By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

Wednesday night, during the town hall style presidential debate, when President Barack Obama was confronted by a direct question as to why it took him two weeks to characterize the Benghazi consulate attack as a ‘terrorist attack,’ he answered that [in fact] he had do so the day, during his September 12th Rose Garden speech, as reported in a FOXNews article today.

This incredulous revelation caused Governor Mitt Romney to ‘stop dead in his tracks,’ then pivot back toward Obama and [firmly] ask the president to repeat the claim.

With pursed lips, Obama refused to, instead ordering Romney to ‘proceed.’

As Romney continued to press the president to repeat himself, Obama responded by ‘barking’ at moderator and CNN host, Candy Crowley, to ‘check the transcript.’

And as if by magic, Crowley complied, pulling out a copy from beneath her desktop, and while waving it in the air before the cameras, she asserted that President Obama was ‘correct’…to a bewildered Gov. Romney, applause from half of the audience and 65.6 million TV viewers.

Interestingly, the quote she was relying upon and seemed to immediately reference in her copy of the transcript was from all the way down in the 13th paragraph, of the 17 paragraph speech, a point well after President Obama had spoken specifically about the incident, hereunder referenced from a September 12, 2012 FOXNews article:

No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for.

Clearly, Candy’s ’emergency interdiction’ of Mitt Romney was not only against the strict rules of debate, but also the majority of American’s sense of ‘fair play.’

Not to mention that her assertion was, and still is…completely false.

Using a standard Liberal tactic, Candy Crowley would later attempt to save what, if any, integrity she had left, by finally agreeing Romney was making a legitimate point, later, during CNN post-debate coverage.

Right after that I did turn around and say … but you [Romney] are totally correct that they [Obama] spent two weeks telling us [the entire world] that this was about a tape.

Unfortunately that will not redeem her sodden character–unless Candy is filmed casting her ballot for Mitt Romney during early voting this week.

Regardless, in the end, Barack Obama’s most damning and despicable contrivance came at the end of the 8th paragraph of the speech, wherein he stated:

[B]oth Secretary Clinton and I have relied deeply on his [Ambassador Stevens’] knowledge of the situation on the ground there.

Sadly, if that were true, Hillary Clinton would not have had to fly all the way to Peru on Monday, to ‘confess’ her responsibility in Benghazi matter to FOXNews Wendell Goler, highlighting State Department officials Congressional testimony earlier in the week, admitting to the refusal of Ambassador Stevens,’ and State Department ‘security professionals,’ repeated pleas for [much] greater security at the consulate.

Accordingly, Barack and Hillary must now face the fact that every clear thinking person in America knows that they sacrificed four lives, in order to make Libya appear ‘normalized‘ for the media, in an attempt to salvage any portion of their feckless, ‘lead from behind’ foreign policy, which everyone knows is up in flames all over the Middle East.

Let it be known that even if our Special Forces operators take out a group of Ansar al-Shariah terrorists before the final presidential debate–on ‘Foreign Policy’ next Monday night, will in no way be a reprieve for these two political scoundrels.

And, it is certain that the bright, shining light that Candy Crowley shined on the president’s latest cowardly contrivance, will assure that Mitt Romney will arrive, fully prepared to re-engage on this matter–and cleanly spike Barack Obama’s reelection prospects into the ground once and for all…of us.