Enslaving us for our own good

By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

There in the shadows where we cannot see clearly, there are dangers lurking; sounds like pulp fiction, “Only the Shadow knows”… Take for example the Northside Independent School District in rural Bexar County, Texas. School administrators have implemented a program for all students “requiring them to walk the halls with identification cards in their pockets that are equipped with RFID microchips.”

Backers of the program say the move is well intentioned and will actually bring the school millions of dollars in extra funding. Ghastly attendance rates in Bexar County currently keeps the district from earning around $175,000 a day in state assistance, reports KHOU News out of San Antonio, TX. Speaking to that city’s Express-News, district spokesman Pascual Gonzalez explains that the school wants “to harness the power of (the) technology to make schools safer, know where our students are all the time in a school, and increase revenue.

This is Texas after all; I’m surprised these folks don’t just staple a tag on each student’s ear lobe like ranchers do with cattle, pigs and sheep. Can you imagine having the school district track your every move; going to the bathroom, standing at your locker talking to friends, sitting at a table in the cafeteria while some office person keeps tabs on who you’re with and for how long?

But it’s for their own good and besides, look how much money the district will save by being able to account for each and every warm body. I remember a quote, more of a warning, by C.S. Lewis regarding the damage done by folks with good intentions.

Of all tyrannies a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. (emphasis added)

I read where some students have refused to comply with wearing the micro-chip ID card and have been punished for having bucked authorities. One student, Andrea Hernandez, a sophomore at John Jay, was told she could not vote in homecoming elections unless she wore the RFID microchip ID card even though she had her school issued ID card from before the RFID microchips were required.

After Hernandez refused to wear an RFID chip, WND reported that Deputy Superintendent Ray Galindo issued a statement to the girl’s parents: “We are simply asking your daughter to wear an ID badge as every other student and adult on the Jay campus is asked to do.” If she is allowed to forego the tracking now, the repercussions will be harsher than just revoking voting rights for homecoming contests once the school makes location-monitoring mandatory, he argued.

I urge you to accept this solution so that your child’s instructional program will not be affected. As we discussed, there will be consequences for refusal to wear an ID card as we begin to move forward with full implementation,” Galindo wrote.

It doesn’t sound like the school district is “asking.” More like demanding while at the same time throwing down the gauntlet if you ask me. A few of my friends refer to our public schools as child prisons and indoctrination centers; looks like they might be on to something.

In the movie Shawshank Redemption, Morgan Freeman’s character, Red, had been institutionalized most of his life and had become accustomed to being watched over at all times. When Red got paroled, he was placed in a menial job sacking groceries and during the course of the day he asked, “Permission to make water, Boss?” Has it come to that in our schools? Each student’s activities being observed and recorded so some superintendent can justify receiving a fair share of the State’s money?

I still like my idea about stapling livestock ID cards to each student’s ear so school administrators can keep track of the herd; keep ‘em from stampeding in the halls when the bell sounds at the end of each class. If you see some kid hanging out at the 7/11 during school hours, a bright yellow tag hanging from his ear you can alert the prison guards; I mean, alert school officials that some of that money promised the district is being wasted on a Big Gulp and a bag of chips; after all, it’s for our own good…

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The Black Divider-in-Chief

By: Lloyd Marcus

When our Rebuild America Defeat Obama tour bus rolled into downtown Dayton Ohio, the hostile vibe from blacks on the streets filled the air. A young black man called our team, Romney and Ryan “M-F-ers” before walking away. I went to find a restroom and passed a group of young blacks on a street corner murmuring about our tour buses. A young black staffer on our team said he thought he was going to have to break out his Chuck Norris skills.

Clearly, our team was at risk. I am grateful to report that the Lord had our backs and nothing serious happened. However, I could not help thinking, “This extreme racial tension and polarization is the fault of the irresponsible Chicago thug in the White House.”

One could argue that it would be the same if any other black were president. I think not. A responsible black president would discourage his supporters from using race to further his agenda and win reelection. A president worthy of the office would understand that national racial unity is fragile and precious; not something to be exploited to win policy issues or sacrificed on the reelection alter. But only a person of character would think such high thoughts. A minister said there is nothing worse than a small person in a big position.

Obama has proven himself to be a “small” man, lacking in character. Not only is Obama incapable of taking the higher ground to discourage racial cliches, he stirs the pot of racial stereotypes and false assumptions. Heck, Obama’s minions have made “race” the centerpiece of his reelection campaign. Their message is simple. Anyone not voting for Obama is a “hater” and a “racist.” Dear Lord, how did we as a nation come to expect so little in terms of the morality and character of our leaders? Obama runs America like a mob boss with young zombie blacks, his bully Justice Department and SEIU/ACORN thugs as his enforcers.

We are all familiar with the numerous occasions in which our president has despicably used race. Obama’s minions launched a campaign to brand all who opposed Obamacare racist.

Before knowing the facts, Obama said cops do profile blacks and Hispanics and that they acted stupidly in the Gates case.

