2 thoughts on “CTU Strike: 5 Facts You Should Know

  1. Yes your fact are right but you are spinning it the facts. I’m a parent I also know this is not about money for teachers. Parents are with the teachers because of class size. Up to 55 students in a class and no aide. Other issues are social economical related issues for example since 85% of students are below consider below the proverty line and require free lunches need social services( a lot are homeless). Also as a parent I do not want my children tested 15 times a year. Really thats the reform you want 15 times a year? Not me.

    I can go on you want more I can give you more. As a parent I am happy the teacher union is listening to parents because the school board is not. Again it’s not just about money. As much as I am a republican living in Chicago I must say your fact are true but misleading and a true spin and the facts. Good day. Parents for teachers

  2. Wow! Trade fin. Perhaps you should get some one-on-one instruction on grammar from the teachers while you are at the picket lines.

    I come from a country that produces more engineers, doctors, lawyers per capita than the US. That is despite the fact that half our country is under the poverty line and lives in rural neighborhoods. That is despite the fact, that even in private schools, the average classroom size is above 30 students. 45 in my school (up to and including high school). The last 2 years of my high school, the class size was over 60+.

    My engineering classroom had an average size of about 50+ Despite this, American companies want us. Why? Because we weren’t coddled, knew the true value of a good education, and knew that where we came from had no bearing on where we could go. During my post-graduate studies in the US, I’ve been in classrooms with over a hundred students. That doesn’t stop someone with the will to impart knowledge and someone with the will to absorb all they can from engaging in a mutually beneficial exchange. Teacher’s in CPS make far too many excuses, and put in too little effort (there exist exceptions to every rule, so don’t tell me about some Michelle Pfeifer-esque teacher you know of).

    Pray tell me how something can be true yet misleading and how that applies to the information in this video?

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