Stand Against Progressive Tactics

By: AJ

Progressive tactics and organizational skills are superior to those of Conservatives. Progressives have been at it for decades and have been able to advance their anti-American, anti-Liberty agenda to unimaginable levels through:

  • effective community organizing,
  • strong financial backing,
  • skillful language manipulation to make their cause sound reasonable, thereby drawing in our youth and impressionable adults who won’t do their homework,
  • subversive legislation that is contrary to our Constitution, and
  • successful campaigning to get their radical Progressives elected – at all levels of government.

Although Conservatives are behind the power curve, they are working hard to stand against Progressive tactics in order to stop the Progressive agenda from moving forward.

For example, Progressives have spent the last twenty-years working to end property rights and they are at the final stages of implementing the United Nations Sustainable Development program (Agenda 21) at the local level throughout our nation via their “visioning” workshops.

In California, Heather Gass is taking them on by using her expertise and tireless efforts to organize, raise awareness, train and stand against Progressive tactics. We are grateful to Heather and all who are working with her.

Here is a radio interview where Heather describes how to defeat the Delphi Technique that Progressives use at visioning workshops:

Agenda 21 Uses Delphi Technique-Fredinburg Interviews Heather Gass

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  1. wouldn’t know anything about Heather Gass nor Mimi Steel if it weren’t for Barbara Simpson – GREAT WORK ALL of you including AJ


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