“Your Teacher Said WHAT?!” – A Book Review

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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CNBC Anchor, Joe Kernen stands up straight and lets it fly at the mainstream media and the liberal education establishment for all he’s worth in, “Your Teacher Said WHAT?! Trying to Raise a Fifth Grade Capitalist in Obama’s America” It’s so nice to hear someone with a spine step up to the plate for their child. All parents should read this book and follow his example. He’s sick and tired of the brainwashing and indoctrination of his child and he’s not going to take it any more!

Kernen does what all parents should do… he asks his daughter questions. He wants to know what she is being taught, what shows she watches and likes and most importantly, what her teachers are saying to her. He doesn’t just sit idly by when the school tells his daughter to do something – he stands up to them. He takes on the task of teaching his daughter, Blake, that the government isn’t there to take care of you. Bailouts, stimulus funding and never-ending debt are wrong and disastrous. There is a right and a wrong, black and white. He is teaching Blake what Capitalism really is, as well keeping her moral and ethical compass pointing in the right direction. That is the very definition of a great parent.

You can’t just go see a kid’s movie any more – they are laced with Marxist propaganda. So are the TV shows and the books our children read. Right down to the damned Happy Meals they eat any more. It’s like navigating a minefield with your child’s life at stake. The classrooms are full of it with global warming nonsense and wealth redistribution mantras… class warfare and globalization – give me the children and I will rule the world. American culture has turned decidedly hostile towards freedom and conservative America in general.

One of my favorite paragraphs from the book on Progressives and regulation:

Blake didn’t always agree with Penelope and me. One thing I learned is that the most powerful way in which nine- or ten-year-olds resemble grown-up Progressives is in their love of regulating things. There’s just no way Blake can see something that’s not good for you — like smoking cigarettes, or eating too much fast food — without wanting a law to ban it. Progressivism is a durable bit of craziness. So is parenting. Trying to plant the seeds of what we hope will be a lifelong philosophy in a ten-year-old brain is an alternately satisfying and frustrating assignment, and the time that Blake and I have been embarked on this father-and-daughter exercise has taught me that educating a child in the way free markets are supposed to work (and, most of the time, the way they actually do work) has never been harder … or more rewarding. If you already have kids, you already know this. And if you don’t … well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

All of the above is true. We need to teach our children that the concept of ‘fairness’ that they are taught is not always right. It can be twisted into Socialism/Marxism easily and Progressives do it all the time. The ends justify the means after all. I’ll repeat again – there is a black and a white, a right and a wrong. In the gray area you will find the most deceptive of evil manipulations that are used to enslave whole societies and squash the human spirit. You must teach your children the building blocks of capitalism: hard work, failure, success, morality, ethics, compassion and charity. They are the golden coins of the soul and pay dividends for a lifetime.

What a wonderful book! It gives me hope to see someone like Joe Kernen speak out for his daughter and for what is right and to fight the evil that has infiltrated our schools, media and culture. This is the perfect gift for any holiday or occasion – give it to every parent you know and get a hard cover copy for your shelf. Absolutely fantastic!

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