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Book Review: The Osprey Vendetta

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Available at Amazon.com on Kindle and in Paperback

I love this book!!! It has humor, real men, real women, violence – what’s not to love? Simply put, I could not put the book down and eagerly await the next two coming out. I usually don’t have time to read a book cover to cover, but I made time for this one. It made me laugh and kept me riveted. I have missed books like this one – The Osprey Vendetta by Trapper Pettit is just awsome.

The characters are fun and patriotic, something you just don’t see much anymore in books or movies. Great writing and a great plot round out the book. Mixed into it are the headlines from today and an insight into what makes out politicians and government tick. Guess who the bad guys are? 🙂

Do yourself a favor and read this book – give it to your friends and family. It provides a bit of a release from the somber headlines of the day and it is just downright fun. Did I mention guns and really witty good guys? You’ve just got to read this one. 🙂

You can pick up your copy at Amazon.com on Kindle or in Paperback.


Obama’s Legacy on Black America

By: Lloyd Marcus

I am on the road touring with Tea Party Express. In my hotel room, I caught an interview with first lady Michelle Obama on “Lift Every Voice,” a faith-based program on BET (Black Entertainment Television). I was amazed at how the black host and program producers portrayed Mrs. Obama and her husband as the couple they want to believe them to be – that is, strongly committed Christians.

In reality, Obama is the most anti-Christian president in U.S. History. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/barton-calls-obama-americas-most-biblically-hostile-u-s-president/ Obama’s behavior is irrelevant to the TV program producers. I felt like I was watching an episode of the Twilight Zone in which everything was the opposite of reality.

What on earth is going on in the hearts and minds of most black Americans in regard to Obama? Why are a majority of blacks apparently incapable of honestly accessing President Obama’s job performance?

In past articles, I blamed The Black Code (never side with whites against a fellow black) and plain old basic black racism for black America’s blind loyalty to Obama. However, I must confess that I find myself wondering if something more sinister figures into the mix; a spiritual thing.

The Bible says, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Is black America bewitched by Obama? Frankly, I do not know. All I know is something really strange is going on in the psyche of many of my fellow blacks regarding Obama, making it impossible for them to honestly critique his job performance or who he is as a person.

For example: A black Christian minister friend is a hard-core liberal Democrat. And yet, he voted for George W. Bush in protest of the Democrats embracing the homosexual agenda. I informed my friend that along with supporting same-sex marriage, Obama has pledged to be an advocate for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. Knowing that my Christian friend is pro-life, I informed him that not only does Obama support abortion, he supports infanticide. And finally, I shared how 40 Catholic organizations are suing the Obama administration for mandating in Obamacare that Christian institutions fund abortion services.

One would assume that since my friend voted against his party in favor of Christian principles in the past, he would most assuredly vote against them again, given their extreme anti-Christian agenda. Wrong. My black Christian friend is voting for Obama, again.

Here are excerpts from his reply: “I will point out that Bush was supposed to advocate and make laws to stop these things. I voted for him to do so; he didn’t. The issues now are more crucial than the issues identified by you; and while I have not deviated from my stance against these things you name, I am forced to choose between the lesser of evils. I will assure you that voting for Romney/Ryan will not change these situations any more than voting for Bush did (plus Ryan lied so much even Fox News had to dis him). What will happen however will be that Republican economic principles will hurl us into a worldwide depression so deep it will destroy the world economy as we know it and I add before its time.

He is a president controlled – as every president has been – by powers beyond his power to control from a figurehead position (money rules our political system). This nation will be judged for what its leaders have allowed and I recognized that there are no clean hands here, even the ones screaming Christ Our Lord from every campaign perch and every so-called Christian pulpit.”

While dressing his racism up in a nice intellectual well-reasoned-sounding package, clearly, my friend has sold his soul to the devil of skin-color.

So, according to this black minister of God, sacrificing the lives of innocent babies and ignoring the Bible’s opposition to homosexual marriage are lesser evils than allowing Romney/Ryan to win the White House. Dear Lord!

Mitt Romney will defeat Barack Obama in November. America will begin to heal and we will have another black president someday.

