One thought on “America Needs More Scott Walker & Less Barack Obama!

  1. It is hard to see how America would be better off with more leaders who are cast in the serial-liar mold represented by Mr. Walker.
    Under Mr. Obama, we have had 25 consecutive months of growth after the Wall Street shyster collapse in 2008.

    Our debt to China was accumulated under Bush W. who chose to run two wars on a credit card to Bejing rather than raising taxes and floating bonds, which is what grown-up countries do.

    Gas prices while hurtful are still a fraction of what most countries pay, although the Koch brother manipulation of futures contributes to about $30 a barrel toward the cost of oil. Why the taxpayer is still paying a $4 billion annual subsidy to the oil industry with almost $200 billion annual profit is a question you should ask Republicans.

    Under Governor Scott Walker, job creation has been the absolute worst of any state in the nation. He blames the Recall for that, and of course the Greek’s whose crisis has uniquely targeted Wisconsin, while leaving Minnesota, ‘high-tax’ Illinois, and Iowa to grow again.

    Scott Walker has taxed the poor, and given breaks to the rich including $14 million to a convicted felon who laundered money to the past Walker Gubernatorial campaign.

    Scott Walker has raped the school system of $1.2 billion. A system that has the highest grad rates and the second-highest SAT scores in the country. A system Walker says is ‘broken’.

    If you look back at Mr. Walker’s record of public mischief, he is a master of declaring an ’emergency’, which he follows with draconian and awful legislation that destroys and corrupts. Then he moves on leaving the mess for someone else to fix.

    Which is why I support Scott Walker, as Mr. Romney’s VP. First, we would be rid of Mr. Walker. And second, it would force all those atheist liberals to learn how to pray each day for President Romney’s continued good health.

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