Book Review: Planned Bullyhood

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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The truth can be sooo illuminating. Karen Handel, a former executive with Susan G. Komen For The Cure, is exposing the bullying thuggish tactics of Planned Parenthood and a coerced affiliation. Gee, I’m so surprised.

Planned Bullyhood: The Truth About the Planned Parenthood Funding Battle with Komen, is a book straight from Handel’s heart about the organization she deeply loves and her passion for finding a cure for the disease of breast cancer. Having lost several in my family to this disease, I cherish her devotion to the cause.

The book covers the circumstances surrounding the organization’s withdrawal of grant funds to Planned Parenthood, a giant in the dark field of abortion. And I might add, a supreme manipulator of young women to their detriment. They are not only pro-abortion, they are anti-morality.

In the scheme of things, this boiled down to politics and ideology more than money. Planned Parenthood and the Left didn’t give a damn who they hurt as long as their Progressive agenda was forwarded. Breast cancer victims were expendable.

The whole kerfluffle lasted only a week – a week in which there were bomb threats, protests and a focused targeting of Komen’s corporate sponsors with the insinuation that if they didn’t get in line, Planned Parenthood would do to them what they did to Komen. For that week, Planned Parenthood was relentless and brutal against Komen.

When Komen relented and rejoined Planned Parenthood’s fold, the damage was still extensive financially and their reputation was hurt immensely. You honestly think people did not see what happened? You think they won’t remember? I know I will and so will many, many women.

Handel was part of the decision making to defund Planned Parenthood. Now she is part of the light exposing Planned Parenthood and the Left again for what they are and the tactics they use. I believe Karen Handel was simply trying to do the right thing and still is. She has written an excellent, riveting book and I recommend it to everyone… especially women. Find out what really happened and who the real players are and were. Buy it here.