President Obama: America’s Best Gun Salesman and the True Racist Roots of Gun Control

By: Jay Loeffers

Good afternoon my NoisyRoom brothers and sisters! I am going to be writing about gun ownership, racism and Obama’s gun salesmanship. Just recently, the president of the United States was voted the best “Gun salesman of the year,” for a second year in a row. How is this possible? I thought Obama was to be the most peaceful president in recent history and would save us from each other? Let’s look into the government views on gun control and the recent gun industry’s sales numbers from the past year.

I have heard over the years from people that they are trying to take all the guns away from us and the government is ALL ANTI-GUN. Well, let’s take a step back and look at this statement with a different viewpoint.

The Government is all anti-gun: this can’t be true. You know why? The government has 80% of its employees issued firearms of one type or another. The U.S. military has the largest small arms contracts of any government body. For crying out loud! Both the IRS and the damned EPA have SWAT teams (heaven forbid you fart on the nearly endangered spotted squirrel frog – the EPA SWAT teams will get you for weapons of mass destruction on a frog).

So, it seems the government is not all out anti-gun. It would appear that they are against YOU, Joe Plumber, owning and having fun with guns and defending yourself. There is a town in Georgia where it’s against the law not to own guns and to not have them in the house. In my town in Idaho, you can buy guns out of the town paper, we can own suppressors, machine guns (pre-1968 – with the right ATF paperwork – always follow the laws) and what’s so ironic is that Coeur d’Alene has the lowest violent crime rate compared to my birthplace of Fresno, California and next door in Spokane, Washington. In these cities, they have had two murdered families, bomb scares, people gunned down by law enforcement and all this in just the last year. AN ARMED SOCIETY, IS A POLITE SOCIETY.

Let’s look at Obama’s success as a gun salesman and the gun industry’s sales numbers. So, Obama was to be America’s savior of America from Americans. How is that working out? We have had 3 years of Obama supporting violent anti-American and anti-capitalist riots and protests. Illegal immigration is worse than ever with the drug cartels and terrorists pouring into the U.S. in droves and getting free medical care, while setting up shop in the border towns at will. Looking at FAST AND FURIOUS, those lost guns have done an excellent job of killing dedicated border agents and other friendlies. So, America… do you feel protected by President Obama? Or do you feel you need to take your protection and liberty into your own hands?

Now, for the sales numbers… last year Ruger sales doubled. Remington Ammo hit $150 million. Kel-Tec is now the 3rd largest gun maker in America. They can’t keep up with the demand. Most people are waiting 6 months to a year just for their PMR-30 and SUB-2000 products. Cabela’s is now so busy in my own town that they have to use the old school number ticket system at the gun counter. P.F.I. – I am a mail order customer of theirs and they have had to back order all of their Condor tactical clothes. During the month of December last year, there were a reported 1.8 million NICS background checks.

Now, for the roots of gun control history. So, does anybody know when the first gun control law was passed?

It was not the National Firearms Act of 1934 by FDR after the St. Valentine’s Day shootings. The first laws were passed just after the Civil War ended and after the black slaves were freed. The local Democratic Party in several parts in the South, didn’t want them to defend themselves against the newly formed and Democratic-supported Klu Klux Klan. I mean really, Democrats! That sounds, I don’t know, just a little racist of you. These newly freed Americans were not even allowed to carry knives. They could be lynched at will. Oh yes, thanks for the mass murder at Fort Pillow, Nathan Bedford Forrest.

It’s also a known fact that one of the first things Hitler did was to disarm the population, so they could not defend themselves.

So, with all of the peace and love being passed around by Obama and his fellow Peaceniks, the Occupy Movement, I feel so warm and fuzzy on the inside. Here’s a question… why are there over 100 million gun owners and only 10 million NRA members? That’s a bad ratio of inaction. If the founding fathers were all alive today and we wanted to talk to them about guns and ammo, as well as gun ownership, you would find them at your local gun range checking out the 1911-A1, the AK-47 and the H & K MP-5 – having a blast!

If you want my files on gun ownership history, e-mail me at [email protected]. Thank you.

Jay Loeffers – 03/06/2012

One thought on “President Obama: America’s Best Gun Salesman and the True Racist Roots of Gun Control

  1. REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS ARE ALL PLAYING BALL TOGETHER. That’s why they’re not impeaching Obalmy. The vast majority of our “representatives” belong to America’s one party system, that party being the Council On Foreign Relations, America’s shadow government (learn more these judeo-communsts at

    Fax or email your Congressman and Senator today, and order them to begin impeachment proceedings against Obalmy whose come closer to Hitler than any President we’ve had. He’s a threat to our very way of life. Hitler rammed through the Enabling Act; Obalmy just did the same thing – only he called his version The Detainee Security Act. Hitler then declared martial law, outlawed all rival political parties, and began murdering or jailing everybody who spoke out against him. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, DICTATORSHIP? IMPEACH OBALMY!

    DEAN BERRY MINISTRIES: “When the government outlaws ‘terrorism’, it’s planning something for which ‘terrorism’ is the only recouse. Obviously.”

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