One thought on “Atlas Shrugged Part II Trailer

  1. My first thumbnail review of “Atlas Shrugged Pt 2”: It wasn’t as pure as Pt 1 – I think the desperate circumstances of production for 1 made it have a sort of clear flow. This is more hectic and colored. But the thriller aspect and econ-political passion of the book still shines through. A number of unfortunate continuity errors and such – some quite severe. The Richard Halley sequence was bad. Dagny seems overly tired even with the world collapsing, but Rearden’s character was more or less successfully updated for 2012, and his clotted marriage makes more sense given our times. Some very interesting adaptative decisions (e.g., making TT have a central nerve center and having Dave Mitchum work there). Eddie Willers is a stronger character, seems a better match for Dagny. Francisco stands out – he has the burning passion (almost mystical) of someone who has seen another world. Not much like the Francisco of the book – the Zorro-inspired D’Anconia has become more an avenging/liberating angel, but through him we hear some of the purer moments of Rand’s voice come through. (There’s not much of it in the movie – the plot and some of the relationships have been extracted.) During some of the film I felt uncomfortable with the tonal departure from Rand. I whispered to Chiara Brown , “This is the novel, fractured and rendered into Muzak.” But there were moments of truth and beauty and passion.

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