Obama’s “Anything But Oil” Energy Plan Strangling Dems Reelection Bids

By: Jeffrey Klein

In an extraordinary flash of brilliance, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) came up with the remarkable idea of having the Saudi’s step up their production of oil to staunch the relentless rise in gas prices at the pump–which are hitting his very vocal (some say whiny) constituents the hardest–distracting him from an otherwise quiet, do nothing day in the U.S. Senate.

Earlier this week, Schumer bravely sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D), urging her department to convince Saudi Arabia to increase their [oil] production, according to a FOXNews article today.

“While Iran plays games with [its’] oil production, to punish the international community for holding them accountable for their rush to develop nuclear weapons, Saudi Arabia has the capacity to blunt Iran’s influence by increasing its production levels to capacity,” Schumer said in a written statement.

And in a move that leaves Schumer’s temerity for dead, the Iranians have stepped up their ‘counter-insurgency’ oil game against the U.S. and world oil markets, without leaving their desk, as reported in Dunstan Prial’s FOXNews article yesterday.

The Iranian government simply posted a glaringly graphic “Breaking News” item on its’ Press TV website–a 24-hour news channel owned by Iranian government–declaring “Oil Prices Hit 10-month High after oil pipelines exploded in the east of Saudi Arabia.”

As a result, oil surged above $110 a barrel in after-hours trading Thursday.

Once the news item was discovered by the Saudis, their officials issued a statement around 4 p.m. EST saying the report was untrue, calming the already jittery oil market.

Even though Chuck Schumer doesn’t really care about what is happening in the rest of the world, or for that matter even the rest of the United States, he does care about his 19,465,197 constituents becoming outraged by the fact that as of Wednesday, February 29th, the average price of gasoline in New York state blew past the $4 per gallon mark, unabated.

Both parties have stressed the importance of weaning the U.S. off foreign oil–but how that is accomplished illustrates the polar opposite views of reality between Democrats and Republicans.

Democrats desperately want to accelerate the use of non-fossil fuel energy and have focused on it to the exclusion of domestic oil production–and any sitting U.S. president that tells you different either doesn’t know…or he’s lying.

Take for example the testimony of Secretary of Energy, Stephen Chu, this past Tuesday, when Rep. Alan Nunnelee (R-MS), asked Chu … “Is the overall goal to get our price of gasoline down?”

Chu replied, “No, the overall goal is to decrease our dependency on oil, to build and strengthen our economy,” according to Mike Emmanuel’s FOXNews article this past Wednesday.

In stark contrast, the Republicans focus on the reality that the majority of the world runs on fossil fuels, and that will not change for many generations. And, dependence on foreign oil can only be eliminated by increasing domestic production right here within our own borders–beginning right now.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) captured the parallel universe perspective of Democrats when he said … “They seem determined to undertake policies that actually drive up the price of oil and gasoline because of their hope that we will somehow live in a world where only solar panels and wind turbines are necessary.”

The mainstream media has been desperately trying to carry the water for President Obama–mainly by not investigating the efficacy of his “all of the above” energy plan. However, it is becoming “heavy water,” as the administration nuclear reactor goes “red-line critical;”overloaded by constantly having to pushback against common sense, fact and economic reality.

A certain, rich irony comes from imaging President Barack Obama shouting his baseless, anti-oil rhetoric, while standing on top of his growing, billion dollar pile of failed solar panel companies, which rings loudly that what he is really selling is an “Anything but Oil” energy policy.

Copyright (c) 2012 by Jeffrey Klein

One thought on “Obama’s “Anything But Oil” Energy Plan Strangling Dems Reelection Bids

  1. How ironic. Thanks T. America just posted a Historic Thirteen Year Record, in the level of consumption of gasoline. The traders that feed Oil Fears through Hormuz promote this, thus their collective, (also to imply collusion) strategy to decieve and maniplate the contractual price of delivery of a tanker(s). If the amount of paper that is traded and owned by “Speculators” black pools or public entities, were to be forced into receivership we would not have enough ships to transport it. Currently their are about 80 HUGE Tankers just floating, filled with Oil, bought for xyz, hoping to sell it for XYZ. Their is no shortage of oil, but the trap just closed and now their will be a race to see who can get out first. Oil should truthfully be trading at about $60.00 a barrel, if it reflected demand. Their was a recent push to have the government intervene on these persons that continually push up the false floor of the price of oil, but all those with billions at stake, just sent K-Street to DC and convinced Congress their intervention of oversite wasn’t needed. Now why does that leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling? “We’re always happy to accept campaing contributions and listen to the knowledgeable industry lobbyists’ view; but in the end, we always vote solely on principle”. FYI their ‘Principle’ depends on the size of the check. Thus an observation, my ahhhaaa moment. What is the difference between an onion, and a lobbyist? When I cut up an onion I cry!

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