‘Benghazi-gate’ sticking like gum to bottom of Obama’s shoes

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

Even with Hillary Clinton conveniently traveling to Peru, while camera-hound Susan Rice is no where to be found, and the mainstream media dutifully running interference on State Department ‘whistle-blower’ Congressional testimony last Wednesday, the specter of a White House cover-up, over the fatally botched Benghazi consulate situation–is stuck like gum to the bottom of President Barack Obama’s shoes.

It is probably with a great sense of irony that, with only 22 days before the elections, Obama is now loathing the fact his Justice Department won the ‘early voting right for everyone’ dust-ups with Republican state governments.


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is by every measure the [only] ‘key witness’ remaining, whose deposition is yet to be taken by her own, hastily organized, board of inquiry, itself born from her declared ‘blood oath’ of accountability, regarding the ‘terrorist attack’ in Libya that resulted in the first assassination of a U.S. Ambassador in 23 years, during the Jimmy Carter presidency.

So, as Benghazi and a ‘presumed’ White House ‘cover up’ was, again, the hotly contested topic on every major Sunday morning news talk show yesterday–doesn’t it same strange that she felt the need to travel to Peru?

Evidently, Clinton will be meeting with Peruvian President Ollanta Humala, then speak about the empowerment of women at a “Women as the Drivers of Social Growth and Inclusion” conference there, according to an Associated Press article today.

And as Clinton isn’t scheduled to return to Washington, D.C. until later tomorrow, at least Barack Obama can rest assured that she will not contribute any ‘bumps in the road’ for him at the second presidential debate tomorrow night.

However, Senator Lindsey Graham (SC-R), a ranking member of a Senate Armed Services subcommittee, did include the State Department in his remarks Sunday morning on CBS “Face the Nation:”

They’re trying to sell a narrative, quite frankly, that [the] wars are receding and that al-Qaida has been dismantled. And to admit that our embassy was attacked by al-Qaida operatives … I think undercuts that narrative.

Not to worry, even after being blasted by their own ombudsman for severely under-reporting on the exploding Benghazi-gate story, The New York Times are solidly in the Obama corner of the ring; today, NYT editors believed that what amounts to a North Korean crop report, and rising skirt hem lengths at bowling alleys in Pyongyang, should be above the fold, front and center, with two color pictures, according to Pat Caddell’s FOXNews article today.

Laura Ingraham, Conservative radio talk show host and Fox News contributor confronted NYT political reporter Jeff Zeleny on the set of “Fox News Sunday,” by rhetorically asking about it::

I would hope that the New York Times–as they camped outside of Scooter Libby’s house during the whole Valerie Plame thing–are you guys camped out at the Susan Rice residence?

After Zeleny’s [expected] lack of confirmation, she added:

This is ridiculous and I think the press is partly culpable here.

Fox News’ Brit Hume agreed during the same roundtable discussion, saying:

I do think Laura’s made a good point. It shouldn’t be up to the campaign and candidates to try to get to the bottom of this before Election Day. This should be a job for all the good investigative reporters in the media to be out on this story, investigative teams such as they are should be all over this.

This does have, it seems to me, an extremely strong scent of cover-up and it does look like that it was engineered in some way. There’s just something about those five appearances on a Sunday with a story that they had to know was off base. That doesn’t smell right and ought to be exposed.

Caddell said he agreed ‘100 percent’ with Ingraham and Hume, [rhetorically] questioning why the self-described ‘paper of record,’ didn’t have Libya on the front page Monday morning–then answered his own question, writing:

The Times is so in the tank for the Obama administration it’s scary. I’ve never seen anything like it. They are doing everything they can to protect the Obama White House over this disaster.

When are Republicans–and all Americans–going to call on the press to look into this outrage?

First, the bad news–the mainstream media is ‘the fox in the hen house.’

The result would yield less than Attorney General Eric Holder’s ‘internal investigation’ on ‘Fast and Furious,’ or Steven Chu’s Department of Energy ‘internal investigation’ of the Solyndra Solar bankruptcy, and certainly no more than most Americans now expect from Hillary Clinton’s ‘internal investigation’ of ‘Benghazi-gate.’

The good news is that anyone can be investigated, indicted, prosecuted and convicted–especially after they leave office–when forensic teams gain complete access to evidence.

And as to the ‘karma’ of the mainstream media, ironically, in what is clearly the [last] fight for their lives–they are preferring to commit ‘professional suicide.’

Probably because not even ‘Big Bird’ can save their sinking fortunes now.

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