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By: Toddy Littman

I thought I’d try a little change in format and hope the following demonstrates the evaporation of life as we know it. 2008 began the continuing epic reality show saga as the “POTUS with the leastus” was inaugurated, and the era of America’s Dear Leader was born. And, as it is the normal Progression of centralized power, Barack Obama bears an uncanny resemblance to the character portrayed in the song King of Pain by the band, The Police. May the following suggestions and commentary elucidate the key points of this analogy, please enjoy their song.


Subversive Tyranny for Dummies

According to the powers vested in Barack Obama, apparently by Barack Obama, he can nationalize our entire productivity and the entirety of all resources attached thereto, (NDRP).

Anyone else find it rather puzzling how our “Dear Leader” can fail entirely to follow Our Lead?… But then again he is “Dear Leader” after all. I mean, let’s look closely at Eric Holder’s 1995 speech, care, of course, of Breitbart, that immortal presence of defiance to tyranny, who linked us to this C-Span piece of history lost in Obama’s Cult of Personality & Propaganda Presidency:

Move along, move along, nothing to see here, folks. Confiscated guns, while arming the cartels in Mexico á la Fast & Furious, and, Holder’s boss is taking control of the production of resources, while the crickets leave the House and Senate out of boredom, and a bad case of leg rash.

Now a lot of people got upset over the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), though I was happy with the legal exclusion in the act, it seems succinct and reasonable. And then comes the NDRP + NDAA to completely liquidate the idea of a private/public separation of property, and thereby, power, authority, and who is beholden to whom.

To illustrate how the Government is claiming to be the victor over the American People, one needs look to today’s (May 16, 2012) article regarding the Obama Administration’s adding footnotes to the historical bios of past Presidents, and their justification “this is no different than other websites in promoting their policies and products” as they politicize and footnote the factual history of others with spun claims of being no different than any other President,

It is worth noting what President Ronald Wilson Reagan actually said regarding fairer taxes, And what must be said is that there is a difference between paying capital gains on post-tax money (the gains on profits made from productive investment in a business), and gains made from, as Reagan put it, “unproductive tax loop-holes.” This is the income tax situation prior to the 1986 Tax Reform Act, If one looks they’ll notice the amount collected for those making 1,000,000 or more (50% tax bracket) was equivalent to the amount collected for the 14% tax bracket, thus it is clear that the reported income subject to tax by the wealthy, at the time of Reagan’s speech, excluded certain “non productive investments” (money held in tax-shelters, that were fake businesses producing nothing, and abusing certain IRS rules), which are the loop-holes Reagan spoke of. This loss of tax-shelters is why the maximum tax bracket was able to be lowered to 32% and allowed for simplification of the number of tax brackets as well. It is easy to see how this higher 50% tax chased people to tax-shelters and how the lowering of the income tax, while maintaining a low capital gains tax (15%) on productive investment of post-tax money, created a willingness of those with property to include more of their property as subject to the income tax. Today this has resulted in the wealthy paying a higher percentage overall, which is why the upper 5% of income earners are paying 70% of the income tax revenues today.

Feigned National Debt

No, I don’t have it on video, but maybe it made it up on youtube since Karl Rove explained the debt in terms that simplified the reality of our Ponzi Government (see this video as he mentions the public debt and “intergovernmental transfers,” which is what needs to be highlighted,

Mr. Rove explained on O’Reilly (where the crickets have found respite when Bernie Goldberg is on or Bill has no guest), as I quote the best I can recollect, “First we have the debt that’s about 10.1 trillion, that’s a bond, China owns about 1 trillion of that,” and then the important part, “and then we have another about 6 trillion, of intergovernmental transfers, what government agencies owe to, or amongst each other.”

Wow, isn’t that a revelation of what Obama has done in that whole redistribution of wealth thing? He’s shifted the debt which was mostly the public bond prior to his election, and therefore money we actually owed to run the United States of America (which would be around $31,010/person the date of this article) – even if mostly on unconstitutional expenses as they are not listed under Article I, Section 8 – to accruing what is considered “each American’s debt” to a “debt-we-owe-to-government” (around $49,617/person the date of this article) for government agency benevolence amongst each other, both State and Federal, WITH OUR OWN MONEY!

In corporations they call this type of financial cross-support between the various divisions, “internal sales.” What Obama’s done is identical, except our government was organized to own nothing without us as the funding principle and actual beneficiary, and using this, naturally, all funding of government is debt we owe, an ever-growing debt we owe due to this inter-department/inter-agency bookkeeping “Ponzification,” mostly under the “Government Union Label.”

Now, apparently, this is how they plan to “fund” healthcare. I say this because it seems the new 6 trillion out of 16 trillion is a means for the government approach of an actual right to take off the top of what we pay in taxes to refund these agencies first (approaching 40%) so the government doesn’t have to shut down (yeah, a shut down would end government agency bureaucrat “budget directors” yelling, “we must Ponzi, Ponzi, Ponzi” in reply to their excessive spending, said in Saturday Night Live John Belushi fashion of “Pepsi, Pepsi Pepsi” which is always the bureaucrats answer, when the polar opposite of “CUT SPENDING” is said by We The People. As a matter of Socialist course the Progressives in the House and Our Unconstitutional Senate say: “No Cuts,” or “No Coke” the static “stay the course” mantra in conversion of private property to public use, of “Government redistribution of wealth.” And of course, this is why we have a deficit in the first place, the remaining, currently 62.5%, is for the affording of that unconstitutional spending I mentioned earlier that far exceeds that percentage of the 2.2 trillion dollars our Government already receives in revenues every year.