He said small town Americans cling to religion and guns and do not like those who do not look like them. Obama also accused small-towners of being anti-immigrant.

In response to the Trayvon Martin shooting, Obama said if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon.

Why is that relevant other than to interject race? Obama launched a campaign ad titled, African-Americans for Obama.

When is the Caucasian-Americans for Romney ad coming? The mainstream media would have a cow.

A video resurfaced showing Obama basically telling blacks that the government does not like them. Thus, concluding that racism made aid to post-Katrina New Orleans slow.

This is the man in our White House folks.

Had blacks such as JC Watts or Condoleezza Rice been elected president, I do not believe that we would see a racial line dividing the heart of America. Brother and sister Americans, we deserve much, much better than Barack Hussein Obama.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American


New Poll: Two-Thirds of NASCAR Fans Believe Country is On the Wrong Track

For Immediate Release: October 10, 2012
Media Contact: Bill Riggs at 571.305.0456 or [email protected]

Two-Thirds of NASCAR Fans Believe Country Is On The Wrong Track

Arlington, Va.Race Fans 4 Freedom (RF4F), a project of Public Notice Research and Education Fund, today announced the results of a new national survey of NASCAR fans on the key issues of the economy and federal government spending. The survey was conducted by The Tarrance Group via telephone from Oct. 1-4, 2012, with a statistical margin-or-error of +/- 3.1 percent.

The results show a significant majority of fans (68%) say the country is on the wrong track, and an overwhelming majority (86%) believe Washington needs to reduce government spending to improve the economy.

Elizabeth Dyar, Race Fans 4 Freedom strategy and outreach manager, issued the following statement regarding the poll:

“Race fans all across the nation are concerned about the direction of our country and want Washington to work together to get our economy back on track. So many families have had to cut back on heading to races this year just to make ends meet, and they’re frustrated that Washington isn’t listening to them. The people we hear from every day are engaged on the issues and eager to make their voices heard in this Election.”

Key Findings:

  • Voters who follow NASCAR (68%) are more likely than all voters (54%) to say the country is on the wrong track.
  • NASCAR followers have the same priorities as all voters, with 71% mostly concerned with “pocketbook” issues, including the economy (27%), government spending and the budget deficit (19%), and jobs (16%).
  • For tracking purposes, the nonpartisan poll also asked NASCAR followers about the presidential race: nearly two-thirds of NASCAR fans prefer Mitt Romney (63%) to President Barack Obama (34%) in a head-to-head matchup in the presidential race. In general, Romney is over performing with NASCAR followers, as 58% say that they usually vote Republican, but 63% support Romney on the ballot.

Click here to read the full memo.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Elizabeth Dyar, please contact Bill Riggs at 571.305.0456 or [email protected].

Race Fans 4 Freedom, a project of Public Notice Research & Education Fund (PNREF), is a 501(c)(3) nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to empowering race fans with the knowledge of what has made America the best and the ability to unite as a driving force for the future of our country.

Elizabeth Dyar is the strategy and outreach manager for Race Fans 4 Freedom(RF4F). A native of Charlotte, North Carolina, her passion for sports began at a very young age. A sports fan, she embraced the love of NASCAR when her father became directly involved in the sport. From that point forward, her Sundays have been filled with the roaring of engines, dedicated race fans, pit stops, and victory laps.


West for Congress Releases New Ad “Horrible Decision”

From: Allen West

Seniors Discuss Patrick Murphy’s Dangerous Plan to Cut Medicare by $716 Billion

Stuart, FL – Today Allen West for Congress released a new ad titled “Horrible Decision” which focuses on Patrick Murphy’s support for a plan that cuts Medicare for current seniors by $716 billion, causing doctors to drop and reject Medicare patients, and empowering unelected bureaucrats to make price control decisions which will effectively dictate to seniors the procedures they can have.

“Seniors face real differences in this race for Congress when it comes to protecting Medicare for current seniors and future generations,” Allen West said. “I will ensure benefits are maintained for seniors and that Medicare exists for our children and grandchildren. By contrast, my opponent supports slashing Medicare by $716 billion to pay for Obamacare. The result will be doctor shortages for Medicare patients, long wait times to see a doctor, and a panel of bureaucrats making healthcare decisions for seniors. I refuse to allow Patrick Murphy, Nancy Pelosi and President Obama to destroy Medicare.”

Horrible Decision

“Horrible Decision” :30 TV

Allen West: I’m Allen West and I approve this message.

Female Senior 1: As a senior, we need Medicare.

Female Senior 2: Patrick Murphy’s plan to cut Medicare for seniors is, is pretty dangerous.

Male Senior 1: To take out $700 billion dollars and would hurt seniors tremendously here in Florida.

Female Senior 1: It’s a horrible decision that Patrick Murphy would make to cut Medicare.

Female Senior 3: I do not trust Patrick Murphy with my Medicare.

Male Senior 2: Medicare will die and it will be Patrick Murphy and his friends who will be killing it.