Obama campaign in ER, suffering from ‘multiple-self-inflicted-wounds’

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

There is a disturbing red tint in the water of the Chicago river, resulting from Team Obama continuing to be impaled, almost daily, by self-inflicted wounds, because of the increasingly asinine antics of President Barack Obama, Democrat leadership and surrogates around the world–desperate to distract voters from a growing maelstrom of bad economic news and the few ‘legitimate’ poll results leading to the end of the road for them in November.

In fact, it is becoming so bad that it won’t be long before the mainstream media will be left without content for days at a time, because of their strict covenant against reporting even the smallest Democrat-damaging news.

And this week was no exception–in fact, it could be viewed as exceptionally busy.

First, fifteen military groups are now stacked up against a federal lawsuit filed in Ohio by the Obama campaign, Democratic National Committee and the Ohio Democratic Party, according to Ann Sanner’s AP article in the Navy Times yesterday.

This lawsuit attacks an exception in the Ohio law, which allows an added 3-day window for election officials to accept absentee ballots from our military men and women, deployed overseas.

Team Obama and Democrats are essentially claiming that the 35 day ‘early voting period’ prior to November 2nd is inadequate for Ohio residents, and the special exception creates an “arbitrary and inequitable” treatment of similarly situated voters.

The ‘unintended consequences‘ to Obama and Democrats, for this foolish political move attempting to inhibit the Republican vote in this important ‘battleground’ state, will be that our military men and women, particularly those risking their lives on Afghanistan battlefields everyday, know their circumstances are absolutely not ‘similarly situated.’

So, the net result is very likely to be a sizable conversion Democrat to Republican voters in the military, and among upright thinking Independent voters too–as they will see this as just another ‘cheap shot’ by Obama and the ‘gang’ in Chicago.

Next, was the uproar by Democrats and surrogates to statements of Christian faith made by Dan President and COO of Chick-fil-A, the company started by his father, S. Truett Cathy, in 1946, during a July 16, 2012 interview with K. Allan Blume, editor of The Biblical Recorder, appearing in the Baptist Press.

Chick-fil-A, is the second largest quick-service chicken restaurant chain in the United States based on annual system-wide sales, with 1,608 restaurants and sales of more than $4 billion dollars last year.

They sell chicken and train employees to focus on values rooted in the Bible.

Dan Cathy is a warm, common man, who is deeply committed to being a faithful Christian witness, and is fully involved in New Hope Baptist Church in Fayetteville, Ga.

The portion of the interview that lit Democrat’s fuse was when Blume noted that ‘some have opposed the company’s support of the traditional family.

Well, guilty as charged.

We are very much supportive of the family–the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that.

We operate as a family business–our restaurants are typically led by families; some are single. We want to do anything we possibly can to strengthen families. We are very much committed to that. We intend to stay the course.

We know that it might not be popular with everyone, but thank the Lord, we live in a country where we can share our values and operate on biblical principles.

Not surprisingly, Cathy’s holding Biblical scripture above the laws of man, defining ‘marriage’ as the union between one man and one woman, gave Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel another opportunity to ‘generate’ a crisis, a Conservative attack on the LGBT and same-sex marriage.

Emanuel led the media charge by ‘refusing’ to allow Chick-fil-A to build one more restaurant in Chicagoland, and was quickly joined in the legally impotent pronouncement by the Mayors of Boston, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco.

It is clear that no one has told any of these icons of politic that 87 percent of the population in the United States is Christian, versus only about 2 to 3 percent represented by the LGBT.

The unintended consequences on Earth for arguing against God’s truth began when Barack Obama decided that gay campaign contributions were more important than the Christian and Black vote. Shortly afterwards, countless black ministers and follow on polling made it clear he had effectively lost the state of North Carolina in November.

Embarrassingly, the DNC national convention in Charlotte, and had to be cut by one day because of Democrats refusing to attend the ‘toxic’ event.

However, that is small in comparison to the extra 600,000 to 800,000 people who yesterday participated in the “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day,” conjured up by former presidential candidate, now FOXNews host Mike Huckabee, according to a FOXNews article today.

