted copies of two standard school textbooks that were a must read in order to go up a grade. The book titles are The Lives of The Signers and The Wives of The Signers. These two history books were the standard for testing in basic elementry school. The only reason I have these reprints is because of a man named David Barton who owns WallBuilders. David found a warehouse full of these books and they were in bad shape. He found out the school system itself stopped teaching from these books by the 1920s and both books were originally printed in the late 1800s. So he got premission to reprint these and sell them. With this bit of information, I discovered my own father and mother were never shown this book ever. These days, schools at all levels would rather you feel good about just showing up instead of learning about Thomas Jefferson.

Now, let’s look at how the dunderhead in Washington D.C. forgets history and/or what the founding fathers were trying to tell them. The first example is President Andrew Jackson… the first president to start pushing the native tribes off their own land. Most of the founding fathers had good relations with the friendly tribes and many of them had great lifelong friends among them. Even a section of the Constitution states that we should continue commerace with the tribes and basicly it said they were to be left alone. But Andrew Jackson ignored all of this for a divine right to do whatever he wanted and forgot what his predesseors had incouraged.

By the time the last of the founding fathers had died, there was a so-called Progressive Movement in play by the late 1800s to progress beyond the “old and outdated” Constitution. Then there’s the forgotten experiment of communism in James Town in 1611 which proved that socialism/communism both fails and kills more people than cancer. We should not forget the Democratic Party’s role in not wanting freed up black American slaves to vote Republican, to honor a Republican president that helped them or to have them armed to defend themselves against the southern Democrats who supported the KKK and lynch mobbings.

Now, let’s look into the current president of the United States. Let me state something here and now… I don’t object to Obama on his race. That’s just stupid. I oppose him because of his policies and ideas. This president is a very smart guy in many ways, but is dangerously naive in many other areas. He is making the same mistakes that Woodrow Wilson, FDR and Jimmy Carter made and is doing the same thing they all did. Because he forgets history he will pay the price.