Romney: Jabs OK, Left Hooks To The Jaw Would Have Been Better

By: Lloyd Marcus

During the debate, Obama performed like the classless lying Chicago bully-in-chief that he is. Every answer out of Obama’s mouth was a thinly-veiled personal attack calling Romney a liar, lacking in character or pronouncing him ignorant.

Romney’s responses were too classy for my taste. He let Obama get away with far too many attacks. They say the aggressor sets the rules. Since Obama started it, I wanted Romney to deliver multiple factually loaded verbal left hooks to Obama’s jaw.

Smooth talking manipulators such as Obama turn my stomach. I have known characterless lowlifes like him all my life. They know all the right words to get the girl, get the money and get their way. Meanwhile, there is not one once of sincerity in their words or their intentions.

Obama touts women rights while implementing policies that hurt women. He talks about putting Americans back to work while demonizing business owners, vowing to punish them with higher taxes and strangling them with thousands of new regulations. Obama has the nerve to pat himself on the back regarding national defense while refusing to call a “terrorist-attack” a “terrorist-attack.”

Case in point. Families and surviving heroes of the Ft. Hood shooting are denied combat benefits because the Obama Administration insists on classifying the shooting as “workplace-violence” rather than what is was, a terrorist-attack. http://nation.foxnews.com/fort-hood-shooting/2012/10/22/obama-denies-benefits-victims-fort-hood-shooters-workplace-violence Why? Because Obama has said the war on terror is over. Thus, classifying the Ft. Hood shooting as a terrorist-attack would contradict and embarrass Obama. Consequently, surviving heroes of the shooting and their families, no benefits for you! Disgusting.

Obama is nothing more than a jive talking Chicago thug. Polling immediately after the debate declared Obama the winner. I see right through Obama’s smooth and compassionate sounding hogwash. I do not care what the polls say. The American people are over Obama’s snake-oil salesmanship skills and are donating their “Hope & Change” t-shirts to Good Will, cutting them up for rags or using them as painting shirts.

Every policy Obama has implemented over the past four years has created the complete opposite of his stated intentions. Obama says the right things while doing the opposite wrong things in plain sight. The mainstream media supports his every lie and assault on our Constitution and our freedoms.

Romney did get in a few strong jabs during the debate. As I stated, I would have loved to have seen a more aggressive Romney confronting Obama’s lies and empty rhetoric.

However, watching the debate, I asked myself, “Which of these men do I believe is most qualified and trustworthy to handle foreign policy and to turn our economy around?”

Unquestionably, my answer is Mitt Romney.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American


CBS Ohio Focus Group ‘Undecideds’ vote for Romney 6-2 over Obama

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

Last night, during the third and final presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney, several unexpected and noteworthy things happened, which took most political watchers by total surprise.

First, and most immediately apparent, was the fact that Mitt Romney all but ignored the flaming Benghazi-gate torch, even though everyone, including the president, was expecting him to finish the fight that began during the second debate last Thursday night, when moderator and CNN host Candy Crowley infamously aided Barack Obama’s claim that he did, in fact, label the incident an ‘act of terror,’ during this ‘Rose Garden speech’ the next day.


To immediately create an ‘anti-climax,’ and drain the adrenaline out of Barack Obama.

Then, Gov. Romney carefully agreed with President Obama on a number of ‘inarguable’ foreign policy issues, fostering a surprising calm with the unsuspecting president, right before he cleverly pivoted the conversation back to the economy–the undisputed ‘hot button’ for a vast majority of voters in the upcoming election.

Video: Ohio Independents pick Romney 6-2 over Obama

When Romney deliberately stated that the president’s failed foreign policy strategy had not only squandered the international reputation of the United States, but by running up four years of massive budget deficits, exploding national debt and impending, sacrificial military budget cuts, quickly drew the ‘disoriented’ Obama into deep water–without a life preserver.

This caused the president to ‘come off the rails’ and begin throwing ‘barbs’ at Romney, in an attempt to ‘belittle’ him before the national audience, while alternatively locking onto him with a ‘death stare’ as the Governor was attempting to address his points.

Great optics, Mr. President–just what ‘Undecided’ voters want to see.

In an infantile effort to parry Romney’s promise to curtail the budget cuts to preserve the ability of our military to protect and defend our country, Obama mocked the Governor’s apparent lack of knowledge–by referring to a legion of unused battle tanks parked in the Middle East desert, saying we don’t need anymore–because of these things called aircraft carriers, which have jet fighters that take off and land on them.

Too bad for Barack Obama that it sent a clear signal to the thousands of high-skilled, well-paid workers in Ohio–where the Abrams M1A1 battle tanks are manufactured.

And, the president’s snarky remarks probably didn’t make any points with the folks who live and work in Norfolk, Virginia–home to the world’s largest U.S. Navy base.

Finally, Governor Romney chose to ignore the Libya situation, during the only debate dedicated to ‘foreign policy,’ because it was not his objective to roundly defeat the president, which he did in the first debate–but rather, to project a balanced, elegant ‘presidential’ persona in what he knew may be the last, ‘true’ experience the American people would have with him before the election.

As a tactical bonus, Barack Obama’s narcissism and desperation caused him to reveal his arrogant, inner ‘bully,’ which will likely hack precious points from his ‘likability’ score–the only ‘edge’ he had left with ‘Independent’ and ‘Undecided’ voters.

And, as fate would have it, CBS News was right on the ball, by having organized an 8-person ‘Undecided Voter’ focus group to gauge the outcome of the debate, in Steubenville, Ohio, the most critical battleground state, according to Ed Morrissey’s Hot Air blog today.

Watching the 39 second CBS News video segment archived to the left, wherein ashen-faced CBS Anchors Norah O’Donnell and Charlie Rose solemnly watch the group vote giving Gov. Mitt Romney a decisive 6 to 2 win over President Barack Obama is very satisfying.

The entire 3:19 minute CBS News video is accessible from the link in Ed’s article.

It was my pleasure–you are all very welcome.


The biggest threat to your freedom that you don’t know about

By: Chad Kent

Every time we have a presidential election, people come out of the wood work to complain about how “unfair” the electoral college is. These critics insist that we need a national popular vote because it’s more democratic. But would a national popular vote be a threat to your freedom? And how close is to actually happening?

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