The statement from Chick-fil-A corporate headquarters spoke volumes of the caliber and humility of their great organization:

We are very grateful and humbled by the incredible turnout of loyal Chick-fil-A customers on August 1 at Chick-fil-A restaurants around the country. We congratulate local Chick-fil-A Owner/Operators and their team members for striving to serve each and every customer with genuine hospitality. While we don’t release exact sales numbers, we can confirm reports that it was a record-setting day.

Then, there is Adam Smith, in Tucson, Arizona, who posted the now viral online video of himself going through a Chick-fil-A drive-thru and ordering only the free water, who railed on the professional and polite female attendant, according to a FOXNews article today:

Chick-fil-A is a hateful company … I don’t know how you sleep at night … This is a horrible corporation with horrible values.

Then, while maintaining her winning smile she told Adam Smith to “have a nice day;” but, he obviously could not contain his pride, answering:

I will. I just did something really good. I feel purposeful.

On Thursday, Smith’s boss at Vante, CEO Roger Vogel, had other words for him…

Vante regrets the unfortunate events that transpired yesterday in Tucson between our former CFO/Treasurer Adam Smith and an employee at Chick-fil-A. Effective immediately, Mr. Smith is no longer an employee of our company.

We hope that the general population does not hold Mr. Smith’s actions against Vante and its employees.

Finally, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-NV), on Tuesday claimed in a [news] interview that someone had told him Mitt Romney went 10 years without paying taxes; and he would only identify his source as an investor in [Romney’s former venture capital firm], Bain Capital, according to a FOXNews article today.

And as if that didn’t get enough attention, Reid upped the ante by taking to the Senate floor Thursday, and saying:

The word’s out that he hasn’t paid any taxes for 10 years … Let him prove that he has paid taxes, because he hasn’t.

This was clearly part of a broader Democratic attack on Romney for declining to release more than two years of tax documents, so Romney called Reid’s hand, first in an interview with host Sean Hannity on FOXNews last night, when he said…

Harry’s going to have to describe who it is he spoke with, because, of course, that is totally and completely wrong. It’s untrue, dishonest and inaccurate. It’s wrong.

So, I’m looking forward to have Harry reveal his sources, and we will probably find out it’s the White House.

Mitt is on to something, except that all the evidence points to the Obama and The White House really being managed from Chicago–and they are on ‘life support.’


“Fighters”… for Dave

By: Andrea Shea King

It’s been a long road for Dave. He’s been on life support at UC Davis Cancer Center for the past month, and the outlook isn’t positive, but we continue to hold hope in our hearts for this dear man, our friend and patriot whose love of country defines him.

Your continued prayers are requested for Dave. For his health, for his spirit, for his soul.

This video is written and sung by our friend LaLa Deaton, whose encouragement to Dave is deeply appreciated. It is titled, appropriately, “Fighters”, because that is also what defines Dave.

Thank you,


What Are The Chances? Obama, Jarrett, and Axelrod, All Connected to Communist Frank Marshall Davis

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Paul Kengor PhD, author of The Communist, a biography of Barack Obama‘s boyhood mentor and ardent communist, Frank Marshall Davis, has penned an important article for The American Spectator.

David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett

It seems that not only Obama was connected to Frank Marshall Davis, but the president’s two most trusted friends and advisers Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod, can also trace their political heritage back to Davis and the Chicago Communist Party USA of the 1940s.

From The American Spectator:

As readers of this site are aware, I’ve just published a book on Barack Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. No president in the long history of this republic has had a mentor like Obama’s. Frank Marshall Davis was a literal — and I mean literal — card-carrying member of Communist Party USA. I publish Davis’s Communist Party number (47544) on the cover of the book, and fill an appendix with declassified FBI documents and Soviet archival material. Those documents reveal a Davis so suspicious that he was placed on the federal government’s Security Index, which meant he could be immediately arrested if war broke out between the United States and USSR. With that sort of pro-Soviet influence throughout his adolescence (1970-79), Barack Obama would have trouble getting a security clearance for an entry-level government job, let alone sit in the Oval Office.

