2 thoughts on “Ezra Levant: Who is Huma Abedin

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  2. There is a spiritual war happening right before our very own eyes. This war translates into evil acts of destruction aimed at America and all that it stands for. It is not of sheer co-incidence that Humma Abedin is muslim and was raised outside the US during her prime years as a child, when children are taught to believe in those things their parents teach them. To later re-enter the US to attend a prominent US university and now sits-in with the Secretary of State of the United States. The enemy has long infiltrated this country through reglion. America has been caught by her very own words “freedom of religion”. Religion is a tool that is used by its followers to veil what lies behind the said belief. Because the terrorists attacks were done in the name of islam, but in the name of islam there are no negociations of peace or unity, there are no acts of good deeds. America is not a muslim country, and that religion adverts hatrated against those non-believers (if your not for it, then you are against it). Their god encites war and violence ( War is only means of imposing a country’s, organisation, peoples, systems will by force over another. By the words “freedom of religion” a price will be paid for erring, if muslims claim islam is true and pure, why would they want to live in a country that embraces not their same beliefs. A country whose government does not embrace islam niether abides by islamic laws. Get Huma Abedin out of Washington, if she wants to serve government, let her serve a government that embraces and appeals islamic laws or a government that is in line with the words she once perhaps swore when joining in the Brotherhood. Her envolvement with the Muslim Brotherhood goes far beyond just a belief or religion. Whilst I know there is a saying, and I quote ” keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer”, one cannot serve 2 gods.

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