Liberal bid to make “Illegal Alien” a racial slur bounced by Bill O’Reilly

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

The Liberal method for rendering a subject out-of-bounds for straightforward debate, is to change the label on the subject and make it taboo, which is how the “political-correctness” movement has spiraled totally out of control.

Such as when President Barack Obama had the words “Islamic terrorist” and “jihadist” removed from the National Security Strategy document in mid 2010, according to a FOXNews article dated April 7, 2010.

The running joke at the time was that Usama bin Laden would be angered to learn that the U.S. did not consider him to be a Muslim or that he operates a jihadist terror organization–and thanks to Seal Team Six it is now a moot point.

It is also a standard Marxist tool–effectively used by Fidel Castro beginning in 1959 to demonize capitalism, which led to the eventual overthrow of the government of Cuba, and sentenced it to permanent third-world country status that even Castro now admits has failed.

Regardless, the new word on the Liberal taboo list is…”Illegal,” as in alien.

Last night, Monica Novoa, founder of the new initiative “Drop the I-Word,” was a guest on Bill O‘Reilly’s program, “The O’Reilly Factor,“ where she and her new Liberal initiative fell victim to the famous ”No-Spin Zone,” according to Mytheos Holt’s article in The Blaze yesterday.

Basically, her initiative seeks to render the term “illegal,” when referring to “illegal aliens,” a racial slur, such as the now famous “n” word–which even though negative, today it is still peppered throughout most rap songs.

Ms. Novoa, who has an English Lit degree from Cal State, opened by declaring that [although] the United States is a “nation of laws … it is also a nation of humane laws … so that laws that aren’t humane could be changed.”

At this point, O’Reilly, who holds three degrees, including an MPA from Harvard, challenged Ms. Novoa to specify the changes she wants [made] in the current [immigration] law…

“So change [the laws],” he said.

“Don’t demonize people, who are accurate in their description, as using a slur or using a hate word, ’cause that’s not true.”

Stalling, Ms. Novoa pointed out that Fox News Latino didn’t use the word “illegal.”

“[Fox News Latino] will not join the bandwagon of dehumanizing people who are immigrants,” she said.

O’Reilly smiled, then said … “I don‘t think I’m dehumanizing everyone by describing what the reality is,” then posed this simple question to Ms. Novoa:

“Do you believe we should have open borders here–[so] that anyone who [wants] to come into the United States should be able to come?”

Ms. Novoa responded (still stalling) … “I think that what we should be doing right now is looking at the reality,” then launched into what O’Reilly labeled a “filibuster,” (pointless, obfuscating prattle).

This time O’Reilly posed the same question in a “yes” or “no” only form–and Novoa once again avoided the question–at which point O’Reilly pointed out Ms. Novoa’s total lack of familiarity with her own quest and closed out the interview in full control of his show.

Liberal’s demonstrate daily that they can only operate with a myopic “herd mentality,” and if called upon to speak organically, beyond their bumper-sticker sound bites (a la President Obama’s ever-present teleprompters), they become totally dysfunctional–destroying any hint of intellectual integrity or credibility.