Thus it does certainly appear that 6 trillion of our national debt is not debt at all, but merely the rigging of books between agencies to have the appearance of money owed between each other, to chase the overall figure higher and higher, in a pressurizing of America over the breaking point, a zealous march of Socialism, of Fascists when you consider the President’s push of “African-Americans for Obama,” (see It should be obvious that Obama’s 2nd term is the necessity for his persistent goal to end Capitalism, which is merely the idea of private property as a legal regime of rights to which the Citizen as Sovereign earns the fruits of their labor for themselves instead of a King/Government. This is why Capitalism has been the footing of unalienable Rights and Freedom for 234 years.

Do you feel historic as you witness Progressivism 2.0 for the 21st Century, brought to you by Obama 2008 and 2012, where everything you need to know about America is on the Teleprompter Of The United States? I can already hear Dorothy, “Pay no attention to the typist behind the teleprompter keyboard, Toto.”


I’d quote James Madison from Federalists 46-49 to present Our Founders’ voice here, but, to keep this short I’ll instead offer up a bit of a solution. And so ends the news/commentary part of this Blog post of the illegal tyrannical taking of power by America’s Dear Leader, Barack Obama, a post that used the somewhat Progressive GOP pundit Rove’s explanation of the debt to explain how Obama is using the bureaucratic cost of government as a feigned “leverage” to end Capitalism, to end Private Property Rights, and the United States of America from within. Now, should you want a lengthy read, I suggest you stop whatever social networking you’re doing for about an hour and go read Federalist 46-49, and take your time too, hear the words in your head, it helps a lot to understand what Our Founders meant, start here,

One Solution

Though I realize why we can’t be on a “gold standard,” to use gold as the item in exchange for transactions, I cannot say we shouldn’t have a direct gold backing to the dollars we have.

I’d find this a particular limit to how much they can use the printing presses if this ratio were by law, and subject to a 3/4 ratification in both Houses to be changed.

More important than this is that such a backing establishes a private ownership in the gold through paper that has a direct value in ratio to the gold, even when held by the United States Government, since the monikers of value held in every facet of the U.S. Government do belong to us.

Snippet of Reality of Our Failure to Act

Essentially, we are the principle to which all money in government is a form of asset, no matter how they claim the values, and especially amongst each other, the entirety of the system is assets belonging to the People when one makes a balance sheet of it all, with government entirely on the liability side of the equation, sucking up the entire amount as through a black hole to another dimension. That dimension is poverty, oppression, and losing all dignity, all Individual Liberty and right to anything without government’s license, without their permit, their blessing, or sanction, a parallel universe of darkness and despair coming soon to a reality near you: Yours, mine, everyone’s.

I finally agree Obama’s kept his promise of “change we can believe in,” and his change, as delivered, is one that destroys all belief, to leave its reality the only thing to deal with, suffocating all futures, all plans, hopes, and dreams, for the sake of his power, of his need to be a dominant, tyrannical, militant ruler, and to which America is merely the last of mankind on the world to be “objectified.” America has historically been the only one to stand tall against this oppression of our entire race of mankind, carrying out the genuine act of doing “what’s right,” stopping this oppression in its tracks in 2 world wars. Yet, in perfect Progressive hi-jacking fashion, those words, “what’s right,” are now a historical truth in manipulation used by those seeking power over everyone else, the siren song of the corrupted, and now it has returned full circle to destroy America, Obama singing it gleefully as though knowing the song as intimately as the Muslim Call To Prayer (see, and that this singer has his eyes on doing “what’s right” for the world. This tune promotes the notion that one alone who claims they could know “what’s right” for everyone else is a an absolute truth beyond reproach, though Obama hides behind the chorus, the collective. Their rhythm, a beating drum of our duty to deny that we each know best for ourselves, our feet picking up the beat, they begin moving in lock step to give up our wherewithal to accomplish on our own, and our minds swaying back and forth as we look for others to sacrifice or take from in our denied affirmation and acknowledgment we are dependent, “that someone else knows best what’s right for me.”

This is the way of those present Americans, the corrupted, who support Obama now, and whose entire mode of discerning difference is based on “the issues.” Witness the American future, the “Obama Citizen” if we do not rise knowing our Life, Liberty, pursuit of Happiness, and all other unalienable Rights, are soon to be extinguished, and thereby, every future generation placed in blindness by us, by our failure to act when Liberty, as a matter of right to each and every single one of us, is about to be destroyed forever, “Freedom” to become a historical remnant of a time when we were immature children who failed to appreciate the wisdom and authority of the collective over out very Soul.

May God be with you and thank you for reading,

Toddy Littman

P.S. So now, if we are able to actually have an election, which candidate do you think is going to comprehend and appreciate what’s been said above, and do something about it? Vote your conscience.

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