Nonetheless, Obama sits in that Oval Office today thanks to four factors: the American voter, a scandalously biased media, a skillful election strategy charted by David Axelrod, and the careful nurturing of Valerie Jarrett.

And most remarkable, Axelrod’s and Jarrett’s backgrounds and mentors connect to Obama’s background and mentor in a most intriguing way. It’s a stunning story, hard to believe. Follow closely:

Frank Marshall Davis, like Obama, found himself, his career, and his political calling in Chicago. It was there in the 1940s that he first began working for communist front-groups, joined the Communist Party, and wrote for and became the founding editor-in-chief of the Chicago Star, the city’s Communist Party newspaper — where Davis kicked off the newspaper with a column (July 6, 1946) pledging to advance “fundamental change.” In these capacities, Davis, Obama’s mentor, would work with the political ancestors of David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett.

I lay that out at length in the book, with all the documentation. Here, I will try to be brief and to the point.

In 1940, Frank Marshall Davis got involved in one of the worst communist fronts: the American Peace Mobilization. Congress called the group “one of the most notorious and blatantly communist fronts ever organized in this country” and “one of the most seditious organizations which ever operated in the United States.” The group’s objective (in 1940) was to stop the United States from entering the war against Hitler. Why? Because Hitler had signed a non-aggression pact with Stalin, and American communists, being loyal Soviet patriots who literally swore allegiance to the USSR, saluted Stalin.

One of the first examples I found of Frank Marshall Davis getting noticed by Congress was a 1944 Congressional report listing his involvement in the American Peace Mobilization. That same report also cited the involvement of a fellow Chicagoan named Robert Taylor. Taylor was the grandfather of Valerie Jarrett.

Taylor also served with Davis on another communist front, the Chicago Civil Liberties Committee, whose members masqueraded as civil-rights crusading “progressives.” The two served on the board together.

Both Taylor and Davis would have frequently encountered another politically active Chicagoan, Vernon Jarrett. Vernon Jarrett and Frank Marshall Davis worked together on the small publicity team of the communist-controlled Packinghouse Workers Union, which Frank Marshall Davis publicly called for nationalizing. Vernon Jarrett would one day become Valerie Jarrett’s father-in-law.

So, here we have Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, working with the literal relatives of Valerie Jarrett — all serving together in Chicago’s Communist Party circles in the 1940s.

And what about David Axelrod?

Axelrod is a native New Yorker who, in the 1970s, found himself and his political calling in Chicago, where he went to college and worked for newspapers as a political journalist. (See my March 2012 Spectator profile of David Axelrod.) There, Axelrod was mentored by the Canter family, namely David Canter. The Canter family’s Soviet/communist roots were deep. David and his family had lived in Moscow just before Chicago. His father, Harry Canter, worked there as an official translator of Lenin’s writings. Harry, who had been secretary of the Boston Communist Party and ran for governor of Massachusetts on the Communist Party ticket, did this as a literal employee of Stalin’s government.

After that service to the Soviets, the Canter crew headed to Chicago, a hot-bed for American communists. They worked with Frank Marshall Davis in writing communist propaganda for the Packinghouse Workers Union, in teaching at the communist Abraham Lincoln School, in marching in Chicago’s May Day parades, and in the pages of the Chicago Star. In fact, when Davis and his comrades sold the Chicago Star to something called the Progressive Publishing Company in September 1948, Harry Canter was one of the small group of board members doing the purchase.

There are several key names here. Let me sum up:

Frank Marshall Davis mentored Barack Obama. The Canter family mentored David Axelrod, who got Obama elected president. Vernon Jarrett’s daughter-in-law is Valerie Jarrett, and Robert Taylor was Valerie Jarrett’s grandfather. Jarrett is Obama’s top presidential adviser. In other words, Obama’s political ancestor worked with the political ancestors of Axelrod and Jarrett.

Oh, and they all called themselves progressives.

Amazing, but true. You can’t make this up. The ghosts of Chicago’s political past are alive and well in Washington today. Today’s political family at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue can be traced back to the political family of Chicago in the 1940s. It’s all in the (political) family.

There is no doubt that Barack Obama was marked out for high office at an early age.

