Adbusters’ Marxists, Yanking the Occupy Movement Around Again, for May Day

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

And on the bossing around of the “leaderless” Occupy movement, this just in via takethesquare.net and from “the man,” Marxist-style, a.k.a., Adbusters:

Adbusters Tactical Briefing 30: The May 2012 Insurrection

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Hey you dreamers, strikers and new left redeemers out there,

For thirty-one magical days beginning this Tuesday, May 1, we take the plunge and Strike! We block the Golden Gate Bridge; occupy a Manhattan-bound tunnel; seize the ports. In 115 cities, we march into banks, erect tents and refuse to leave. We disrupt financial institutions forcing thousands to preemptively close. Five thousand of us pray, dance, sleep on Wall Street and in front of the Fed and if the Bloombergs of the world bring out paramilitary police to intimidate us, we use our social media fire to call out 50,000 more occupiers.

In the week before the G8 and NATO summits, we light the spark globally. We occupy hundreds of squares in cities on every continent – from Paris to Berlin, Toronto to Athens, São Paulo to Bucharest and beyond – we up the ante with direct actions that paralyze capitalism. For a few days, maybe for a full month, we act as if we already live a world run by people, not corporations.

Our movement goes geopolitical later in May. We swarm Chicago and confront NATO. We tell the military elites there to stop their saber rattling against Iran, halt the global arms race and get behind what the majority of the people on Earth want: a nuclear-free world starting with a nuclear-free Middle East that includes both Iran and Israel.

And then when the G8 leaders meet in Camp David, we create a global spectacle the likes of which the world has never seen before … millions of us … individually, in flash groups and en masse, we burst out laughing at the lunacy of the eight most powerful political leaders on the planet thinking they can dictate the people’s business from behind closed doors and barbed wire fences. For one day, we take over the global mindspace with a whirlwind of #LAUGHRIOT jokes. (Like: Why did the G8 chickens cross to Camp David? / Cuz they’re on the other side. haha!) We laugh our heads off on every news broadcast in the world.

May 1968 was the first wildcat general strike in history … it spawn hundreds of occupations, campus uprisings and workplace disruptions globally … but then it fizzled. Maybe this May 2012 we won’t?

for the wild,
Culture Jammers HQ

Find out what your local Occupy has planned for May 1 at <http://occupywallst.org/article/may-day/>, May 12 at <http://may12.net/> and join the movement in Chicago, <http://natoprotest.org/>

source: http://www.adbusters.org/blogs/adbusters-blog/may-2012-insurrection.html

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New video proves Obama EPA Objective: Crucify U.S. fossil fuel industry

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

New evidence surfaced yesterday proving that the Environmental Protection Agency has gone rouge.

In the spotlight is Al Armendariz, an EPA Regional administrator, whose startling comments that were captured on video during a Texas agency meeting in 2010, are now available for public viewing, as reported in a FOXNews article today.

During this meeting with subordinates, Armendariz used a self-described “crude” analogy, to describe his “philosophy of enforcement.”

“It was kind of like how the Romans used to, you know, conquer villages in the Mediterranean. They’d go into a little Turkish town somewhere, they’d find the first five guys they saw, and they’d crucify them.”

“And then, you know, that town was really easy to manage for the next few years.”

Armendariz went on to say that “you make examples out of people who are in this case not complying with the law … and you hit them as hard as you can” — to act as a “deterrent” to others.

Armendariz was appointed by President Obama in November 2009, as the Administrator of EPA Region Six, covering Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas–primarily home to oil and gas producers.

Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), is the EPA’s leading critic in the Senate who, after viewing the video, launched a blistering speech on the Senate floor yesterday, quoting from it extensively, according to Chris Stirewalt’s FOXNews Power Play article today.

Stirewalt said that media outlets quickly picked up on the video, which seems to confirm the [suspicions] of conservative critics, who claim that Obama’s environmental enforcement has been capricious, heavy-handed and unfair.

President Obama’s failure to get his well-crafted Cap and Trade bill passed in the Democrat-controlled Congress necessitated his relying on stifling EPA regulations to do his bidding—in circumvention of Congressional lawmakers.

During an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle in January 2008 (watch video attached), then Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) set the stage for his plan to destroy the fossil fuel industry in the United States.

So, as fossil fuels are the source of 89 percent of the energy used by the entire planet–this should have made it clear to everyone that Barack Obama is insane.