3 thoughts on “Obama ceding 2nd Amendment rights to UN on July 27

  1. I understand the presidents friend Soros has bought and now owns 7-8 of the major gun companies in United States. This is all part of making the USA a part of canada and mexico sort of like Europe has done. The end result. one world government,one world currency. The USA must lose its great power and the people must lose their guns.Soros will stop selling ammo and if you notice the people who now are to protect America and its borders have bought billions of bullets..duh!!!!

  2. unfortunately, the u.s. constitution means nothing at this point. obama does what he wants and bypasses the constitution and therefore, i believe you are being naieve in thinking it will continue to protect the u.s. as in the past. i follow the bible, believe in the constitution (and the right to bear arms) and know that the new world order is upon. it has begun and nothing will stop it. when God was removed from the equasion he assured us of what will happen. the proof is in God’s word.
    now is the time to ask God for forgiveness and stand for HIM against tyranny. protect ourselves and family (at any cost) and pray to God.

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