NYT/CBS Poll: Obama crashed–in ICU on Life Support

By: Jeffrey Klein

There is a very good chance that President Barack Obama did not want to get out of bed this morning–no doubt–after having likely received a heads up about the revelations that emerged from the most recent New York Times/CBS political poll.

Historically a very liberal haven of hope–but, now the cat is out of the bag.

Stephanie Condon’s article yesterday in CBS News Political Hotsheet, wasted no words in getting right down to business, … “President Obama’s approval rating has hit the lowest level ever in CBS News polling … Just 41 percent of Americans approve of the job Mr. Obama is doing as president … Another 47 percent disapprove of his performance–up from 41 percent last month.”

“Mr. Obama’s approval rating was 50 percent last month.”

Even Jim Ruttenberg and Marjorie Connelly’s NYT article yesterday, which was the most forgiving toward the president, must have been to be grueling to read.

“Despite improving job growth and an extended Republican primary fight dividing his would-be opponents, President Obama is heading into the general election season on treacherous political ground …”

“At a time of rising gas prices, heightened talk of war with Iran and setbacks in Afghanistan, Mr. Obama’s approval rating dropped substantially in recent weeks … with 41 percent … expressing approval … and 47 percent saying they disapprove — a dangerous position for any incumbent seeking re-election.”

“The poll provides a statistical reminder of how unsettled and unpredictable this year’s political landscape remains. Just one month ago, Mr. Obama reached a critical benchmark by winning approval from 50 percent of Times/CBS News poll respondents, his re-election prospects lifting along with confidence that the nation was finally emerging from the aftermath of the Great Recession.”

However, digging into the numbers further reveals that President Obama and his crack Chicago campaign team have seriously failed in their ceaseless attempts to lead the American people off the scent of the economy and jobs, which are, by far, the two most important and unchanged [campaign] issues, at 26% and 25% respectively…versus healthcare (Obamacare), which fell from 12% at the beginning of his presidency, to just 3 percent now.

Amazingly, with 13% of the respondents identifying themselves as “Hispanic,” only 1% said that “Immigration” was the most important issue in the election.

When asked about the “Condition of the Economy,” 45% responded that it was “fairly bad”, followed by another 30% who said it was “very bad”–only 1% believed it was “very good.”

Not unexpectedly, 54% disapproved of Obama’s handling of the economy, while just 39% approved–like the economy, these readings are virtually unchanged from the November 2010 period poll results from this source.

“Are you better off now than four years ago”, now famous as the question that helped Ronald Reagan sink President Jimmy Carter’s ship of state–yielded just 20% who said yes.

In a wider question, 63% answered that the country was on the “Seriously Wrong’ [sic] Track,” while just 29% picked “Right Track.”

The political affiliations of those polled have moved considerable since Obama was inaugurated, with Democrats falling from 39 to just 30 percent–giving up 5 points to Republicans who have increased from 21 to 26 percent.

The other 4 points went to Independents, who have risen from 31 to 35 percent. And, according to recent polls, two-thirds of them are now leaning away from Obama.

In spite of the Herculean efforts by the NYT writers’ to “fluff up” their story to create a soft landing spot for Barack Obama’s reelection bid–the shear weight of fact, mixed with a hardy dose of reality, has produced a “serious hard place” for him to land.


Derrick Bell On Reparations


“I have kept pace with the reparations movement which comes periodically and I believe that people should do what they think will work. I think that there are a lot of barriers to successful reparations program, but I don’t want to discourage anybody who feels this is the way they want to go…”


Daily Kos’ Markos Moulitsas, Neo-Marxist, Big-Time Capitalist

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

Markos Moulitsas is making big Wall Street moves with his Vox Media.

Excerpted from thenextweb.com, emphasis, the Bound’s:

Online media publisher extraordinaire Vox Media, which owns and operates fast-growing tech news site The Verge, sports blog network SB Nation and an upcoming game industry news outlet tentatively named Vox Games, has secured $17 million in a financing round that could end up totaling just south of $17.5 million.

Update: Conveniently, the company will today also announce the launch of the brand new SB Nation YouTube channel.

The funding round hasn’t yet been announced by the company, but we caught wind of it thanks to a Form D notice filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission last Friday. We’ve reached out to the company for more information.

The round brings Vox Media’s total funding to date to approximately $40 million.

The company is expanding fast and ferociously, but hiring tons of talented writers – and editors – to cover multiple industries is obviously a costly game. Presumably, the company needs a sizeable war chest not just for recruitment purposes but also to finance potential acquisitions and to launch new verticals down the line.

The filing identifies the company as ‘SportsBlogs, Inc.’, which is what the blog network operator used to be known as (SB Nation = SportsBlogs Nation).

The Form D notice lists Vox Media founder Markos Moulitsas and CEO and chairman Jim Bankoff (background, video interview), a former AOL exec. Two other executives at the online media company, namely VP Business Affairs and Finance Kyle Ragsdale and VP & General Counsel Lauren Fisher, are also listed.

I sure don’t want to be a customer of any of these entities and enemies, do you?