It is also undeniable that pro-Soviet communists worked to enable Obama at almost every step of his career.


Dumb clucks. ‘Brain damaged by the Left’

The Radio Patriot

For some time, I’ve been characterizing them as “dumbclucks.” The brainless birdbrains who can’t make a cogent, logical argument, but instead rely on emotional arm-waving and invective hurling. Dumb clucks. Like hens in a feed yard. Only hens have a good excuse. They’re hens! Legitimately fowl! Wednesday’s support of an establishment that serves chicken is such delicious irony…

Jason Ivey, a NYC resident who works in the TV episodic production business tells this story about the intolerant. With his permission, I reprint it here.

*** cluck cluck ***

There IS one Chik-fil-A in New York, at NYU. City council speaker Christine Quinn wrote on official stationary to the president of NYU asking him to expel the city’s only location.

I just finished a discussion with my co-worker that got me thinking about something in a slightly different way. A couple of years ago, she went from straight to gay and now has a serious girlfriend. We don’t really discuss politics.

Anyway, she walked back into our office chuckling, as it turns out because she and someone else in the office were making fun of the hate-filled homophobes showing up at Chik-Fil-A.

I decided not to let it slide, so I asked if she was on the side of the authoritarians squelching free speech and attempting to deny a business its right to operate in a given city merely because the owner of the company expressed a view on a radio show — a mainstream view at that — but one that didn’t conform to a current fad.

Well, no, but that’s not the point. The point to her was that all of these people showing up at Chik-Fil-As had to be gay-haters. Why else would they be doing it?

I asked her if she thought I ever gave her any indication that I hated gay people, which she quickly answered no. I asked her if she could then think of any reason I might be opposed to gay marriage, if she agreed I have no animosity toward people who are gay simply for being gay. She told me there was no other argument.

I said that just because she was not familiar with such an argument didn’t mean that one didn’t exist. I then proceeded to give the standard argument about why marriage has been defined as one man and one woman for thousands of years (which we’re all familiar with here, I won’t repeat it), and how opposition to gay marriage, for me and many others like me, has to do with acknowledging the reasons and merits of the institution, rather than with the individuals seeking to change it.

Her response was to tell me she respected my position, but thought I was obviously in a small minority of people. I said I didn’t think I was, that perhaps I can articulate something others instinctively feel but can’t necessarily intellectualize or make an argument around.

I had no hope of changing her view as it directly relates to gay marriage. She wants to feel as accepted and normal as possible, and wants “the same things” others are able to have. Standard argument.

The main point I wanted to get across to her was this: when you dismiss, ignore, or deny a valid argument, you inevitably attack the low-hanging fruit. In painting your intellectual opponents as Neanderthals, you — in your own mind — elevate yourself and your argument to a position of moral superiority. By assigning yourself this moral superiority, you’re then given license to bully, which is what’s happening where this issue is concerned. When you’ve been given license to bully, you start accepting authoritarian means to achieve what should be democratic ends.

When people have been given the opportunity to actually vote on the subject of gay marriage, they’ve mostly upheld the traditional view. If you write off such exercises as due to the participation of what must be bigots and idiots, then you excuse subverting the democratic process and decreeing rulings of single judges or mayors for instance. The authoritarian impulse is stoked due to feelings of moral superiority, brought about by a failure to understand or recognize the legitimate arguments.

I closed the door for this conversation. I asked her what she thought would happen if I were to go around the office telling everyone I was against gay marriage. She laughed, because she knows what would happen. However, having listened to an actual argument, she no longer had any outward hostility toward my view, even though she wasn’t going to eventually agree with me.

Like a lot of people, she’s been brain-damaged by the Left and its media. It’s no different than declaring any opposition to Obama’s policies as racist. Create a straw-man argument, put yourself in the morally superior position, then feel free to bully all you want.

I pointed out that if you’re going to destroy something, you’d better understand what it is you’re destroying first. And also that what some people consider “progress”, others can consider decay or regress, and have the stats to back it up.

It’s the righteous bullying that gets me more fired up than the issue itself, and I was glad to see some of you participating in the Chik-Fil-A appreciation.