But, what about Obama’s legacy in regards to how his presidency impacted black America? Will Obama leave blacks striving for the highest ideals as did MLK? Unfortunately not. Obama will leave office with blacks behaving at their monolithic worse; voting skin-color over innocent life, national security, the economy and even their once sacred relationship with Christ.

Black America stooped this low once before with their monolithic celebration of OJ Simpson getting away with practically beheading his wife, the mother of his children. But then, she was white.

I am confident that black America will eventually recover from the stains on its character resulting from its shameful, monolithic racist behavior, rallying around the unworthy likes of OJ and Barack Obama.

America desperately longs for a “true leader” to bring us together as a nation. This person’s gender and race are irrelevant. What matters most is his or her character.

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American


“Rocky Mountain High” – Trevor Loudon’s Colorado Tour

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

I’m back for a week in one of my favorite states – awesome Colorado.

I’ll be speaking at several events, from Durango to Longmont, Denver to lovely Colorado Springs.

Monday, September 24, 2012
Longmont 912 & Longmont Republican Women
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
The Well
455 Weaver Park Road
Longmont, CO
No Charge – Donation
Speaking and book signing
[email protected]

Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Pike Peak Economics Club
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Vanguard School
1605 S. Corona Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80905
No Charge – Donation
Speaking and book signing
www.pikespeakeconomicsclub.com/CMS/PPE C/

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Four Corners Liberty Restoration
6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Durango Library
1900 East 3rd Avenue
Durango, CO
No Charge – Donation
Speaking and book signing

Friday, September 28, 2012
Evergreen Tea Party
Crystal Rose – Lookout Mountain
636 Lookout Mountain Road
Golden, CO
6 pm – 9 pm
$25 dinner buffet and cash bar
Speaking and book signing

Saturday, September 29, 2012
Candidate Search 2012
Tri-City Baptist Church
6953 W. 92nd Lane
Broomfield, CO 80021
2 pm -5 pm
Speaking briefly and book signing

Next week… touring Minnesota with the Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.


New Bishop Information: Recipient of Bishop Earmark Associated With Address Linked To Missing Funds and Meth Arrest.


New Sanford Bishop Information: Recipient of Bishop Earmark Associated With Address Linked To Missing Funds and Meth Arrests.

Just when you think that “The Saga” is over and for the most part complete, along comes another revelation of knowledge… And, yes, it involves the controversial District 2 Sanford Bishop and his history of earmarks.

Let us now go to the town of Bainbridge where another Sanford Bishop earmark has made its home. When you consider a $75,000 Grant from the U.S. Congress, one would think that it has been properly vetted and gained the approval of everyone involved for the purpose of the grant long before our tax dollars were paid out to seemingly shady individuals, or at least those with poor business taste. However, when you discover that the address that has been used and associated with the earmark looks like an abandoned warehouse and that there has been a recent meth arrest, yes meth arrest, at that location before its associated use, it just doesn’t seem like the place worthy enough for a congressional appropriation to be handed down to. However, the address that the below pictures are from is the same address that is used for the grant, 317 Clay St.

This link shows the location being associated with a Meth Bust:


What makes matters worse than the fact that this same address was involved in a meth arrest and that remnants of meth materials were found at this location is the fact that the person who was arrested was not only arrested in other drug crimes but that that a separate address of this person, 333 Josey Lane in Brinson, is the same address of an attempted murder and another meth lab location. See these two links:




In addition, the Clay Street location bust came after another meth lab bust made hours earlier that led to the location being discovered during a continued investigation.

To make matters even worse is the fact that this meth address was the same address that a “School Supply” program brought over 250 poverty-stricken kids to as part of outreach for the “Hero” Foundation. Here is the Aug 4th link that shows this building in the video and that documents where the HERO Foundation is also a recipient of a $75,000 Sanford Bishop Grant: http://bainbridgega.com/news/publish/080311schsup.shtml.

And, as is the case with Sanford Bishop, it only gets deeper.

