Tea Party Insurrectionists

By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

Retired Col. Kevin Benson is teaching United States soldiers at the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas that the enemy that will be met in the streets here on our soil are extremist Tea Party insurrectionists according to an article by Anthony Martin which appeared on the Examiner website. The title, Army colonel ignites firestorm with article on crushing a ‘tea party insurgency’, illustrates the mindset of some in our government and could easily be compared to that of pre-World War Two Germany.

The pattern has been used before; quite effectively I might add, to label any portion of society which may be a threat to the powers that be; to label them as extremists, a danger to the average everyday citizen.

After a year or so of hearing over and over again that Jews were a danger to the stability of Germany, nobody said much when the Jew’s businesses were trashed or their homes taken away. Then came the “night of the long knives,” when all undesirables were summarily executed or rounded up to be carted off. Nobody wanted to know what had happened in the shadows, a sorry excuse for the rule of law; most were simply glad the troublemakers were gone and everyone could be happy again.

The drive-by media is branding the Tea Party movement as troublemakers every chance they get, doing so in concert with the progressives in the Obama administration and Homeland Security. Now some top leaders in the military have joined in directing insulting language toward conservative members of society who will stand up against tyranny.

Back in January of this year the Department of Homeland Security finalized its study on how to deal with home grown terrorist groups which included the following (on page 9 of that report):

“Extreme Right-Wing: groups that believe that one’s personal and/or national “way of life” is under attack and is either already lost or that the threat is imminent (for some the threat is from a specific ethnic, racial, or religious group), and believe in the need to be prepared for an attack either by participating in paramilitary preparations and training or survivalism. Groups may also be fiercely nationalistic (as opposed to universal and international in orientation), anti-global, suspicious of centralized federal authority, reverent of individual liberty, and believe in conspiracy theories that involve grave threat to national sovereignty and/or personal liberty.”


“…DHS went to work to downplay the danger and significance of radicalized Islam and to highlight the supposed dangers posed by “homegrown, right wing terrorists” who are characterized by an extreme adherence to conservative Christianity and the belief that the Constitution is the final rule of law in America, small and limited government is the ideal insisted upon by the Framers, and big government poses an ever growing threat to individual freedom.”

In other words, the Tea Party movement which represents conservative values is considered more of a threat to America than Islamic extremists who have pledged to destroy all western civilization.

I remember seeing the mountains of trash left behind after the coronation of Obama as America’s Emperor, his adoring public leaving soiled diapers, sandwich wrappers and empty drinking cups scattered to such an extent as to make it appear like a band of vandals had attacked our nation’s capital. Folks from the Tea Party movement gathered in Washington D.C. to express concerns about how poorly our representatives in Washington were handling the economy and basic constitutional principles. The Tea Party standing up to poor leadership in Washington may have been the most civilized gathering to ever have happened in the history of that great city.

Unlike the Occupy Movement which destroyed almost everything they touched in cities they laid siege to, there were no Tea Party rapes, no Tea Party murders and no Tea Party fist fights within the huge crowds which represented conservative traditional family values; with perhaps the exception of some SEIU thugs who assaulted some innocent folks. Heck, there wasn’t even trash to pick up after they left since members of the Tea party movement love their country so much they pick up after themselves.

The news media has been working its lies and propaganda for quite some time now. Every opportunity is used to brand conservative minded folks as extremists. Moments after the shooting which left 6 people dead and Representative Gabby Giffords gravely injured, members of the media reported it had been the result of some right wing extremist or Tea Party member. No evidence was available to back up such a statement; but the lie had to be spread so that as many folks would hear the lie and react unfavorably towards anyone holding conservative opinions.

The same propaganda style reporting happened recently after the shooting rampage in Aurora, Colorado; it must have been an extremist member of the Tea Party movement, someone who has been training with a survivalist group. It doesn’t matter if the facts don’t match with the reporting; the public must hear it over and over again how dangerous the conservatives are, those who cling to religion and guns, extremists who gravitate to the Tea Party movement, home grown terrorists who need to be carefully scrutinized.

