One thought on “GBTV: Bribery and Student Loans

  1. You fail to mention the millions of “old” student loan debts.
    I borrowed 13,300 dollars and graduated in1986. I’ve since paid back approx. 16,000 dollars but, according to the great Dept. of Ed., I owe approx. 120,000 dollars.
    In my experience, you cannot talk to the Dept. of Ed. They won’t budge from what they have allowed to happen with crooked collectors and lobbyists and the politicians who have taken bribes to vote for the student loan industry.
    I did not consolidate my loan and I did not go back to school in 2000. Yet, the Dept. of Ed. claims that I took out a 20,000 dollar loan in 2000. I was not aware of it until late 2004 and then I didn’t understand it and no one would help me. No one. I’ve sent letters to politicians everywhere and the very few that do respond either say they can’t help or refer me to the Dept. of Ed. which is like running into a brick wall.
    I will never have a life. I do not have representation.

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