Obama’s historic debate defeat perfect window on media bias

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

Gov. Mitt Romney’s nearly total decimation of incumbent, President Barack Obama, during the first of three presidential debates last night, provided a fundamental turning point in the race to The White House which, according to the post-debate ‘instant polling’ of viewers, now geometrically favors Republicans by more than a two-to-one margin.

In fact, the CBS poll of 500 ‘Undecided Voters’ handed Romney a 46 to 22 percent victory.

Then there was the stinging CNN/ORC ‘scientific poll’ of ‘Registered Voters’ was even more demonstrative, giving Romney a commanding 67-25 upset over President Obama, according to Dan Gainor’s FOXNews article today.

As a result of being torpedoed below the waterline, the Obama campaign is in full ‘damage-control mode,’ defaulting to their favorite defensive [cover-up] weapon–the ‘blame-machine’–attempting to sell the idea that the president’s feckless debate performance was a one-off ‘fluke’ (no Sandra pun intended), altitude sickness, or somehow the fault of debate moderator Jim Lehrer of PBS–who actually tried to ‘coach’ Obama a half-dozen times during the evening.

And, for their part, the mainstream media has deployed legions of [Liberal] fact-checkers, who will impotently dissect every word that came out of Gov. Romney’s mouth, in the hopes of having any story that will salvage the Obama-train wreck.

Regardless, what really happened last night, that caused weeping and wailing, shock and denial among all the anchors, reporters and Liberal talking heads on all of the alphabet network and cable stations, was the total ‘de-cloaking’ of their false God.

Last night debate viewers witnessed the ‘real’ American president, Barack Hussein Obama, who without his ever present teleprompter, mainstream media protection, and campaign special effects that would George Lucas jealous, is really just a prattling, narcissistic ‘poser,’ who was given a complete, un-vetted ‘pass’ by an adoring mainstream media–because they knew he was totally unequipped for the job–and bolstered by Oprah Winfrey’s highest recommendation, before a live Chicago studio audience and the rest of the entire world.

Sadly, the hideous experience of seeing the magic of the Liberal mainstream media-anointed ‘messiah’ evaporate before his very eyes, while ‘mano-a-mano’ with Mitt Romney on national television, took its’ toll on famed motion picture producer, director and actor, Michael Moore, who shared his ‘distress’ with 1.1 million Twitter followers, or as they would be known in this case, ‘Twits,’:

Obama please be Obama! You sound like a Democrat [wimpy].

This unequivocal ‘outing’ of President Obama last night, serves as the starkest measure yet of the extraordinary amount of Liberal-biased influence the mainstream media possesses.

And, while acting in concert, it was able to utilize the public airwaves, to effectively elect a man totally incapable of being President of the United States–then continue to support, or even ‘protect,’ what is likely the most corrupt, and certainly the most damaging, presidential administration in history.

Even Pat Caddell, a long-time Democrat and pollster who served under President Jimmy Carter, declared in a recent speech titled, “The Audacity of Corruption,” that ‘the mainstream media is threatening the future of our country.’

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