Now we have a retired U.S. Army colonel teaching our troops to prepare for military exercises under the presumption they will be facing home grown terrorists, extremists who are Tea Party insurrectionists willing to go to war on our own soil. I can only hope there is a voice of reason somewhere in our military, a voice which counters this bombardment of insanity and innuendo directed toward patriotic Americans. Maybe we can get the Oath Keepers to address these same military personnel, undo some of the damage done by a reckless hate monger like Retired Col. Kevin Benson and remind them of their constitutional responsibilities. Our troops defend and support the Constitution, not the party in power.

I have a question, when has the current administration scheduled our “night of the long knives?” Some believe it will come about if the elections in November don’t return Obama for a second term, that riots have been planned in advance in order to create the perfect “crisis” which would require military action. Watch your back; treachery and history go hand in hand; but I’m just speaking as a Tea Party insurrectionist.

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Smarmy ‘Super PAC’ ad proves Obama campaign ‘going for broke’

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

As the old saying goes, ‘desperate people do desperate things,’ which now must be the mantra at Obama campaign central in Chicago, in light of the truly pitiful attack ad released in battleground states today by the lone pro-Obama Super PAC.

The Priorities USA ad focuses on the story of Joe Soptic, a former GST Steel worker who lost his job when the firm declared bankruptcy in 2001, according to a FOXNews article today.

It is uncertain at this time how Team Obama convinced Mr. Soptic to ‘star’ in this utterly fraudulent piece of distraction, other than the obvious fact he was a steel workers union member.

The table is set by Soptic saying, ‘when “Mitt Romney and Bain” closed the plant, his family lost their health care. Then, the ‘time warp’ begins…

A short time after that, my wife became ill.

There was nothing they could do for her, and she passed away in 22 days.

I do not think Mitt Romney realizes what he’s done to anyone.

The ad made Liberal use of ‘literary license,’ by condensing an actual seven year time sequence of events into what it wants to appear as just a month or two–obviously hoping that it would go unnoticed, when portrayed by a completely somber Soptic, as the 60 second, $20 million ad campaign blankets TV screens in Iowa, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Unfortunately for the Obama camp, the gravitas of this new attack ad was condemned, 24 hours before its release, by the Washington Post’s ‘AdWatch’ fact-checking arm–largely a Liberal leaning organization generally supportive of the president’s narratives, according to an Associated Press article yesterday.

Soptic’s conclusion that Romney bears some blame in his wife’s death is not backed up factually in the ad. She died in 2006, five years after the plant closed, a fact the ad doesn’t disclose.

The FOXNews article also revealed that Soptic’s wife had health insurance for some time after the plant closed, through her own employer–meaning Soptic’s layoff did not strip the family of coverage. And, the article also cited a Kansas City Star article, corroborating Mrs. Soptic’s death in 2006–just as Romney was finishing his term as Massachusetts governor.

Why would Team Obama stoop so low?

First, because a new Quinnipiac University/New York Times/CBS News poll [of “Likely Voters”] shows Romney leading Obama by double-digits among–white working-class voters, who are considered critical in the November election–in the equally critical battleground states of Colorado, Wisconsin and Virginia.

More important is the fact that for the third month in a row, Team Romney’s $101 million fundraising haul in July, left Team Obama bringing up the rear at just $75 million, according to Oliver Knox’ Yahoo News article yesterday.

As Team Obama probably spent more than it brought in again last month, the re-election campaign warned supporters in an email plea for cash on Monday that Mitt Romney’s vast fundraising edge means “we’re in trouble” with scarcely three months to go before Election Day.

“We got beat three months in a row,” the campaign said in the unsigned message. “If we don’t step it up, we’re in trouble.”

That could be the understatement of this entire election cycle, as Team Romney declared a cash balance of $186 million, with the Obama campaign moot, while pro-Romney Super PACs report a $22 million versus $3 million advantage over pro-Obama PACs.

So, it would clearly seem that Barack Obama is, literally, ‘going for broke.’


Copts Forced to Flee their Town

By: Ashraf Ramelah
Voice of the Copts

Dahshoor Coptic Homes

Once again Copts have been forced to leave their homes after Muslim mobs loot and set them ablaze, this time in the village of Dahshoor, 20 miles south of Cairo. This incident began on Wednesday (July 25) with a singed shirt mistakenly scorched by a Coptic laundry presser who was preparing the garment. This commonplace slip-up spurred the fury of a three-day rampage headed by the enraged customer after finding his shirt ruined. When the business owner, who was also the presser of the laundry establishment, accidentally burned a shirt belonging to a Muslim customer, a heated argument between the two men ensued over the damages. This soon escalated into a physical fight — after which the mad customer left the store.