Moulitsas’ contentions that it is permissible for him to rage against the machine while being a machinist in it with grease bleeding all over his hands, are cataloged by Joshua Trevino and the crew at Twitchy.com. That and the quips and snipes back at him are worth the read and the smirk.

Of course we see that the world’s revolting Marxian leaders tend to be among the wealthiest, most spoiled people in the world, usually but not always like Billy Ayers, born into Big Green. They are known as entrepreneurial Marxists and are in it for their own way of gaining power and money, in large part, by spitefully attempting to destroy their competition – and free society along with it.

This is spelled out with example after example, in James Simpon’s pre-Obama Conspiracy of the Lemmings: Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis; Part III from October, 2008. All serious Citizen investigators of America’s enemies and all defenders sovereignty and freedom should peruse it.

Simpson’s work has not only pegged the despotism inherent in Marxism, but begins to show how it is they consistently ally themselves with the leftist side of the globalist central bank and tycoon complex. Examples there include George Soros’ money man, Edmond de Rothschild and Agenda 21’s Maurice Strong’s sugar daddy, Edmund Leopold de Rothschild. (link)

According to historical accounts, this complex funded Lenin’s Russian revolution, Mao’s Chinese revolution, and Hitler’s NAZI plan. Collectively, these collectivists and the money hoarders behind them have likely accounted for well over 100,000,000 murders, not to mention casualties of war.

It hardly gets more nastily ambitious than that.

Are you a fan of Marx, maybe an Occupy type? Read “Conspiracy of the Lemmings,” and see if you haven’t been playing one of the rodent roles.


The Battle for Israel—An Interview with Bernard Shapiro

By: Roger Aronoff
Accuracy in Media

“I’m sick of the Israelis, the Americans—everybody talks too much! If you’re going to attack Iran, you attack it! You don’t talk about it endlessly, obnoxiously, ad nauseam-ly.” So said, Bernard Shapiro, founder and chairman of the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies and editor of The Maccabean Online, in a recent interview with Accuracy in Media. “This has been going on for how many years?,” added Shapiro. “You’d think the Israelis didn’t know that the Iranians were building this five years ago? Ten years ago? Every day they sit and talk about it and question it and endlessly debate it, the Iranians dig deeper, more Israeli soldiers are going to be killed, the more dangerous it will be to put it out of commission.”

Shapiro has been a fierce advocate for Israel for more than 50 years. He is the author and editor of the new book, The Battle for Eretz Yisrael: Jews, G-d, and Israel, 1992-2011, which documents Israel’s attempts to find and gain its identity. Shapiro is a native Texan, but he attended Berkeley in California where he obtained degrees in political science, communications, and public policy. He moved to Israel, where he lived for several years. I have known Bernard for nearly 50 years. He was a fixture at the House of Books in Houston—where I also grew up—and which his family owned and ran for many years.

In addition to his concerns about the current confrontation with Iran, Shapiro gave his views on Zionism, his beloved grandfather who was the inspiration for his love of Israel, the so-called “Oslo peace process,” the Holocaust and the creation of the state of Israel. He also delveed into media bias and double standards when it comes to Israel, and what he describes as Barack Obama’s “big, pro-Muslim offensive.” While his views at times are controversial, his knowledge of these subjects is unquestionably vast. He has brought together some of the great analysts and thinkers on these subjects, whose articles and reports appear regularly on Shapiro’s websites.

Below, in italics, are excerpts from the interview. You can listen to the entire interview or read the transcript here.

I used to be very upset about the Holocaust. I used to have a certain amount of anger at God because He let the Jews die so easily during the Holocaust, and religious Jews didn’t seem to revolt against the Nazis. But when I began to learn about Zionism and Israel, I saw a whole new dimension to my political and ideological beliefs. I saw that Jews on their own soil—that means in the land of Israel—were much stronger than their arms and men.

My grandfather was Harry W. Freeman, and he lived between 1886 and 1959. He died when I was eighteen years old, but he raised me like his son. He taught me to write, to love poetry, to love music—but most of all, he had a certain passion for the Jewish people, and he was one of the founders of the Zionist movement in Houston. Of course, he was in constant dispute with the German Jews who were in Houston and were anti-Zionist. You know, the German Jews felt like, if Israel existed, then they would lose their status as Americans, they would be accused of a double loyalty. Of course, my grandfather never believed that. He was a rebel all his life. He was born in the Russian-Poland area of Europe, he rebelled against the czar, and ended up being driven from Europe by the czar’s secret police back in 1907. But it was fortunate for me, because he ended up in Texas, and I didn’t get killed during the Holocaust. He was a strong believer in social justice, women’s rights, education for everyone. He argued the case before the Supreme Court that got blacks the right to sit on Texas grand juries. He was a remarkable person. In 1933—I have clippings from the local Houston papers, where he was traveling around, telling the community to worry about Hitler, that there was a Holocaust coming. Roger, I have to tell you and your audience that no one listened to him. One of the goals—my goals—in founding the Freeman Center is to raise the alarm for the Jewish communities of the world that a second Holocaust is coming, that the Arabs want to finish the job that Hitler started. That’s why I’m here, and that’s why I’m working.