All of this information overlaps with the person in the video who also was granted authorization for a group home of parolees, (and I am simply repeating what is already in the public domain). The group home information is listed here:


The owner of the group home for parolees, and the person connected to the Sanford Bishop Earmark, is the same woman that refused to cooperate with police as confirmed by the below link when she told Major Wendell Cofer that “she can’t reveal her source” to obtain a letter that involves questionable motives and a character assassination because a new board member was questioning illegal library meetings within DFACS. See Here: http://bainbridgega.com/news/publish/1229dfcs.shtml

So, what we have now is someone associated with DFACS in some way, involved in claiming a racial issue (sound familiar) and involved in a character assassination, who was authorized a group home for parolees, now receiving taxpayer money and using the address of a vacant junky building as seen by the pictures, only to give school supplies to children from the same location which has had a meth arrest with meth supplies discovered and the same woman involved in the arrest was also linked to an address where there was an attempted murder. Now, can someone please explain to me why someone familiar with DFACS would pick that location, a location associated with Meth and its poisonous residues, as the place to bring children to? Long and short term health effects of post-meth locations include liver and kidney damage, neurological problems, and increased cancer risks. Buildings and furniture can absorb contaminants and emit toxic fumes and it costs over $10,000 to perform a proper HAZMAT cleanup after a location is found. Yet, this is the place that we find a Sanford Bishop $75,000 grant being put to use and bringing kids to.

The problem and questionable activity doesn’t stop there and one begs to repeat the question, is something going to be done about this or is it going to be “business, as usual?”

What also is connected to this address in addition to an automotive repair shop, a dog grooming place, a previous meth arrest, and a school supply program, is the fact that it also now lists it as the address of Clarence Owens, LLC. To document this, there is a Dun & Bradstreet page listing it as an outreach location, see here: http://www.dandb.com/businessdirectory/clarenceowensllc-bainbridge-ga-11643944.html.

This link documents the Sanford Bishop $75,000 grant:


Why is this name an important association? Well, it seems that it also shows up on this website where the Decatur County notes a $75,000 Sanford Bishop Grant Disappears, yes, “Disappears.” The website refers to the $75,000 that seems to be missing from a Sanford Bishop grant. The grant was for a school program that was unauthorized and using a building that was built without a permit on a closed road that the city denied. Nothing ever came out of the purpose of the grant so what happened to the grant?

See Here: http://bainbridgega.com/news/publish/042611smallwood.shtml

And yet, the plot thickens…

According to both this link:


and this link:


another name appears, Myra, which is connected to yet another Sanford Bishop earmark, see here: http://www.legistorm.com/earmarks/details/organization/2767/Southwest_Georgia_Humanitarian_Rural_Outreach/page/1/sort/amount/type/desc.html

Interestingly, the same address as the meth location is used. So now, we have multiple business entities using the same address where Bishop is giving grants that also had a meth bust.

Don’t forget that Sanford Bishop seems to give to his inner circles such as Scholarship-Gate, where his family members and those connected to his staff received scholarships:


Don’t forget that Sanford Bishop also was a sponsor of the Cocaine Kingpin Act, see here:


Interestingly, VP Biden was the Senate Sponsor. (Also don’t forget that the Obama Administration is behind the Fast and Furious scandal where we let weapons cross the border to the drug cartels in Mexico.) What gets really scary is the fact that Sanford Bishop also received campaign donations in a similar fashion and support by the same individuals and their wives that were convicted in the gambling-based vote-buying scandal in Alabama where Ron Sparks, who is also connected to the same people, campaigned for Sanford Bishop to become Sec. of Agriculture during the Pigford Scandal timeframe. Interestingly, the D.A. had to shut down illegal gambling establishments in Bainbridge after they were exposed on the Cairo Grady FB page. See here: http://www.wctv.tv/home/headlines/127550048.html

(For further reference, deeper details, and a more complete understanding of the details of GA-2’s Congressman, go here: http://www.facebook.com/notes/cairo-grady/the-corruption-saga-of-sanford-bishop-wrapping-your-head-around-it-all/10150302051415993?comment_id=17645864)

Even CREW has him listed as a corrupt politician.

See Here: http://www.crewsmostcorrupt.org/mostcorrupt/entry/sanford-bishop

When will GA-2 wake up to the corruption pouring out of this office? When will justice prevail for our district? You have an opportunity to make that happen between now and election day. The power of the vote must overcome the power of congressional longevity.