Obama Bain ad really makes Romney out to be ‘Master of the Universe’

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

By all accounts, President Barack Obama’s ad campaign, which is desperately trying to staple together a chain of information supporting their narrative that one or some Bain Capital portfolio companies outsourced jobs overseas, while Mitt Romney was still “working” there–is about to blow up in his face all over America.

This is because that which the ads have been accusing Romney is not only false, but really an embarrassing projection of what Obama’s own administration has done–sending billions of dollars in “Stimulus” money to companies in other countries around the globe–where they have created jobs in furtherance of the president’s pursuit of “green technology jobs,” according to a fact-filled GOP dossier on the matter called “Obamanomics Outsourced.”

Adding insult to injury to the Obama campaign is that every ‘fact check’ organization, and even many in the mainstream media, have already slammed the door on the false claims in the ad, distancing themselves from this level of Chicago gangland “thuggery.”

Especially stinging was the MSNBC interview of former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu (R) on this subject earlier in the week, by none other than Andrea Mitchell, as reported and including imbedded video in Elena Schneider’s July 10, 2012 Business Insider-Politix article.

Remember, it was Mitchell, who along with her production staff where caught airing a falsely edited piece of video of a Romney stump speech at in Pennsylvania, to make him look as though he was ‘out of touch.’

Although Mitchell began the interview talking about President Obama’s ‘tax plan’ (let Bush tax cuts expire for those making more than $250,000 per year), which Sununu said was “[Obama making] Class Warfare,” and “that’s why he is going to loose.”

Next, when she asked him about Obama’s ad with the Romney/Bain ‘job outsourcing’ theme, Sununu first dismantled her argument by stating that every fact-check organization and many in the media had already slammed the ad as entirely false.

Then Sununu turned the table 180 degrees, and without missing a beat rattled off a stream of instances detailed in the ‘Obamanomics’ document above, where the president spent taxpayer “stimulus funds” to create jobs overseas, particularly Fisker in Finland, Sun Power Solar in Mexico and [wind] turbines in Denmark–tagging Barack Obama as the real “Outsourcer-in-Chief.”

As Mitchell tried to recover, by saying that not all of the money was used to create jobs overseas, and that the money created some U.S. jobs, Sununu chuckled at her and said … “Andrea, you’re struggling…you’re struggling.”

The last straw probably occurred when the Obama Deputy Campaign Manager, Stephanie Cutter, publicly accused Gov. Mitt Romney of perhaps being a “felon,” by making false statements in SEC filings, according to a FOXNews article today.

Based on a Boston Globe article which indicated SEC filings, on which Romney was still technically Chairman, CEO and sole shareholder of Bain Capital through 2002, Cutter claimed that if he was running Bain after 1999, he hasn’t been truthful with the public … “If that’s the case, if he was lying to the American people, then that’s a real character and trust issue.”

However the Romney campaign fired back on Thursday, with a statement from Bain, whose Managing Director hosted a $40,000 per plate fundraising dinner for Barack Obama last month at his town home in New York.

The Bain Capital statement was clear and unambiguous…

[Romney] left Bain Capital in February 1999 to run the Olympics and has had absolutely no involvement with the management or investment activities of the firm or with any of its portfolio companies since the day of his departure. Due to the sudden nature of Mr. Romney’s departure, he remained the sole stockholder for a time while formal ownership was being documented and transferred to the group of partners who took over management of the firm in 1999. Accordingly, Mr. Romney was reported in various capacities on SEC filings during this period.

So if we are to accept the premise of the Obama campaign’s Bain Capital ad suggesting that Romney was actually at the helm, piloting the Boston-headquartered company through a period of fantastic growth, while at the same time commanding the rescue of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah–it is clear that Mitt Romney is the miracle-working ‘Master of the Universe’ that we need to turn America around.

In stark contrast to the former community organizer, whose galactically expensive plans have repeatedly backfired on him, and us, causing our economy to ‘flat-line’ for the past four years.