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Tonight’s (7-23-12) edition of CBS News with Scott Pelly revealed some new details about James Holmes, the suspect in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater massacre. According to CBS News, within the past few months James Holmes spent over $14,000 on weapons and ammunition and assorted tactical gear along with the ingredients for his elaborate bombs and booby traps. Of that $14,000 in purchases, Holmes had already paid off some $11,000 of the debt. What’s more, James Holmes’ only source of income was a monthly stipend of $1700 that he was receiving from the National Institute for Health as part of his PHD program. Then, the correspondent concluded, “They are going to have to follow the money.”

The transcript for tonight’s broadcast is not available yet on the CBS News web site but the video segment will probably be up by tomorrow as the web site has previous editions for viewing.

In addition to the remarkable admission about the money, CBS News showed video of James Holmes’ first appearance in the courtroom today. He appeared totally dazed and out of touch as if he was still recovering from a mega drug and booze party. Considering that the shooting spree took place almost three days ago, one can only wonder how much he was in control of himself when he was arrested. In the courtroom today James Holmes didn’t appear as if he could hold a pen yet how could he have handled some high tech semi-automatic rifles and pistols. Then again there was the report from an unidentified witness who saw someone inside the movie theater open an emergency exit door and let Holmes into the theater just before the shooting.

I don’t ordinarily write about civilian crime on this blog but last Saturday I wrote about the possibility that LSD was being used to make ordinary people commit horrendous acts of violence. That post, Experimenting in mind control. What could be the benefits of such an insidious plan? made a very brief reference to the Central Intelligence Agency conducting just such experiments. Today I discovered the complete story on the web site How Stuff Works in a mind-boggling 4-page long article, Did the CIA test LSD on unsuspecting Americans? written by Josh Clark. Just quoting from a single paragraph gives you an inside look:

So one could consider the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) cruel for administering LSD to an unknown number of unsuspecting Americans during the 1950s and ’60s. The agency conducted clandestine experiments on college students, drug addicts, veterans, soldiers, sailors, johns, mental patients, at least one young mother and a jazz singer. For a time, the drug was so prevalent in the CIA, agents dosed one another for fun. And for a punch line, the heyday of 1960s counterculture — including its subversion of the establishment — was preceded and directly created by the CIA’s acid tests.

While something that took place 50-60 years ago may seem outdated, the article then mentions a more current part of the story.

When the Sandoz supply became known, the United States moved to take it off the market. It turned out Sandoz had manufactured only about 40,000 doses. The United States bought them anyway. And with the LSD in their possession, military researchers and the CIA began conducting their own experiments.

In 1975, Congress held inquiries into the clandestine operation known as MKULTRA, the code name for an umbrella operation covering 149 subprojects. Most of these were involved with exploring new methods of chemical and psychological warfare. The Church Committee, the Senate group that held the inquiry, learned little about the details of the operations. The CIA maintained its standard silence — files had been destroyed, new directors had no knowledge of old projects.

Two years later, the skeleton that was MKULTRA in the CIA’s closet emerged entirely. A Freedom of Information act request filed by a journalist turned up several boxes of materials that escaped destruction but were overlooked during the Church inquiry. A second Congressional inquiry was held into MKULTRA in 1977. Information on 149 MKULTRA subprojects was unearthed — from learning to deliver poisons using magicians’ sleight of hand to electroshock therapy as a means of making an unwilling subject talk [source: Turner].

Read the rest here:

If the mind-control experiments conducted by the CIA did prove useful, then what about the possibility that there have been some clandestine selective applications in recent years to create some useful public uproar to gain acceptance to unpopular government initiatives? Too many big words in there. Let me rephrase that. Suppose some unethical leftist politicians wanted to make Gun Control more acceptable to the general public and found it useful to have a small handful of ordinary people go out and commit some very horrendous crimes with guns? That little scenario could have come right out of Hollywood but it would explain a lot of the missing details and also would explain a few of what is already known. So the questions raised by Mike Adams who writes at Natural News, in the post I published yesterday Sunday, July 22, 2012, Curious questions that the mainstream news media haven’t asked about the Colorado shooting would account for the detailed training required in the elaborate booby trapped bombs found in James Holmes’ apartment and the money he spent on the tactical equipment used in the movie theater.

Yes, as CBS News mentioned at the conclusion of their coverage, “They are going to have to follow the money.”

And, Yes, the news is full of talk today about the need for more gun control. Now isn’t it coincidental that the United Nations Small Arms Treaty is just now getting underway?

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UPDATE 7-24-2012, Fox News web site has this:

The first responder who spoke to Fox News on condition of anonymity said the gunman began the attack by tossing tear gas canisters into the theater, then firing his 12-gauge shotgun at the ceiling before turning it on the crowd.

Other details, according to the source:

— After the gun jammed, the gunman walked out of the theater through the door he’d entered and was removing his body armor beside his car when he was confronted by the officers who took him down, the source said, adding that the gunman seemed surprised authorities arrived so quickly.

Read more:

So who opened the door and let him in? This corroborates what the anonymous eye-witness said.