The following afternoon, (Thursday, July 26) the angry customer returned, this time accompanied by a group of Muslim vigilantes (20 men) arriving at the laundry to punish the owner, but found the store closed. Resolved to take revenge upon the owner, they continued to the laundryman’s nearby home where he perched on his rooftop ready with Molotov cocktails to defend himself and his family. As the inevitable fight broke out, an unfortunate passer-by, a young Muslim man in his 20s, unrelated to the scene, was accidentally struck by a fire bottle. He was transported to the hospital with serious injuries. The Egyptian state police in the town were present and stood silent. They did not intervene to enforce the law and keep order.

Dahshoor Coptic Stores

Unfortunately, it did not end here. The next morning (Friday, July 27), an irate mob of approximately 2,000 Muslim men from surrounding towns stormed into Dahshoor to hunt down Copts, in particular the laundryman. Many stores along the way were looted and destroyed. The laundryman’s home was ransacked and then burned to the ground, as well as other Coptic homes.

During this time, the father of the hospitalized man injured by the fire bottle the day before made death threats to Copts saying he would retaliate if his son died. As news began to spread of the young man’s deteriorating health in the hospital, Copts took the advice of both the police and their priest to flee the town. Five hundred Copts fled their homes. There residences were then looted by the mob. Father Takla was quoted as saying that law enforcement (Egyptian state police) demanded Copts leave the town in order to avoid escalation of violence certain to occur.

Dahshoor Coptic Oppression

Meanwhile part of the mob turned their rage upon the Saint George Church, a few hundred meters away, to pillage and burn it at the instigation and direction of a mosque’s Imam. Sources say the church doors were locked and no one was attacked. There are conflicting reports as to whom, if any, defended the church, but the church is still standing and Saint George’s priest, Father Takla, removed himself to a remote location and remains safe.

It is clear from all reports that the state police did not enforce the laws to preserve order during this rampage. As under the Mubarak regime and the military transitional council after Mubarak’s removal headed by Field Marshal Tantawi, President Morsi’s state police gave tacit approval of the aggression taking place. On Tuesday (July 31), the young Muslim man injured by the fire bottle during the first attack upon the Copt business owner’s home, died in the military hospital in Cairo. At least four Copts were reported injured and taken to Cairo and Giza hospitals.

Please take note of the separate hospitals to which the injured parties were taken. It is no accident that the Muslim was driven to the military hospital which is considered to be the best facility and the Copts anywhere but the military hospital. This subtlety should not be overlooked in assessing Egypt’s ingrained prejudice against the non-Muslim population.

Eyewitness accounts of this story as reported in the local and national Arabic press throughout Egypt brought to light the facts of this horrible episode. Twenty to thirty newspaper reports were used to gather the events of this story as well as interviews from Dahshoor residents on Egyptian talk radio.

Forced evacuations from small towns by Copts under duress of similar conditions have been ongoing in Egypt for many years and more so after the January 25, 2011 uprising. During the transitional military government, we witnessed practically identical occurrences in the towns of Etfeh (March 4, 2011), Imbaba (March 8, 2011), Marinab (September 30, 2011) and Al Ameria (January 27, 2011).

The Dahshoor incident proves, along with others like it in recent years, that violence will continue to prevail if the new government under President Morsi does not rebuild the country’s institutions in view of equality under the law for all of Egypt’s citizens. Preferential treatment for Muslim citizens and promotion of one religion above all others, defining the country’s law with the direct influence of the Muslim religious beliefs, will serve to embolden separatism and further the populace to live in fear of both street violence and the state police.

The hope and change we have for Egypt now resides in the party of freedom and justice, but so far there is an astounding resemblance to past dictatorships with perhaps even greater intention to move the country toward Islamic law. But ordinary Egyptians do not want this law and this is proven in the generosity of spirit often displayed between Egyptian neighbors which transcends the divisive dictates of government authorities and the institutionalized bias advancing separatism and spreading terror.

At least one such report came from the Dahshoor incident. A Muslim woman handed a Christian man her burka and hijab to shield his identity in order to escape from the mob. In this profoundly touching act of charity, perhaps she saw in his plight their common subjection to tyranny. The will to be free has no boundaries.