Richard Carmona’s Treatment of Women

President Obama’s handpicked choice to run for Senate in Arizona, Richard Carmona, has an extremely troubled past ­­– specifically his treatment towards female coworkers.

Read The Carmona Files…

We always think it’s important to take into consideration the political records of each candidate when voting for Senate. But we think this goes much further than typical voting records, Richard Carmona has a history of disturbing behavior. Here are some of the facts:

  • Sworn Congressional testimony of Carmona’s former female colleague: “He’s a very angry man and he has problems with women.”
  • He showed up at mother’s home in the middle of the night banging on her door.
  • Antagonism and a threat to another female coworker who tried to do the right thing by reporting a doctor abusing drugs.

Research his history for yourselves. We need people of good, moral character in office.

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