The Jews had been scattered in the Diaspora—which means there were a few here, a few there, scattered all over the world. But while they were scattered all over the world, they had no power. They were victims of whoever they lived with. If the people they lived with decided they wanted to kill Jews, they killed them. My grandfather told me stories that would curl your teeth. In parts of Russia, there were groups called Cossacks, and the rulers of those areas used to attack the people greatly, and then, when the people got angry, they would say, “Well, it’s not us, it’s the Jews!” And they would send the Cossacks into Jewish villages and let them just kill Jews at will for a while—get the murder out of their systems. So the only answer for the Jewish people was to reestablish their own nationality. It’s something that Ze’ev Jabotinsky and Theodor Herzl both conceived of. Herzl was not religious, Jabotinsky was religious, but they both had this concept of a renewed Jewish state that would be able to defend the Jewish people against anybody.

The idea that you’re going to make peace in the Middle East, with these people, is a fantasy. When Obama, by the way, thinks his big pro-Muslim offensive—like when he started his speech in Cairo—is going to work, it’s a hoax. It’s all a hoax. In fact, surveys show that anti-American feelings among Muslim countries is much [higher] than it was before Obama’s Muslim offensive. You know, when it looks like you give in to your enemies, and screw your friends, you lose respect—and America has lost respect all over the world because of the way it treated Israel, the way it’s treated all its friends. And then it goes running after the people who hate it the most.

ARONOFF: One other thing in your book—you have this page, “Media Bias in the Arab/Israeli Conflict.” Media bias, of course, is an issue most interesting to our audience. In this, you’re talking about the conflict, but this could be about many subjects. You list “Media Methods of Distortion”—double standards, excessive focus on Israel, anti-Semitism, unfair comparisons to Nazis, code words, twisted logic, lack of context, use of false history. Like I say, these could be applied to many issues, as far as methods of media distortion. How much do you see the role of the media impacting what’s going on there today, and over the past decade?

SHAPIRO: Roger, you’ve been watching the media, sometimes, even closer than I have. What has the media done over the last ten years? It’s turned the colleges and the universities—with, of course, a lot of Arab money behind them—into anti-Semitic organizations. I mean, you can’t even be pro-Zionist in most American universities without being called a fascist or a racist! Pro-Israel speakers have chairs thrown at them. All the political campaigns, especially the Democrats, have become masters of media distortion, and that’s something I worry about. Obama has been so bad as a President, but he’s so good at twisting and turning the words, and people are mesmerized. I don’t know why. Sometimes I wish I’d studied psychiatry instead of political science, because I just don’t have the answer to all these questions.

My best analysis is that the U.S. is trying to screw Israel out of doing anything. That’s my best analysis. By talking too much. I’m sick of the Israelis, the Americans—everybody talks too much! If you’re going to attack Iran, you attack it! You don’t talk about it endlessly, obnoxiously, ad nauseam-ly. This has been going on for how many years? Five, ten years? You’d think the Israelis didn’t know that the Iranians were building this five years ago? Ten years ago? Every day they sit and talk about it and question it and endlessly debate it, the Iranians dig deeper, more Israeli soldiers are going to be killed, the more dangerous it will be to put it out of commission. That all disgusts me, Roger. I don’t have any formal military training, but I will tell you: The military people in Israel sometimes do the stupidest things in the world. How could they agree to the Oslo arrangement? I mean, Rabin was a military man all his life! How could he even agree to that? All I can say—and I can’t predict anything—so don’t take anything I say seriously. All I can say is, “Stop talking, and just do what has to be done to save Israel.”

Some people told me I should have called [the book] The Battle for Israel. I used the Biblical words Eretz Israel, which is Hebrew for “Land of Israel.” I did that on purpose. I did it because I wanted to emphasize that I’m defending what God gave the Jewish people, not necessarily what other people want to call it.

Roger Aronoff is the Editor of Accuracy in Media, and can be contacted at [email protected].


Explanation of Insurance

Ann Barnhardt

It’s time for this again. It is even better and more prescient now than when I first recorded it last June. The Obama regime has totally perverted the very word “insurance” in classic Communist, Orwellian tradition. Insurance covers catastrophes. Paying in to a centrally-controlled mandated Ponzi scheme that requires that every single expense of your life be run through its hands as the mandatory middle-man, and thus has the power to decide what you will and will not have in your life, and thus controls the entire marketplace itself, is COMMUNIST TOTALITARIANISM, and nothing less. It is as far removed from actual insurance as you can get.

PLEASE watch this two-part video on Health Insurance. It runs about twenty minutes. Part two is even more info-loaded than part one, so do please watch both. And then go forth and explain this to others.

The only thing I would add is in the wake of the MF Global confiscation vis-a-vis the “medical escrow accounts” that I suggest and discuss in the video. If the insurance company were to steal the funds in those escrow accounts, or “hypothecate” those funds and use them for anything outside of the parameters set forth in the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, the penalty for the executives and board of the insurance company would be execution by firing squad. And I’m not kidding.